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February 15, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Nikhil (Nagpur)


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Name : Nikhil

Email id :

Place of interview : Nagpur, Maharashtra

Pannel no : VII

Ok friends after sbi, it was my 2nd bank interview. I reached at 8:30 in the morning. After all document verification they allowed me to wait outside the interview room. I was 2nd in the pannel

I knocked at the door and entered into room.There were 5  pannel members as evryone have idea one is female and rest are men.
They asked me to seat comfortably and i said thanku in response
P: So Nikhil tell me about your education qualification
M: I graduated as a b.pharm and also workd as research trainee at CSIR for 7 month but then decided to change the field (next question assumed why dis change and why banking)
P: why
M: Sir during my stay at there i realised that i wont be the man who can do genuine research and barly having phd after my name is just the frustation so now i left with only one choice of production unit of pharma companies that i dont want to go there. It is one aspect while how bank... So i think bank is the growing sector. It provides wide range of job opportunity to graduates like me and as it is starting entry level job i have so much to learn and grow with the same

P:then why did u opt out  pharma for your graduation (smling)
M: just maintained smile
What is Nabard
M: answersed
P:Payment bank
M: only knows 100 crore but they want me to explain its role
P: what is recession
M: it was negative GDP growth for two quarters
P: what was the reason of recent recession
M: sub prime it was due to money lending to low credit worthy people
P: why indian bank remain unaffected from recession
M: sorry sir
P: ok y dont you prefer for bank PO
M: I am new in banking and i want to start from entry level job so i can learn and uplift my work profile to higher position.( actualy i havnt cleared po dis tym)
P: Noble peace prize category
And lastly we were discussing about my family and place where i m from.

Actualy every member have been playing diffrent role one was very soft and cooperative nd 2nd one was strict.

 Just maintain the smile on your face during interviw and be confident. Best luk bankers.

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  1. Arigela SatyanarayanaFebruary 15, 2015 at 6:13 PM

    when will complete the ibps clerk 4 interviews

  2. Rep interview unda avarikaina

  3. Frnds any interview experience of UIIC AO... if possible link plz :)

  4. Haa naku undi vskp lo aftrnoon

  5. Y Indian banks remain unaffected from recession?

  6. thnks...all the best

  7. Any one have interviw in hyd saifabad branch...

  8. when will come sbi asso. clerk result?

  9. 022 – 2282 0427 is number pe pooco

  10. can anyone tell me is there a negative marking in MHA ACIO EXAM?


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