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March 21, 2015

Interview Experience of IBPS Marketing Officers

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Hi Guyz

I am Harish Kumar. I Want to share my 1st govt. job interview experience. Before i start i would like to thank gr8ambitionz team for providing a platform like this specially when i was searching for SO interview experience material ,you people came tn rescue.
Thank you so much!!
and to others who have their interview i believe it will help you.

Name : Harish kumar 

Venue : United bank of India,Dalhousie, Kolkata

Panel : III

Time : 1 PM

Date : 17th March 2015

Category : OBC

6m & 1 f

all were old age people except the marketing professional.

No introduce urself or marketing questions in the whole interview i was just smiling ..don't knw y.

so it starts here :
I asked for permission & entered d room.

M3:So Harish u have exp.
me :yes sir currently working.

M3:(I don't know y but they were amazed ) u are working currently !!
Me :yup!! its a MNC they have so so super bikes,cruiser bikes.

M3:ok.what's the meaning of Vespa (current co.).
Me:told,discussion on this for 2 minutes.

M1(mktng guy):So u r from jharkhand .
me:Yup!! but currently i'm based out in delhi & Got transferd frm kolkata in Jan.

M3:can i ask u sm thing frm accounts.
me: (man me"gayi bhains pani me aaj , i'm weak in a/c's) yup!! sir for sure.

M3:Diff. between cash & fund.
me:I started well & told cash is liquid asset & fund can be liquid or illiquid asset.
started giving example. bt got confused and said sorry sir i dnt knw.

M3:He explained me Rephrasing the same answer ,as i told them correctly.
me:Thanks sir.

M1:As u told that in ur current job senior mgmt. dnt care abt no.s so hw will u cope up with bank's work ?
me:sir ya that's true becoz its a premium brand they believe more in quality then quantity bt at the end of d day they want no.s, i have targets to achieve.
M1:(Seems satisfied).ok.

So suppose u r asked to sell sme's loan in rural areas then how will u differentiate ur offering from others?
Me:on the basis of services becoz its people who makes the difference.gave example to support my ans.

M3 asking other members ma'am kuchh puchho ge ,sir puchho kuchh.

M4: what is negotiable instrument?
me:(dumb me) sorry Sir nt able to remember ryt nw,as i was nt knwing exact definition.

M4:what's cheque?
me:sir its a negotiable instrument like draft nd all gave d defination & i mentioned payee & Payer.

M4: whats drawee & drawer?
me:tried explaining bt he seems dissatisfied & i can't help it out. whats banking?

M3:asking to f1 & m2 ,m5,m6 plz ask something.
everyone said done.

Me: Expressing like sir ho gaya kuchh to puchh lo yaar marketing se abhi to 15 mints hi hue hai. (made facial expression like that).

M6:so which service postal dept discontinued recently?
Me: (Thinking yaar mai MO ke interview me baitha hun or PO ki) sir i don't able to remember ryt nw...anywayz which sir service was that?
M6 :telegram (i as like shit man!!) ,y they discontinued do u know?

M6: are u aware of the fact that draft is going to be discontinued.& y?
me:i said yes sir becoz everything is going paperless .earlier we use to go to bank branches for withdrawal & deposits nw u can transfer money,withdraw & deposit from any part of India so we don't need draft services.

M3 : Nw u can go.

Me :Ok sir Thanks!!

I'm really scared ye bekar sa interview hua.Pata nai kya hoga. Lets hope for the best.

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