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March 04, 2015

New India Assurance Interview Experience of Specialist Officers


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Name : Vijay Neehar

Interview : Specialist Officer Scale I (Automobile Engineer)

Date : 3rd March 2015 

Time : 8.30 

Venue : Chennai 

Hi friends, this is Vijay Neehar and I attended interview at Chennai on 3rd of march 2015 at Hablis hotel guindy Chennai for the post of AUTOMOBILE SPECIALIST OFFICER SCALE-1 at NEW INDIA ASSURANCE.

My reporting time was around 8.30 and I was at the venue exactly at 8.30.First they verified our name and gave a checklist form wherein we had to arrange in the prescribed order. They were all very cordial and helpful made us feel comfortable. After the verification process individually each one was called to attend the interview which was held at a different room.

I was 7th in order and my turn came around 10.30.

Before my entry  1 panel member had gone out of the room and he did not enter during my whole effectively 4 member interview.

ME:  May I come in  please
PANEL: Yes pls come in.(Panel consisted of 5 members 4 gentlemen and 1 madam, Hereafter will address them as m1,m2,m3,m4 and w1).
M1:Looking at the bio data so mr.Vijay neehar  your father is a branch manager at syndicate bank,recently the chairman of this particular bank S.K jain was in news why?
ME:I did not understand the gentlemen’s question especially the name. I asked him twice to repeat it.He was kind enough to do that.My reply:S sir he was suspended for taking bribe.
M1:yes u r right. Can u tell me what were the implications of this especially pertaining to board of directors and he corrected me saying that he was not suspended instead he was terminated.
Me: Now the government is careful in appointing cmd.
M1:no this incident has bought about widespread changes in appointing a cmd and borad of directors. But I don’t want to dwell much into the details
M1: AS an automobile engineer what use will be to the Insurance company?
Me : As an enginner role of automobile engineers is to verify and asses the insurance claim that a surveyor puts in front of you.WE have to verify and final authorization has to be given by us.I can use my practical knowledge that I have gained in my undergraduate course and to do work assigned to me to the best of my ability.
M1:K you said role of surveyours.say for ex a person owing BMW costing around 1c,and that party has claimed insurance worth 60 lakhs,being ur higher authority I would send you as officer to asses the claim. What would you do?
Me :First I will look for any physical damage that can be seen with eye. Based on the damage we can tell from which side impact took place.i.e direction of the impact. Then have to check the internals like engine,gear box,cluctch etc. Nowadays the technology is advanced that if we connect to the ecu.It shows up everything.
M1:He looked satisfied with the reply, IF there is fraud what would  you do. Say for ex they have changed a part because of wear and tear instead of an genuine claim.
Me: IF there is any blatant error on their part I would report it to the higher authorities. Visually I will inspect and  look for any tell-tale signs of damage.
M1:He asked me to tell with an example:
Me: I was able to satisfy with my reply except for the example part.. then he said for ex if the damage is on the front end radiator will b damaged and even when it is replaced u can see the scrapings from radiator on other parts.

My endeavour with M1 was over. He was very cordial and helped me take my time to think.

M2:What are the marketing channels through which insurance is sold?(it was complicated big question I summarised what he wanted to know)
Me: In India insurance penetration is very low this is due to low financial literacy.
M2:He interrupted me in between and replied …S that I agree with you ,but I want to know what are the formal channels through which insurance can be sold?
ME: thinking thinking….then s sir at petrol bunk spot insurance is one method.(he said no.,after  5 seconds, insurance company tie up with banks or bancassurance,(he said s this is what I was looking for),micro insurance offices. Through advertisements
M2: Apart from that agents also.
W1:What is an ordinance ?
Me: It is a special power given to the president wherin he can pass the bills when both the houses are not in session.
W1:In how many does the ordinance lapse?
ME: Maximum of 6 months
W1:No it is not 6 months please check that up.
W1:k what are all the ordinances that were passed by bjp government recently
Me: I was able to recall only 2 at that moment. Motor vehicle act 2015 then insurance amendment bill.
W1:K tell me about insurance amendment bill
Me: Told only 1 point.FDI from 26 to 49%.
W1: Is it the only provision
Me: There are many others too but I am not able to recollect at the moment.
W1:Have you gone through the bill?
ME: s mam I have.
W1:even then u r not able to recollect u must have a poor memory.(then I thought gaya mera interview)
W1:Who is chief economic advisor
Me:Aravind subramanium.
W1:Recently he proposed a suggestion called jam of trinity pertaining to subsidies please tell me about it.
M1,M2:it is not pineapple or orange jam.
Me:sorry mam I am not aware of it.
M3:Tellme the firing order of 6 cyclinder engine
K thank you.u may  leave now.
M3 was silent in the whole interview was just observing me except for 1 question.

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    Where are you

  4. a nicely explained inteview..thanks and best of luck

  5. all the best, plz confirm all documents are self attested or by officer??? and wat about character certificate , is it required????

  6. Someone plz help.. my intv is on 16th and application form reprint date is over ...called ibps nd niac but no response...I dont know if they will allow me or not...I ve to plan my travel to kolkata....any idea how can I application form...:(

  7. High level interview Very good

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