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February 13, 2015

IBPS Clerk Interview Experience shared by Badhurnisha (Madurai)

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Hi, I am Badhurnisha from Tamilnadu. I attended IBPS Clerk interview today (12-02-15) in Madurai. I am sharing my experience.




Time : 8.30 AM

Panel : 3

I reached the venue at 8.45am. Document verification started at 9.00 am and They gave us a white sheet and asked to write something in mother tongue(actually asked to copy something from a local newspaper). The process lasted for almost 2 hrs. Time was 11.45am. There were 24 persons in my panel. I was 23rd. So I awaited my turn for another 2hrs. I entered into the interview room at 1.35 pm and wished the panel ( 4 gents and 1 lady). They asked me to sit. I am just sharing what questions were asked......
M1 : asked my name and native place
Me : answered
Fortunately or unfortunately, the lady, one of the panel members belonged to the same area where i am from. So she asked  me about disappearance of a bus stand in that area.
Me : That s because of a construction of a flyover... ...... ...... For 5 mins discussion were going on about the same....
M1 : What is your father? and Income? and Siblings?
Me : answered
M1 : Asked my qualification?
Me : answered
M1 : We know that all are preparing banking terms like CRR, SLR....... As u r an Engg graduate, What have u prepared related banking? The choice is yours. You can choose anything relating banking and explain it.
Me  : I donno what to say or what to choose. Rupay stroke my mind suddenly. I explained about it a little.
M1 :Why should I select u? tell me just  2 reasons
Me : answered
M2 : What are the qualifications should a clerk possess?
Me : explained something
M2 :If a man come to you shouting something has gone wrong with this passbook or ....... what will u do? How will u handle this situation?
Me : explained
M3 : Tell me abt Aadhar card and PAN card...
Me : answered
M4 : Who is the chairman of a bank which was started for women?
Me : It s obvious ri8.... answered.
M3 : asked me about some tamil poets? (my mother tongue is tamil that s why...)
Me: Donno sir.....(Mind voice: it was sslc syllabus sir)
Unexpectedly, the whole interview was in my mother tongue (tamil) It gave me some more confidence to face the interview.... ( I think that s the power of speaking in mother tongue)
Overall, the interview was good. it was like conversing with friends....

Suggestion : Everything is all about ur mental status.Whether u have prepared or not, just be cool and have a smile on ur face....  The Panel will be very friendly.....

All the Best....
thanks to Gr8ambitionz......

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