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February 13, 2015

UIIC Assistants Interview Call Letters 2015 out


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Friends, the United India Insurance Company Ltd has released the Interview Call Letters for it's Assistants Recruitment 2015. The organization has conducted online Recruitment Test for the posts of Assistants during 3rd and 4th January 2015. Based on this online test, the organization has shortlisted 3102 candidates  for Personal Interviews. Now it has came out with the Interview Call letters of the same. The interviews for Assistants are scheduled to be held from 25th February 2015 to 14th March 2015. You can download your UIIC Assistants Interview Call Letters from the official website of United India Insurance or from below link by entering your Registration Number / Roll number (and) Date of Birth / Password. All the Best :)

Check Complete details from here

Thanks to Ashokkumar J and S.Balaji for the update

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  1. United India Insurance Administrative Officer Interview Experience
    venue: Hotel the Connaught New Delhi
    Reporting Time: 2 PM

    I reached at the venue 1 hour before the reporting time. As soon I reached at the room they started my document verification, I handed them my original marksheets as well as the xerox of them. till 1:30 PM they completed my document verification and all the staff went for lunch.
    After lunch I was the 3rd person for interview.

    the peon opened the gate for me. In the panel there were 4 Men let say M1 M2 M3 M4
    I asked the May I come In?
    M1: yes please come in.
    I walked till the chair greeted them with a smile.
    M2: sit down
    Me: Thank you Sir
    M2: so you have done
    Me: Yes sir
    M2: which college
    Me: Answered
    M2: whether it was pvt or govt college
    Me: Answered
    M2: you have done in ECE why didn't you tried in your field for govt jobs.
    Me: explained (that involves my father's retirement)
    M2: why didn't you go for IT companies they are hiring in bulk.
    Me: Explained
    M2: ok, if you dont get a govt job what will you do?
    Me: I'll start my own business.
    M2: which type of business?
    Me: food restaurant.
    M2: Do you cook good?
    Me: I do cook but not that good., I'll hire people for that.
    M1: so you are from electronics, tell me the effects of electronic communication in our environment.
    Me: explained
    M1: the bees are dying from radiation.
    me: yes sir and there is a theory related to that ( which I explained to them)
    M1: which type of radiation that electronic communication causes?
    Me: Sir I dont know that.
    M1: didn't you study that.
    Me: the teach us the operations and applications only.
    M2: ok now what should we ask you next?
    Me: Anything
    M2: Anything is broad be specific.
    Me: Insurance ( with confidence)
    M2: are you sure insurance?
    Me: Yes sir.
    then he asked 3 or 4 questions related to insurance I answered couple of them and for rest I told them I dont know.
    M4: how does cellphone work?
    Me: modulation and explained them.
    M2: that's all we had to ask you can go now.
    Me: I greeted them and thanks them

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  3. Thank god....there is no typing test

  4. You are always ahead in providing important info

  5. IBPS PO 2014 - Final Cut-Off ki list kab tak aayegi.....:)

  6. sbi associate interview ke liye school character certificate chalega kya 2003 issued...

  7. IT Notes Part-1


    Normal Forms
    1NF-atomic values
    2NF-No Partial Dependency
    3NF-No transitive Dependency
    4NF-No multi value Dependency
    5NF-No cycle(join)Dependency

    Terms and Symbols

    Weak Entity—Double Rectangle


    Heirarchical model—Tree like structure-top to bottom relationship
    Network Model –Graphs
    Relational Model-Two dimensional Relations
    Different names for same term


    Generalization—bottom up approach
    Specialization—top down approach
    Normalization—Bottom up approach
    ER Modeling –Top down Approach

  8. I have made a blunder in my application form. Instead of mentioning my date of birth as 23-06-89, I have entered my date of birth as 23-12-89. Will this mistake cancel my candidature? Is there a way to resolve this problem..Please help!!

  9. so fast :))) thanks gr8

  10. ma'm plz provide some expected topics For GD sbi asso ...and provide a link where we can have GDs :)

  11. hello admin or my dearest frinds plz upload some good materials for LIC AAO ..

  12. Computer proficiency how to manage . any one provide me guidance if already experienced

  13. IT notes Part-2


    CLASS A 0-127 2^7 LAN 2^24 Computers under each LAN
    CLASS B 128-191 2^14 LAN 2^16
    CLASS C 192-223 2^21 LAN 2^8
    CLASS D 224-239
    CLASS E 240-255
    CLASS A,B,C are mostly used for unicast communication
    CLASS D are used for multicast Communication

    RESERVED IP ADDRESS Default network address Loopback Address Auto IP Address.

    PRIVATE NETWORKS to 1 LAN to 16 LAN to 156 LAN

    RAID(Redundant Array of Independent Disk)

    Level 0-Striiped disk array without fault tolerance
    Level 1-mirroring and duplexing
    Level 2-error correcting coding(Hamming Code)
    Level 3-Byte interleveled Parity-prallel transfer with parity
    Level 4-block dedicated parity drive- Independent data disk with shared parity disk
    Level 5-block interleveled distributed parity
    Level 6-Independent data disks with double(independent) parity

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  18. any other notes like this...plz post as soon as possible

  19. it z nothing bro... they will give a para that u need to type in ms word....

    and they will give a profit table... that u need to do in ms excel....

  20. how & where can i get character certificate

  21. Is character certificate obtained from clg valid?

  22. how & where can i get character certificate? and transfer certificate of concerned institution? plz help

  23. thank you.....:)

  24. So CPT would be there or not because nothing as such is mentioned on the call letter but it was mentioned in the advertisement..??

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  35. can u plz provide me the affidavit format

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  42. what is dis transfer certificate mentioned in the call letter and it is for whom? m not getting it..

  43. attested true copies of document. Is it self attestation or gazetted officer attestation? plz tell anyone

  44. attested true copies of document. Is it self attestation or gazetted officer attestation? plz tell guys

  45. hey, did you get to know about it? and what is this HSC certificate? I newa got one yar

  46. high school certificate

  47. And what if we don't have it. :( I don't have transfer certificate and have pass certificate

  48. Don't have hsc certificate too

  49. i think it will be fine...where's ur interview


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