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March 18, 2015

LIC AAO Recruitment Examination 2015 (15.3.2015 - Morning Shift ) Review

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  1. Where the recent  87th Academy awards took place ? 
  2. Recently two cyclones named LAM and MARCIA had damaged which country ? 
  3. Two female sportsperson name..they are connected to which sports ? 
  4. Who was Govind Pansare ? 
  5. Author of the book “Tsunami 2004:A few good men and the angry sea”? 
  6. Currency of Poland 
  7. Capital of Kingdom of Jordan. 
  8. Tarapur atomic power station in which state? 
  9.  Dibong hydropower project in which state? 
  10. World’s first mangrove zoo in which state? 
  11. Which Indian film won award at Berlin International film festival? 
  12. UN World Wildlife Day 
  13. Anand Geete portpholio 
  14. International Development Association headquarter 
  15. According to census data 2011 which two Indian states have better sex ratio? 
  16. Which committee have submitted report to suresh pravu about increasing revenue in Indian railways? 
  17. Recently which state has achived Krishi Karman Awards? 
  18.  Pattachitra,a clothe based scroll painting art is based on which state? 
  19. Pongal is celebrated in which state? 
  20.  France has finalized a deal of selling 126 Rafale Fighter Jate planes with which country? 
  21. With which country India has joined in a joint military exercise called “surya kiran vi “? 
  22. Which company has recently made a deal with UNICEF to provide health,education and youth focused content in 17 African countries? 
  23. India’s first rural broadband network,NOFN,is commissioned in which district of India first? 
  24. Which country will organize FIFA under 17 football worldcup? 
  25. Which cricketer has scored first double century in cricket world cup? 
  26. RE-invest 2015-which country was India’s partner? 
  27. Moothot finance recent deal 
  28.  Some major Hockey events in the Major Dhyanchand Stadium.Who was the winner? 
  29. According to US Scientists after 1980 which is the hottest year in this world?


1.       One researcher has recently invented a portable,disposable toilet for only Rs. 15 per unit.He has urged the government to set up his invented toilets free of cost throughout the states.But the government has rejected the proposal….what could be a probable cause for the rejection?
2.       Blood relation puzzle.
A is daughter of Q.P is brother of A.Q has only one child.M is daughter in law of F,who is father of P.R is son in law of F.M has only one child C.which of the option will be true if Q has to be grandmother of S?....ANS)S is the only child of 3 questions.
3.Sitting arrangement….A B C D E F G H are friends who are sitting around a round table towards the centre.They are retiring from their job in next January, ,March,April, ,June,July
September  Octo ber and December.5 questions on that.
       4.Input Output …sequential output tracing.5 questions.
5.Inequality…5 questions.
6.Syllogism…5 questions.
7.8 friends are sitting in a row towards north.sitting sequence….3-5 questions.
8.cause effect reasoning…1-2 questions.

Computer Awareness:

  1. HTTP..full form 
  2. What is a non-volatile memory 
  3. RDBMS full form 
  4. MAN full form 
  5. Through which server is associated with systems?..networks 
  6. What is booting? 
  7. What is the job of a compiler? 
  8. What is hyperlink? 
  9. . What is abug in a computer? 
  10. What is hacking and phising? 
  11. Aquestion about header footer
Pretty simple computer awareness questions were there.Very basic questions.

1.       PROFIT AND of LOSS:three cabinet same cost price.One is sold @15% profit.second=1st selling price=8820Rs.,3rd @18%profit.Total profit over all =20% or something.What was each one’s cost price?

2.       AVERAGE:In a class 17 girls…avg weight 652/ avg is some 67.boys avg no boys?
3.       One DI set                                             
Class 8
Class 9






4.       Allegations
5.       One work was to be completed by 24 people.But  18 people started working and it was delayed by 6 days.actually it was to be completed in how many days? Series was 5.moderate
7.       Simplification was 5
8.       Data sufficiency was 5

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