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February 13, 2015

IBPS Clerks IV Interview Experience shared by Shrikant Singh (Noida)


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Name : Shrikant Singh

DATE : 11/02/15

TIME : 08:30 AM


Education :  B. Tech [Mechanical Engineering]

Venue :    Bank OF India Staff Training College Sandipani; B-32; Secto R-62;    NoIda Distt.; Gautam Budh Nagar-Up Pin-201307.

Hello Team GA and my dear friends:

I reached the centre at 8:00 a.m Via metro auto cost me 25 bucks from noida city center. As soon as i reached the centre a white paper  showing your name and roll number signed at the entrance gate and we in a group of six candidates asked to go to a room and wait there for document verification. Document were verified by two sir . It took 10-20 minutes for each candidate verification .  Now our 1 zerox of each  = interview +  application form+id +marks sheet+degree+cast certificate were  stapled  and send to interview room . We were asked to wait on first floor waiting room. I was fifth to be interviewed .Venue was hostel of building . My turn came around 10.30 a.m and lasted for 10 minutes. Overall it was a nice experience.

Note: in some panel they are asking to write in your regional language on any topic of your choice.
Age Analysis of  members:
M1= 52 …years(sardar ji)
M2=52… years(sardar ji )
M3=54… years
M4=48… years
F1 =27… years (cute)

Sir may I come in ?
Yes ! please come in.

I Said good morning  mam ! . Good morning sirs !.
Ok ! Mr. Singh  please have your seat .
Me:    thank  you sir !

[Only male members were asking questions, female was only smiling (over my smiling attitude)]

Question 1.      Ok tell me about yourself
Answer    I told.

Question 2.    Why u want to joined banking.
Answer:    Because after graduation I saw the bank advertisement & syllabus, analyzing  my math and other skills I developed in  and decided for preparation .Though faced some difficulty in staring later recovered somewhat . I want to join Banking  because it is one of fastest growing sector where employees  get various benefits like low interest rate for self loans, banking  job is more creative on a daily basis, the employee  works  considering the completion with other banks as well as economy changes in India , in banking examination process is fast and no corruption.

Question 3.     So do u think no corruption is there in banking.
Answer.    Sir, I have gone through IBPS and I have faith in your examination system. As this exam is online, and there are less chances of outside fraudulent means in the online exam   software or its leaking.
Yes !(all said together) that’s a very good point u made. As all member agreed.[they all murmured corruption is every where. Generally Perception  maan ke chalet hai ki banking sector is least corrupted.]

Question 4.    SO you did  mechanical engineering?
Answer.          No, sir I have completed in mechanical and automation engineering from GGSIP university.

Question 5.      Have you heard about SAE society.
Answer .       Sir it is Society of Automotive engineering. Basically work in robotics field and car design ,research etc.

Question  6.      Have you heard about Guru Gobind singh ? who was he ? ,where did he born?
Answer     Si r, he was last ruler of…(..pause..)…Sikh sir

Question7.    They said :- Ruler?
Answer     Parden Sir !  he was last Sikh guru ! and may be born in Punjab but not sure.
(They said he was not born in Punjab.)

Question 8.    You are from Bhiwani (haryana) . ‘Hansi’ ka name  suna hai. Kitna dur hai…
Answer.    sir it is 10-12 km>> later realized. I told them wrong.

Question 9.    They said  my son ! u were never visited to Hansi !
I said sorry  sir ! distance I told was from hisar to Satroad is approx -10 km.   said !
yes this is right (They said)

Question 10.    How did u came here.
Answer    I said via Metro from my home.

Question 11.    Who is chief of DMRC.
Answer     I don’t know sir. But ex. chief  was  E .sridharan

Question 12.    Who is The chief of the bank/ place where you are sitted?
 Answer    Sir Vijayalakshmi R. Iyer (They murmured = ladka sahi bol raha hai.)

Question 13.    Have you heard about famous boxer of your village.
Answer    I said he was Vijender singh, not form our village but from Kluwas village near bhiwani.
They said ok..ok..
(I had written 3rd language as Haryanvi in application form. )

Queston 14.    Sardar ji> beta ! Haryanvi ave hai ke..
Answer        Maney kaha achi dauu avaa se sir ji.

Question. 15.    To thare gaam me 1 nahar jave se usme paani ave se.
Answer          Maney kaha konya aave sir kade-2 ave se. MLA  kiran choudhary  kahti hai pani -lyvange,
 pani -lyvange (sardar ji>)
acha beta use phley kon kehya karda.
(me):Sir bansilal ji
(sardar ji): Or aggey kon kahega…
(me): Sir shruti choudhary.
And finally they all were laughing at my regional language skills .they said well done !
Question. 16     .Ok Last question ! Maan lo tum bank ke employee ho ! chair pe baithe  ho logo ko kya umeede hai tumse.
Sir first of all I am a clerk ,so I must be smiling ,all the time while conversing with customer and asking them …bolo apko kya chaihey plz have seat sir… a/c khulwana hai…mai apki kya madad kar sakta hu….and lastly I said if a customer want to get insurance /open a  FD/RD  we can offer/ask  a tea to customer  by respecting him.

Acha beta gud luck
        thank you sir .
thank you mam.
Note:     Be confident and cheerful !.accept your faults politely. though u may not know some random answers .they ’r  just checking our confidence level. !

© From the bottom of my heart a great thanks to “” & its Team for the guidance and reference material on your website.

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