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March 01, 2015

SBI Associates Assistants Online Exam Reviews (28th February 2015)


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Review shared by Sudhir Rana
Hello,I'm Sudhir Rana. I'm going to share my exam review which was on 28 feb (eveng).

Quant- easy to moderate
1 DI -easy
12-13 simplification
5 series qn
Others from profit loss, time and work, si etc

Reasoning - too easy
2 seating arrangements - 1 straight, 1 circular
5 inequality
5 syllogism
Coding decoding
Series etc

English - very easy
1 comprehension
1 arrangement
Error correction
Cloze test

Gk- moderate
I have not prepared this section. So, i felt it was tough. Questions were not straight like ibps.

Marketing and Computers- easy to moderate
Computer qn were very easy but marketing qn were moderate

My attempt:
  • Quant-39
  • Reasoning-39
  • Eng-39
  • Gk- 19
  • Computers and marketing-29
    • Total-165
Thnx Gr8ambitionz, Always Helpful.

Rab Rakha :)

Review shared by Sonika Gupta
HI..IAM IAM SONIKA GUPTA.i appeared in sbi exam held on 28 feb evening shift CHANDIGARH. here iam giving my review.

overall exam was easy.

Reasoning was easy .attempt all 40 questions.
easy puzzles.

Math was easy but time consuming.
i attempt all the 40 question in 55 minutes.

I am gud in Math dats why i attempt all the 40 question in 55 minutes.for an average student it was not easy to attempt all the 40 question in 60 minutes.

GK was little tough as compared to last exams.
my attempts was 33.

Marketing  was tough atleat for me because iam a IT student.

Computer was easy.
my attempt was 32 in this section..

English was  very easy .everything was based on story.
attempted all the 40 question.

My total attempt 185.

Thanks and please share ur attempts. 

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  1. Hii sudhir good attempt n from which state?

  2. he is from punjab

  3. khushi ..ur attempts?

  4. Parvesh Singla(P.S.)March 1, 2015 at 4:07 PM

    bhai competition badh gea :p

  5. total question asked in NABARD asst-A

    1. UNICEF headquarter

    2. samsung belongs to which country

    3. total request for payment bank

    4. Vistara tagline

    5. Miss universe, which country ?

    6. first lady officer to lead the Inter-Service Guard of Honour

    7. Expenditure Management Commission headed by

    8. Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas hosted by.

    9. 500-notes dead line

    10. Who will sign new notes

    11. CAFRAL headed by

    12. Minimum capital required for small bank

    13. Highest growing state - Madhya Pradesh

    14. Cashless debit card facility by ?

    15. First post office ATM

    16. Who launched digital india project in gujarat akodara village

    17. NITI headed by ?

    18. 7th Pay Commission chairman

    19. Who refused medal in asian games

    20. SWIFT started in - Brussels

    21. Name of scheme for direct benefit transfer - PAHAL

    22. Costliest IPL player

    23. No. of Credit info companies in India

    24. Per capita milk production highest in which state?

    25. RBI External Advisory Committee

    26. Grammy award

    27. Countries organizing 2015 world cup

    28. Foreign secretary

    29. Rate at which banks borrow money from RBI

    30. Baba Ram dev ambassador

    31. Biggest stock exchange

    32. Remittance limit

    33. Basel 3 norm

    34. First humanoid robot staffed hotel in which country ?

    35. Name of bank account for beti bachao beti padhao

    36. Book my sanjay baru

    37. Chairman of sangeetha natak academy

    38.Worth start up companies

  6. nice..
    hi whn s the last date of exam?
    eagerly waiting for results :(

  7. last date yesterday 28feb.result will come probably in or after april.

  8. iska result kab tak ayega?

  9. ok one of my frnd told her exam is in mar...
    so askd
    28th s last right?

  10. haryana....but filled frm punjab

  11. kidda....veer g...kive o??

  12. may be in april....

  13. hey guys....wht is d numbr of vacancy in federal bank for clerk exam

  14. wht is numbr of vacancy in federal bank for clerk exam??

  15. no information regarding vacancies

  16. tough competition..

  17. log khunasi me attempt kar rahe ......but they musnt forget negative marks

  18. vadiya veer ji tuse snao

  19. nahi yr exam easy aa rahe aa 160++ easily

  20. I know buddy but some questions were tricky for many ppl

  21. kirpa g thodi clerk sahab:)

  22. Who will sign new notes

  23. any one who appread for morning shift

  24. Ga section kaisa tha

  25. not fine for me kismat ke aage question mark lag cuka h

  26. come in english my friend

  27. not fine for me my luck not with me

  28. as usual finance secretary will sign new 1 rs note and rbi governer will sign notes of all other denomination

  29. ok dnt worry , all the best for next exam

  30. nothing just go forward t o achieve it.

  31. what will be the curoff for nxt round ??

  32. HEMANT AHUJA ._/\_March 1, 2015 at 10:03 PM

    punjab main bhi cutt off high jayegi

  33. last tme kithna cutoff hi punjab me ??

  34. HEMANT AHUJA ._/\_March 1, 2015 at 10:32 PM

    2012 main 140 thi but exam written hota tha

  35. is baar... koi idea??

  36. HEMANT AHUJA ._/\_March 1, 2015 at 10:49 PM

    shayad 150 plus

  37. ru sure bro abt d last time cutoff.

  38. thanks dear somusekhar

  39. payment banks-41 and small banks -72

  40. 185 u will select surely.Its very difficult to do all question.Congrts Sonika Gupta in Advance

  41. 185 lol its a joke, its not easy to attempt that many questions, sab fekku bhejte apna review yahan itne kerdiye udtne kerdiya result k time baba ji ka thullu leke ghumre hote hai yehi log

  42. Aisa kar k kya mil jata inko fir.Waise bht difficult hai ithne question attempt karna wo b SBI mein.Paper easy b ho to b muskil se hote itne


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