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February 13, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Muralidhar (Hyderabad)


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Hi friends,

This is Muralidhar,

I am One of the Silent readers of gr8ambitionz, I hope this will help to others..

Interview place :  Andhra bank Sulthan Bazar,Koti Hyderabad.

Panel :  II

Time : 1: 30 PM

There are 4male and 1 female.

Me: May I come in madam,

F: yes please.

Me: Good afternoon madam, Good Afternoon sirs.

M1: GA,please sit down.

me : thank you sor.

M1: where are from, what u studied,

Me: I said I am from XXXX and I have completed my graduation B.SC in XYZ college in 2011

M1:  what are doing since 2011 after graduation.

Me : I said I have EXp in so and So company.

M1: How much they are paying.

Me : I said *** per month

M1: It's good salary and u were working for ABC is a good company why u left the job.

Me : i have to join in Bank

M1: why ???& why u have studied B.Sc

Me: Banking is one of the fastest growing sectors in India and continuing M2 interrupted and U mean in IT there is no growth.then I said no Stable growth.

Here actual time came my interview went 20 min(overall)..and I am sharing only qs..


what is OS.
what are the types.
which software is using in banking technology and company( Me: Finacle Infosys)
which platform.
all bank are using this.
which mobile u have and tell me OS and how it is different from others.
what is MAC OS name.(OS X Yosemite)
what is kernel.

Then M2,M3& F1 turn.

Tell me about NPA in detailed.
Basel norms and pillars.
CP,T bills, CD.
what is share market.
what is debenture
Priority sector lending,
Priority sector,secondary sector, Tertiary sector.(In detail)

I have answered almost all qs except 2 or 3 qs

My advise is cover all chapters(Ur personnel background,Banking, Education background and Current Affaris).

I hope this will help...

And one more suggestion carry all documents belonged to u...

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  1. U did well...dnt worry they were just testing ur patience level...if u didnt show any hesitation and didnt lose ur confidence during the interview they would hve given you very gud me...boi sabse acha h n tough...all the best...

  2. 12 feb in varanasi
    Tell me about yourself
    Why clerk.
    What is the fuction of bnk.
    Village me survive kr loge agr post kie to.. I said i belong to village..then ask sum questn related to agricultural. I replied with conference...
    Please give ur review

  3. Whats the answer for address verification question?


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