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February 15, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Kishore (Hyderabad)


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Hello Friends
This is Kishore from Mahabubnagar, I am sharing my interview experience.  I done my IBPS Clerk 4 interview on Saturday (Afternoon Session) and I reached the venue (Hyd) at 9 AM though my interview start at 1 PM. They allowed me at 12 PM and the verification officer given the instructions of how to place certificates in a particular order and given a white paper to write any topic in telugu language (please don’t write about yourself and places) better practice any good topic before going to the interview venue. I done my verification of certificates very early and I am waiting for the interview but they told me to wait 30mins and finally interviews started at nearly 2 PM and I am the second person so my interview started 2.10 PM I reached to the door by taking long breath (i.e. everything goes very well like that) and said may I come in sir… one of the member said come in… I entered the room and wished everybody ( there are 4 members in the panels which includes one lady).

M1 (main): Are you kishore?
Me: Yes sir
M1: did u complete your B.Tech in 2009?
Me: yes Sir
M1: Tell about your family background?
Me: I explained very clearly
M1: recently planning commission changed to new governing body what is it?
Me: sir it’s NITI Ayog
M1: who is the head of planning commission?
Me:  Mr. Narendra  Modi sir
M1: who is the 22nd governor of RBI?
Me: Mr. D. Subbarao sir
(He given a chance to other person to ask questions)
M2: you r aware of banking terminologies?
Me: yes sir
M2: tell me how banking services is provided to rural people if there is no banking in rural areas?
Me: I was confused but I said through satellite communication sir.
M2: how?
Me: VSAT (but he is not convinced and he expecting something) and finally I said Business Correspondents
M2: explain about Business Correspondents?
Me: I explained clearly…
M2: recently RBI issued two new categories of banks what is it?
Me: I said its small and payments banks sir
M2: what is the difference between small and payments bank?
Me: I explained clearly..
M2: what are your hobbies?
Me: I told about my hobbies
M2: in today world cup, which teams are going to play first match?
Me: I said its New Zealand vs Sri Lanka sir
M3(Lady): what is radiation?
Me: confused… (she given a clue ie cell phone) then I said something(but still she is not satisfied)
M3:  if I am not getting a signal to my mobile what is the problem?
Me: I told something (she is not satisfied)
M1: why you given corporation bank as your first preferences?
Me: I explained.
M1:  Andhra bank also providing same then what?
Me: explained.
(lady and M1(main) are laughed and I also given a smile)
M4: what is MSME?
Me: its micro small and medium enterprises..
M4: tell  about your place in 1 Min.
Me: I explained clearly…
Ok.. kishore we have done the interview and said best of luck…
Me: I said thank you to everybody and came out of the room very confidently….

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  1. All the best 👍.... Me too from mbnr

  2. where is ur palce...frm gachibowli ah..??/
    which panel...yar..i too had interview..

  3. have uiic interview, it is said there that a character certificate issued by two persons who don't know you is required.please tell anybody what is this?

  4. All the best kishore

  5. nadi gachibowli lo iendhe 9th ke, panel 5.. andurs whch panel obc

  6. really..nak 2mrw undi.. what was the questions..panel mebers ela unnaru.

  7. Can ibps fail us in interview....???
    Plz reply..I reply only 3-4 question in interview out of 10 question...pls help me frnd....

  8. anyone going to attend sbi asso po...?

  9. Which centre ur interview kishore??

  10. NYbdy tell wat r business correspondents in simple language?

  11. Interview Telugu lo untunda lekapothe English ah?

  12. Hi Kishore...Do u have any previous job experience.....

  13. In my interview last year i answered 4/10 n got 60% in interview

  14. Means u didn't get select...???..this time is ur... I have attempt 164 in ibps there ANY chance....??

  15. He is the person appointmented by bank in rural area for financial inclusion activities ...

  16. Wat sort of financial activities he perform?

  17. hey i also have at gachibowli..plz share ur questns.mine is also in panel 5

  18. Oh bro..then they will not fail us in interview aa

  19. me also at same panel on 19th

  20. Hi many in panel and which language. ..Please reply.....

  21. I was not selected last year had very less marks in written this year not given nt interested in banks


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