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April 15, 2015

Success demands Strong Will Power and Proper Strategy

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Selected as a PO and Clerk in Canara Bank

Hello friends,

Today I am  going to share my success story to all of you and it is not only a success story but it also tells the strategy and tips to achieve the success or how to make our dreams true.

I am  Vikas Singh I did my graduation in C.S.E  branch from MMMUT GORAKHPUR in 2014. I got very good rank in entrance exam and for some time I  was in seventh haven but as we know we can never ran out of our mind which always creates a dilemma and for me the biggest challenge was to select the branch which one to choose…(now story of pk movie strats..)

“kauno kah raha tha ki computer science le le isme growth bhutay jyada h auri jobwa bhi bhut h to kauno kah raha tha ki machenical le le emma government jabawa ka chance bhutay rahat hai , to kauno kah raha tha ki civil le le to kauno electrical ko sabse badhiyan batay raha tha to kauno kahne laga ki  tu u branchawa le jemma tohar interestwa jyada hove .. hum to sala kanfujiya gaya ki hamara interestawa to kauno me na h to ka kare kaun branchawa na le.. soch raha tha ki e kahen sab etana branch banawat h.. kahen na sabke ekkay coursawa padhawat h…”

 any how I came out of branch selection problem and select C.S.E (coz ghar wale  laptop kharid denge) now my 4 yrs passed in just 4 months lag raha tha ki sal ka paimana mahine me badal gaya h …..

now the time of campus placement came and I appear in campus placement where I cleared the written part which was cake walk for me  but my biggest foe  (interview) was ready to defeat me but without the fear of losing I faced the interview .

In interview panel there were only two member and one of them asked.. mr vikas tell me about yourself which u have not mentioned in this c.v.
me: told
interviewer: what have you read??
me: sir, only puzzles.
interviewer: I will ask one puzzle to u and if u will give the right ans. U will be selected.
me: with joy.. ok sir (... soch raha tha ki kya puchhega ..wo to m bata hi dunga..because I m very good in mathematics)
interviewer: asked the question.
me: phushhh… and rejected from interview and became very disappointed because I have been defeated by my strangest point.
from here I change my goal to banking sector and did not try further for any campus placement.
Firstly I realized very deeply the course and think I m champ in math and reasoning and computer too( because I m a computer graduate)the only problem for me was the English and GK section, but when I see the previous yr cut off of ibps po(2013) which was 61 for general , I became overconfident( huhh I can clear it without prprn).
my first bank exam was B.O.B manipal… I prepared for it but could not prepare too much because exam was too early anyway I appeared in exam and when I go through the exam all my confidence suddenly changes its direction and suddenly I became the poor one.

GK section really surprised me… ye kya question’s h yar maine to sare ministers k nam padhe the fir ye earth minster kahan se aa gaya kahin q galat to nhn h..
then I realized that to achieve the success proper strategy and analysis is must.

My next exam was RRB PO which was in the month of September, I worked hard with proper strategy but my bad luck was with me and I could not appear in RRB PO exam because of my carelessness ( I m very careless kind of boy) .. my exam was in morning session but I forgot and think that it is in evening session when I saw my admit card I could not explain u how sad I was at that time all my money and effort has been wasted but any how my father takes me out of that crushing situation.

My carelessness still has to play his part and his next victim was RBI assistant again I have no idea about the exam date, at that time I have  came in the touch of Gr8Ambitionz I was in the metro (Delhi), to pass the time I opened the Gr8Ambitionz site and the very first post was enough to take my heart out of my body .. the post was-share ur exam exp. And question asked in today’s rbi assistant exam… when I read this post I think ohh god not again.. my only hope was exam date whether it has passed are still to came.. bt fortune favours me this time and my exam was next day in Varanasi anyhow I reached the exam venue and appeared in the exam my paper goes very good , I was dreaming to clear the exam but when the result came again it brings the bad news and I could not clear the cut off by 4 marks anyway I was not that much sad by the news because I have got the expected marks and also have got very good marks in my weakest section (English).

The biggest war (IBPS PO) is still to happen and I have to prepare myself very well for that and I did the same but the twist in the story still has to come and that by my carelessness and bad luck.

 My exam was in morning session in Ghaziabad I stayed at night with one of my friend living in Ghaziabad. in the morning I realised that I have not paste my photo on admit card but when I look for my photo I realised that I have forgot it at my room  nothing I can do at that time expect blaming myself but luck favours me this time and my one photo was in my purse and that was enough to make me happy I paste it with the help of coalgate( since I have no gum ) and started my journey to reach the exam venue  the autowala left me at wrong address (my exam venue was krishana institute of engg. And the autowala left me at krishana group of institution) anyway I reached the venue 1 hour before the start of exam and appeared in the exam with positive and confident mind set that I m going to clear the exam and did well in the exam ,but I feeled that I made some mistakes in exam but those mistakes were not too much in numbers to stop me to achieve my goal.

As usual when I switched on my mobile my father called me and asked howz ur paper goes and what u think(2 back to back question) I replied positively that it goes good but the only warrior is english.

When the result came it brings smile at my face I was in the list of shortlisted candidates for interview, I appeared in the interview and it goes good now the only concern was the marks ( because ibps have not declared the marks) finally the marks declared after one week of the end of interview, I got 100 marks as expected and that was enough to make me in the final list.

finally the most awaited date (result declaration date) come since the date was 1April which is known as fool’s day so ibps did the same and makes many candidates fool .. result have been declared at 9:30 in the morning but the site was not working and examining our patience .
I opened the ibps site at every one minute expecting may this time site works
but it was showing the same irritating dialogue(we are experiencing some problem in the site .. visit after some time) now I have been failed in the exam of patience and started abusing ibps.

Finally the most waited moment of joy came and the site opened and my heart beat strated beating like bullate bike(dhak-dhak-dhak…) I entered my registration no. and d.o.b and when I saw my result my heart changes its tune and started dancing on the famous ipl song( dil jumping japing jumapak- jumpak, thumping –thapang thampak-thampak) and for a moment I  shifted my gender and became cheer leader.

firstly I tell this to my mom and I can see the happiness on her face( itana khush to wo tab bhi nhn huyi thi jab sandhaya(diya aur bati serial wali )ko judawa bachhe huye the).

P.S - I m weak in English so ignore the mistakes.

Strategy for preparation :

u can find strategy for the preparation of ibps po on many sites.
every one has their own way to prepare but according to me the best way to prepare is as follows....


Best way to prepare is firs of all analysis of the questions being asked, and for the exam like ibps it is must because it fallow the same pattern of question throughout the year, it fallow the similar pattern in all section so analysis is must, let me explpain to all of u by an  example all we know that narendra modi is current pm of india but if ibps have to ask this question then they will not ask in this way they may choose some different way like modi is – pm of india(option 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th , none of them) so that’s why analysis of question is very important.

Took another example of Oscar award winners if ibps have to ask question from this topic then they will not ask the straight forward q like which movie got the Oscar award .. instead of that they may ask who got the Oscar award for best supporting actor/actress.


without practice it is impossible to get, we all know that practice makes a man perfect and it is true in all sense, u might think that u are champ in this section u need not any practice but remember practice is a way to sharpen our mind so u must be familiar to all type of question being asked and practice as much as u can.

3. Self analysis:

To achieve the goal in this competitive era self analysis is very necessary, no one can know you better than yourself, you knows better about your strengths and weaknesses but some time we try to hide our weaknesses and mistakes by making excuses and that’s the biggest mistake of life.
everyone has some weakness you are not the only one , so accept your weakness and mistakes and try to learn from them.

4. Don’t make excuses:

Don’t make excuses , excuses are the biggest difference between the success and the failure.
I have seen many post like “ my exam or my interview goes very good still I am not shortlisted.. why??”
I knew the one who is asking the question knew better about it but he is trying to hide his mistakes or he could not analyse himself.
so, plzz don’t ran out of your mistakes and weaknesses and try to fight with them, surely one day you will  break these barriers and able to achieve your goal.

5. Accept the positives  and refuse the negatives:

We all know that human mind always grasp the bad one and refuses the good one, we have seen many example of this in daily life, “Like agar ham kisi cheej ki preparatiom kr rhe ho aur hamara teacher hamse ye kahe ki hame 10 ghante padhne chahiye to ham us bat ko ignore kar dete hain but agar wahi hamse ye kahen ki hame 8 ghante sona chahiye ya hame 3 ghante khelana chahiye to ham in dono baton ko jarur manenge aur yahi nahin 3 ghante ki jagah 4-5 ghante khelenge.”
when I was preparing for banking jobs I heard many good and bad about banking job (blaah blaah blaah….) and all of them were right too but I always the grasp the positive ( loan benefit, no political pressure, social respect, stability, white collor job, official job.. etc.) about the job and refuse the negatives ( work load and etc.).
because the positive points motivated me and make easier to work hard and those people who talks negative I am sure they are not going to make it ( Angur na mile to angur khatte ho jate hai).

6. Motivation:

All of us know that hard work is the best way to achieve any goal in the life and without it you can’t achieve anything, but the biggest challenge is how to work hard??
everyone wants to be a successful person in life but when the time comes to work hard we just loses our concentration and could not achieve our goal.
so, how to work hard??
for working hard you must have some points which always motivates you
  1. like agar tum success ho jate ho to tum apne friends, relatives ko confidently face kar sakte ho and u will be respected by them to and agar success nahin huye to ye sab log tumhe ignore karne lagenge. 
  2. Apane parents, apane bhai, bahan k liye kuchh kar sakte ho. 
  3. You will be respected by your parents and family member too. 
  4. Remember your one success is enough to erase all your bad past and lighten your future. 
  5. and sabse bada motivating point shadi tumhari marji ki ho sakegi..( means naukari- chaukari both at same time). 
  6. you will be respected by people living around you. 
  7. Facebook pe status dal sakoge.”

7. Some motivating quotes:

  1. Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
  2. It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.
  3. Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.
  4. The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.
  5. You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.
  6. If you can dream it, you can do it.
  7. In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.
  8. With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.
  9. Don't watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.


P.S: I am not good in English so apologize for my mistakes if any.
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