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August 14, 2015

How to Approach Insurance Assistants (OICL & UIICL) Exams

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Hai Friends,

     As all of you know two insurance exams are quickly approaching us. OICL Assistants on 22nd August and UIICL Assistants on 30th August. There may be many people who have not yet written any insurance exams, so I thought of sharing the pattern of questions and some tips which may help you to crack the exams:)

General Awareness

     GA is one of the easiest and high scoring sections as the questions would be straight forward. We may expect following types of questions:
  • Current affairs related to past 3-4 months like new appointments, retirements, financial news, important days etc.
  • One or two questions related to Union Ministers, Governors, Chief Ministers etc.
  • Two or three questions related to Countries, Currencies, Capitals etc.
  • Two or three questions related to rivers, dams, sanctuaries, HQ of organizations etc.
  • Some questions on Sports like winners of recently held sports events..
  • One or two questions related to recent deaths of some eminent personalities.
  • Some questions related to basic insurance knowledge like HQ, Chairmen etc of PSU insurance companies, names of some pvt insurance companies etc.

Computer Knowledge

      Computers is an extremely easy section in these exams. We can expect questions like :
  • Basic Input-Output devices
  • Shortcut keys of MS Word and Excel.
  • Some simple questions like 'Which of these is not a web browser','Which of these is not an input/output device' etc..


    As, this is a Clerical level exam reasoning would be extremely easy. You can expect questions easier than IBPS Clerk exams:)Following may be expected:
  • Syllogism- of very basic level.
  • Coding-decoding
  • Inequalities
  • Seating Arrangement- 2 sets- One Circular(all will be facing center) and one Linear(all will be facing same direction)
  • Some other questions letter-symbol series, blood relations, different people living in different floors of a building etc.


     Numerical would also be very easy. Some expected questions are:
  • About 10 questions related to simplification(easy)
  • One set(Sometimes two) of DI. It would be extremely easy and would include only simple calculations.
  • Some 5-10 series completion.
  • A mix bag of SI-CI, Ratio-Proportion, Age, Area-Perimeter(of rectangle and square only)


     English would be very easy than IBPS exams. It may contain:
  • Reading comprehension-extremely easy as the passage would be some story.
  • Cloze test and sentence rearrangement will also be stories, so it would be extremely easy.
  • Remaining questions would be sentence completion, spotting errors etc.

Time Management

     Many people have many strategies to share time amongst the section. As you already know that you have to share 120 minutes of time amongst 5 sections containing 40 questions each. I would like to share the strategy which I follow to share time( You may use your own strategy also).
      I usually divide 120 minutes into 6 slots of 20 minutes each and attempt in the following order:
  • Slot 1 : 120-100 : GA and Computer
  • Slot 2 : 100-80 : 15-20 questions from Reasoning
  • Slot 3 : 80-60 : 10-15 questions from Numerical
  • Slot 4 : 60-40 : Again 15-20 questions from Reasoning
  • Slot 5 : 40-20 : Again 10-15 questions from Numerical
  • Slot 6 : 20-00 : English

     So in my opinion try to capitalise more on your strong sections(for me its Reasoning, English and Computer)..And finally practice more and more and try to  formulate a clear plan how you are going to attempt the exam.

     If you have any doubts, post in the comments section. I will try to answer to the best of my knowledge:)

Srinivas (Srini)

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