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March 18, 2015

UIIC AO Success Story

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Hello everyone..

I would not call it the story of my success, rather a story of a simple girl who has ambitious dreams and who has seen lots of failures. I completed my engineering in the year 2012 in Information Technology stream. My college is one of those average engineering colleges in my city which produces very few engineers at the end (though it provides a valid degree to all).

Luckily, I too got my first campus placement on 13th September 2011 in one of the country’s top five IT companies. Things seemed to be just perfect. I could not have asked for anything more at that time. I am an average student who always scored an average 7.5 CGPA in every semester. However, I have a good communication skill and I can write very well. So this was a very proud moment for me and my parents when I finally got my campus with a good entry level salary.

2 years passed and my company gave me joining in the year 2013. My parents insisted me to start preparing for banking but I kept waiting for the joining letter as I always argued, “What would be the use of my engineering degree if I change my career to any other stream?” Finally I joined in the IT Company in which I was placed.

My company makes employees undergo a strict filtering process which eliminates employees if they fail to score 65% marks. During the exam day, we had to write our own programs on the system. All my batch mates had pre-written programs already loaded in their system using which most of them cleared by scoring 65-69%. I didn’t have any program in my system and I decided to write it on my own. To my utter astonishment and hard luck, I failed at 64.5% and got my last chance to give another exam. I had lost all my zeal and enthusiasm to fight back. I called my father up and he made a 40 hours journey, just to meet me and bolster my spirit up. But I failed again and I was dismissed from my company.

I was shattered and felt like a jobless moron. I couldn't face people and wept every night. I don’t remember how many sleepless nights I have spent with a big burden in my heart. I felt as if I have made my parents fail.  
I came back home and started preparing for bank exams. Sitting jobless was too painful so I worked as a freelance content developer and earned 10-15000 per month from it. I started my preparation for bank exams from February 2014. I didn’t join any fundamental class but joined a coaching to give speed tests in order to improve my speed and accuracy. Luckily, I found a very nice teacher there who kept encouraging me every time I felt discarded.

Life gave me a punch again when I was again diagnosed with tumor in my ovary which hampered my speed and diverted my attention towards it. However, things became okay with surgery. I gave one exam after another.. I failed in many exams, that too quite marginally. I failed in the much awaited SBI PO 2014 with scores- 98/200, 129/250 (including descriptive).

I kept struggling until I reached somewhere and I must say my parents were most supportive during that time. I hid from people out of shame and embarrassment, but my parents ensured that I never lost my confidence. I finally cleared IBPS PO IV with 103 marks, IBPS clerk with 147 marks (cut off 130), UIIC AO and SBI associate PO. I finally got my job with UIIC as AO and I am sure I will clear other interviews as well.

My story is much like developing from a failed and dejected state of mind to being accomplished. I can’t express what it feels to see my dad’s smiling face and feel my mom’s contented heart. My success is much attributed to as well, because I learnt a lot through the GK updates and Quick Reference Guides (in which I was a big zero).

In the end, I would ask all my fellow mates to believe in self and keep fighting till the goal is reached. Failure is just a process and success is your destination. Keep the spirit up and punch the failures gracefully


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