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February 26, 2015

SBI Associates PO Interview Experience from Lucknow


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Hi friends, I am Kapil Pandey. I had my SBI Associates PO PO Group Discussion and Interview on 24/2/15 in Lucknow. Here is my review.

Actly i had my friends in my panel so that made me a little comfortable.
Documents were verified easily and we went for g.d.

Topic was "Multiparty system is detrimental for Indian democracy".

Firstly we had 2 speak for minutes each and then for 1 minute each. 13/14 spoke in English barring me. 13/14 spoke formally barring me. Actually i decided to go berserk and that is what is almost did. It may or
may not go my way, but still i did it.

Then in PI , there were 5 members.

M1-whts ur father’s occupation ?
Me-sir ,police department.
M1-ur hobby is watching lawn tennis?
Me-yes sir.

M1-rolland garros is the other name of?
Me-french open.

M1-where is u.s open played?
Me-sir us.
M1-smiled & said u.s open h to u.s m hi hoga.
Xact place btao.
Me-sorry sir.

M1 then asked a few players’ name
(very old).
Me-sorry sir i dont know.

M1- how do u implement ur other hobby (enriching vocabolary)?
Me-sir i hv maintnd a diary and i daily write 2-3 words. Also i have a blog and i keep writting articles.

M1-tell me the words that u wrote today.

Then m5- tell me the name of scientist whose movie won oscar.?
Me-sorry sir.

M3-tell me newton’s laws.

M3-tell me a quotation of newton?
Me-mam. Gravitational law cannot be held responsible for people falling in love.
M3’s eyes were open wide.
M3-what ??????????????
Me- mam i read it in 12th.

M2-yojna ayog k bre m batao…
I told…

Diffrnce between niti ayog and yojana ayog.

M4-Research centre in bareilly(u.p).
Me-sorry sir.

M4-retail loan?
Me-sorry sir.

M1-Infrastructure kya hota h?
Somhow told.

Then they said. You can go..

Buss…. thts it…..

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  1. leave about GD
    ur personal interview is good dnt worry
    u will get selection once ur written marks is good
    all the best

  2. Gd panel mai jo the are they in interview panel also....and can we give Gd in mixture of hindi and english

  3. Newton quotations......

  4. Hi dear can u suggest me which books is good for each subject in banking exam

  5. buks by bsc publication...all subjcts..dey r nice

  6. yes..GD and Interview panel members r same..nd u cn give GD in mixture

  7. Gravitational law is by Eienstein know ????

  8. dear but everybody said that rs agarwal books i am confused & did u got selected in any bank

  9. Hi when will be final results be out for SBI associate PO

  10. Guyss be confident in interview only it will be only for sbi associate po and very less depend on gd


  12. kya baat hai kapil dixit...mast newton ki baat btayi..


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