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May 18, 2015

SBI Associate clerk Interview Experience from Coimbatore

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Name : Amuthan M

Venue : Coimbatore SBI AO

Date : 15.05.15

Time : 12 PM

I was called first for the interview. 1'o clock my turn certificate verification over and they asked me to go for lunch and come back by 1.30. By 2 pm interview started.There was only one interview panel. Panel contained 2 F and 3 M.

Me: May i come in?
F1: Yes please come in.

Greeted all and they offered me a seat.I said thank u.

F1: U r Amuthan rit!! So u completed B COM.
F1 : Ok anyway commerce is your major subject know!!
Me: Yes mam.
F1: What is this INDIAMART INTERMESH LTD (I had mentioned my previous experience)
Me: I explained that and they asked few questions about that.
F1: U completed MBA( I mentioned MBA Finance and Marketing ). So which one u like more Finance or marketing.
Me: I said i like both.
F1: No tell me any one.
Me: I like Finance.
F1: So u don't like marketing?
Me: Not like that mam. I like marketing also that's why i had joined in a marketing company.i like marketing and moreover marketing needs for all kind of companies.
F1: (Nodded) U like travelling (I had mentioned in hobbies)
Me: Yes mam.
F1: Which places u visited.
Me: Answered.
F1:If i give u some amount and asking u to go somewhere which place will u prefer to go?
Me: Delhi.
F1: Delhi!! ok can u tell me some places which u like ??
Me: Rajpath, Parliment, Redfort.
F1: Tell me more.
Me: Thats it mam.
F1: What is Digital village?
Me: I tried to explain but i couldn't get correct sentences.
F1: If u doesn't know means tell me we can switch over to next one.
Me: Don't know mam.
F1: Who is marketing guru?
Me: I don't understand the question and waited for 5 seconds and told C K PRAGALAD.
F1: He is one of the marketing Guru. Who is the first one?
Me: Don't know mam(Smilingly)
F1: Who is Father of Economics?
Me: I couldn't recollect mam.
M1:koodankulam nuclear power plat located at which district?
Me: Tiruneveli.
M1: What is the controversy over there? Could u explain me?
Me: Explained.
M1: Who is the person leading the strike?
Me: Answered.
M1: He joined any team in  politics?
Me: Yes
M1: Still he is there?
Me: Yes

M2: What is financial inclusion?
Me: Answered.
Me: Answered.
M2: Could u tell me the features of that scheme?
Me: Answered.
M2: What is the scheme recently introduced by PM for girl child?
Me: I told the name Samrithi and don't know.
F2: (In tamil)  what is 4p's?
Me: Told
F2: Vision and mission of SBI
Me: I know vision only and told
F2: How many board members are there in SBI?
Me: Don't know mam.
F2: Ok u can leave. I thanked all and left the room.

Interview room had no tables and chairs. Only sofa. It was like round table conference. F1  was seated just opposite to me and F2 and M3 seated right side sofa and M1 and M2 left side sofa.

All the best for the upcoming candidates who is going to attend the interview.
Thank you.

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