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February 13, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience from Tirunelveli


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Name : Jabanesh Demartin

Venue : IOB Regional Office, Tirunelveli

Panel : II

Date : 11-02-2015

Time : 8.30 AM

Hai friends i am from kanyakumari dist (Tamilnadu). This is my first  interview. I reached the venue at sharp 8am, they asked the candidates to wait, and at sharp 8.30 they call us to the certificate verification hall. There is two senior officers for each panel for verification, at the beginning they asked us to arrange the certificate in the prescribed order (i.e. mentioned in call letter) after that they started verifying the certificate, the officers are very friendly. Mean while they gave a tamil magazine and a paper and asked to write a few lines from it. During verification they gave tea and biscuits to us. As the verification was over they asked me to go to the first floor and I waited there for my turn. I controlled my nervousness with deep breaths.

And at 11.10 am my turn came I entered the interview hall with permission and wished them, they offered me seat and I thanked them. There are 5 senior officers [4m & 1f],

M1: why you selected MA English? (I am MA Eng graduate, so this question raised)
Me: Sir I like literature and novels so I selected this.
M1: Tell me something about Shakespeare?
Me: answered
M1: Tell me a work of Wordsworth?
Me: answered
M1: tell the poem?
Me: sorry sir I not memorized it
Here after the questions were in Tamil
M2: Do u have bank account, what kind of account, for what purpose u opened it, in which bank?
Me: explained and they satisfied
M3: What are the types of accounts?
Me: explained.
M2: what is NABARD and explain it?
Me: I explained it.
M2: who controls it?
Me: central Govt and he corrected me.
M2 : what is SIDBI?
Me: me explained it
M4: tell me about Nationalization of banks?
Me : explained it and said it took place under Indira Gandhi  and he corrected me not Indira Gandhi, madam Indira Gandhi. I repeat it.
M4 : tell about the difference between private and nationalized banks?
Me : answered it by saying in nationalized banks govt holds more than 50% shares, at the moment M2 interrupted and asked enna solunga [what repeat} I think I may be wrong so I was silent, then every members laughed and M2 said you are correct repeat it, and so I repeat it. (I think M2 expected the same answer and so he interrupted me).
M2: who is ombudsman, who appoints him, where is it situated?
Me: explained and said it was situated in Mumbai. But the M2sir corrected me and said it situated in headquarters of every state. I thanked him.
M5(madam): which country has powerful army?
Me: USA (she said no) at the moment I said China, she laughed and said u r correct.

Thus my interview was finished; they said all the best and offered me a sweet. I thanked them. Totally the members were helped me to answer questions, they were cool, friendly and lovable. The madam M5 supported me lot while answering questions related to my subject. I also thank GOD in JESUS name for giving the ability to face the interview and I also thank the gr8ambitionz team for providing such good materials. Hoping for a positive result.

My suggestion to the candidates is stay cool, the interviewers were very friendly and they also help u to answer.

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  1. all the best.... thanks for sharing your interview experience...

  2. I have one doubt that ..I did one mistake in pg % in applicationf form will that be probelm during interview?...Please reply me Alex....

  3. I have one doubt that ..I did one mistake in pg % in applicationf form will that be probelm during interview?...Please reply me..

  4. Attended in coimbatore pane lII 1pm my turn came at 4:40 it was about ten minutes and questions were asked regarding what u write in the paper given before and no technical qus all of them where asking general questions.Coimbatore guys all you will be feeling good after attending the interview.

  5. Any one there in your group without knowing Tamil ..I don t knw to read and write.. :(

  6. kindly share more interview experience from WB state...

  7. ny1 share bihar exp

  8. In my panel every one know tamil

  9. Lalita Pihoo PunjabiFebruary 13, 2015 at 6:16 PM

    Plz share gujrat candidates interview

  10. hey alex did they gave topic to write or gave some articles to write ah?

  11. hmm :) then be prepared in both d ways.. Prepare a topic of ur own.. If they allow write it else go on with wat they give.. Gud luck :)

  12. They were not checking d %.. so i guess no problem..

  13. they just gave 10 topics n asked us 2 choose 1 from it or to to write on our own topic..

  14. Incase u need a detailed review then check on my interview exp :

  15. on 13th, cbe panel 2, topic choice was ours

  16. gave my interview just now.. some of my fellow mates also attended ..i was in panel 1 and they were in 3. they received chocolates at the end of the interview.. they said that people who did well will be given a chocolate.. sounds funny..but stil its disturbing me.. did u get choco alex? whats up with this choco process?


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