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February 13, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Madhu (Coimbatore)

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TIME : 8:30 AM (12-02-15)


Actually i reached the place by 8:20am. they arranged in some order and called one by one for verification. they were also very friendly. They also told ALL THE BEST do well and  don't get tensed. Then my time came . its exactly 12:50pm. as soon as i entered i asked may i come in. they told s madhuvani. i told sir madhuravani. they asked me

1. self intro with family details
2.  what is pap ( as my father was working there )
3. what is black money
4.y was it recently in news the committee for that
6. what is bill of exchange

thank u all the best take care of ur family they told as i mentioned
am the only child of the family.....

soo dont worry frnds u vll rock it.... ALL THE BEST

thanks a lot to team gr8 for being with us always......

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