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April 15, 2015

General Knowledge Quiz - Set 37

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Name the smallest breed of dog ?

In which year was Foorball World Cup first to be broadcast in colour ?

The song "Reach for the Stars" was the first ever song to be transmitted frmo Mars by NASA. Name the musician ?

Name the most important of all Buddhist festivals ?

Which city was earlier known as Constantinople ?

What is a whale's nostril called ?

What colour make up the Olympic Rings ?

In which holy month of the Muslims is it believed that the holy book of Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad ?

Which fish bloats itself when frightened ?

Name the species of the glow-in-the-dark mushrooms that are found in the Amazon rainforests. These mushrooms glow continuously ?

Which is the ancient rock city in Jordon ?

Name the sculptor of "The Thinker" ?

Which two colours are important for the growth of plants ?

Who was the 16th US President who fought against slavery in southern states ?

Who is known as the Dalai Lama ?

What is the total number of Gold Medals won by Indian Hockey Team in Olympics ?

When was the Boston Tea Party held ?

What is the book written by a person on his own life called ?

What kind of water creature emits clicking sound and wait for the echo to determine location ?

When and by whom was the Indian Red Cross Society founded ?

Rajarajeshwari. M

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