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March 23, 2015

General Knowledge Quiz - Set 26

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Name the musical instrument from Kerala that is a clay pot with a narrow mouth.

Name the plant that catches its prey using the sticky hari on its leaves.

Which fish lives amongst the stinging tentacles fo the sea anemones ?

What is Machu Picchu also known as ?

Which bird migrates across the Sahara desert ?

The Death Cap is the most poisonous variety of which fruit or vegetable ?

Rome is located on the banks of which river ?

In LBW what does the B stands for ?

Which business empire did Dhirubhai Ambani establish ?

Who was also known as "Fuhrer" ?

Who is the founder of Infosys Technologies ?

Which dance form has dancers wearing masks and holding shields and swords from the Purulia district of West Bengal ?

Name the Father of English Poetry ?

Which country in Africa became independent after a long civil war in July 2011 ?

Which garden is part of the ancient wonders of the world ?

What is the scientific name of Mango ?

Which is the highest honour given for achievement in sports by the Government of India ?

When is the World Diabetes Day observed ?

Name the largest member of the crow family ?

Who is known as "Madiba" ?
Rajarajeshwari. M

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