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May 03, 2015

OICL AO Exam Review (Morning Shift)

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Reasoning was moderate to hard
  • Machine problem-hard
  • Seating arrangement few are facing outside,few are facing center
  • One problem is related to days,work(running,acting,etc.) and persons
  • Syllogism--easy
  • Some decisive type of questions--quiet hard
    • My attempts--26 only
Aptitude--time consuming
  •  15 DI questions(frnds first go for these questions)
  •   then go for work,time,train type of questions and then numericals
    • My attempts--23

GA--quiet easy
  1. IB minister--arun jaitley
  2. Chhatrasal stadium--Delhu
  3. Lionel messi related to__football
  4. Sukanya samriddhi yojna(age of girl child)--10
  5. MUDRA provide finance upto--10 lkhs
  6. LIC hq--mumbai
  7. Naseem zaidi--CEC
  8. Courage and conviction author--V K singh
  9. Global times news paper--china
  10. ECOSOC related quest
  11. Kakrapar atomic power station-Gujrat
  12. Sparrow day
  13. World quality day
  14. Silvassa capital of--dadra and nagar haveli
  15. Earth hour capital india--thane
  16. Nelapattu bird sancturay--Andhra
  17. Warsaw captal of--Poland
  18. Central bank of japan name--bank of japan
  19. Laureus award winner indian cricketer--Sachin Tendulkar
  20. Asteroid name recently--malala yusufzai
  21. Insurance repository in which form--electronic
  22. If person is dead,then whose the person who get benefit of insurance--??
  23. Kisan vikas patra
  24. Sbi insurance is joint venture between??
  25. Micro insurance limit
  26. Largest tulip garden state--Jammu kashmir
  27. Woman climbed everest 2 times in a week---??
  28. PFRDA related que
  29. SEBI related 1 que
  30. Uranium import contract--canada
  31. North dam gas reserve--??
  32. 32)-AQI full form
    • Attempted 34

English--easy to moderate

economy related passage

attempted 32

overall attempts--115 which was too short...i think 125 attempts was good

thanx friends and all d best

Shared by Shrikant Nalawade
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