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July 12, 2015

General Knowledge Quiz - Set 63

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What is the distance (in miles) of running in a marathon race ?

Which spice helps to heal cuts and bruises ?

When were the first Paralympic games held ?

Name the first person to step onto the moon.

Which Indian festival marks the birth anniversary of the founder of a religion that preached non violence ?

In which year was Milkha Singh awarded Padma Shri award ?

What is the national aquatic animal of India ?

From which country was the first all-women UN Peacekeeping unit formed ?

Name the scientist who gave the theory of natural selection.

Name the book written by President Barack Obama for children.

Who was the first woman to head a fortune 500 company ?

Who wrote the "Mahabharata" ?

Who is the youngest grandmaster in India ?

In which year was the name Bangalore changed into Bengaluru ?

Which festival in Rajasthan celebrates the marriage of Shiva and Parvati ?

Name the inventor of the Radio ?

Name the largest bud that gives us solid food particles and helps in digestion.

Which game is Subroto cup associated with ?

Which was the first university in Europe to admit women ?

Which sport is the term "Smasher" associated with ?

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