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February 12, 2015

IBPS Clerical IV Interview Experience shared by Manisha (Noida)


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Hi, friends I am Manisha from Bahadurgarh city in Haryana. I want to share my interview experience with u, Hope it will help you....


QUALIFICATION - B.COM and Pursuing M.COM from distance education



DATE - 11-02-2015
I reached the venue by 7:30 a.m and got the entry in BOI training centre at 8:30 am after that OBC certificate were checked at d entry gate and candidate were told to move to auditorium from there they sent us for document verification. Arrange ur document in following sequence:
  • ID proof
  • OBC  certificate
  • 10th class dmc and passing certificate
  • 12th class dmc and passing certificate
  • Graduation dmc and degree
* Ex-servicemen plz carry all ur in ur support document because they r checking document very minutely.

Finally at 10:45  my turn came

Me: May i come in sir,
M1: yes, beta come in
M2: batho beta
Me: thank u sir
M1: Manisha introduce ur self
Me: told
M1: tell ,e about ur family background
Me: told
M2: apne brother sister k bare mein batao kya karte hai
Me: told
Finally they are in the mood to ask about banking and my subject related question
M3: what is balance sheet?
Me: Sir, balance sheet is a part of financial statement which is prepared by the organisation to know its financial position.
M3: Ok what are the current asset?
Me: Sir, these are the assest which can be converted into cash within  in a short time.
M3: can u tell me some eg
Me: cash in hand, cash at bank, prepaid expenses
(M3 interuppted wo current assest batao  jo sabke pas hoti hai)
After thinking
Me: sir, its opening stock,
M3; Yes u are near to answer
Me: sir its stock
M3: yes
M4: muje batao kya notes par kuch likhna ya staple karna allowed hai.
Me: No, sir it is not allowed  by RBI.
M4: Tell me the reason
Me: sorry sir i don't know the reason
M4: simple beta taaki uski durability kam na ho
F1: manish tumhe kisi ne cheque kiya aur us bande k account mein passe nahi hai kya karogi?
Me: sorry do know exactly
F1: option deti hu 1st police compalin karogi 2nd court jaogi ya gunday bhijwaogi
Me; sir court jaungi
F1: konse act k tahat complain karogi?
Me: sorry sir
F1: its Negotiabel Intrument Act (plz chk d year i could not recall know)
M2: lowest sex ration kaha hai India mein kis state mein hai?
Me: Sir, in Haryana
M2: konsa abhiyaan suri kiya gaya hai aur kon hai uski brand ambassador?
Me: sir, its Beti Bachao Beti Padho Andolan and the ambassador was Madhuri Dixit
M2: Tell me the full name
Me: unable to recall now
M2: Madhuri Dixit Naine. Shaadi ke baad husband ka sir name lagna padta hai beta.
Ok Manisha u can go now and best of luck
Me: thanku Mam thanku sir

Guys there were total five member one female and 4 male. They all were very cool and calm member and welcome me with a broad smile when i entered the room which gives me lot of boost to face them and the member for checking the document were also very cool, they too cheer us before interview and said beta cool hoke interview dena aur hamari shubkamnaye aap sabke saath hai. So, its my advice that don not take tension all the panelists will make u to feel comfort.


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  1. yar mera b isi centre me tha, 9 feb ko, panel mjse to koi banking term poochi hi nahi,,,,sirf mere bare me poocha, hobbies wagarh,,,ab dar lg rha hai

  2. yaar mera bhi hai 17 ko.

  3. mera bhi 17th ko hai..same centre

  4. thanx for sharing ur view i am waiting for someone from noida as i hae my intrvw over there n best of luck ...

  5. mera bhi 17 th ko hai...........same centre

  6. bhai mera b wahi hai aapka kab h??

  7. Bhai mera 14 ko hai morning

  8. Same center panel 5
    Same i did bcom but they ask me tough qstns n banking qstns
    Contrct by estopll
    Memorndm of associtn n artcle of assoctn diff
    Some diff typ of liablites i dont heard that name (not contignt liab)
    Wht does that means koi btyga intrvw esa kyn liya 😁

  9. Anyone havin on 15 in Chandigarh??

  10. వినోద్ కుమార్February 13, 2015 at 8:01 AM

    Out of 3 pdf Marketing material only 3 rd is getting downloaded other files showing not valid files

  11. Try after some time

  12. obc certificate abhi ka bana hua accept karenge?? please help

  13. yes, I know that some panelist completed d interview just by asking about candidate intro and about their family. But I personally think they judge us on the first sight whether the candidate is confident?

  14. these all topics r in 12th accounts book. But d question asked by u are rarely asked by the commerce student in interview. I think d candidates who have interview on 11 feb r lucky because all the panelist were very cool, i asked from many candidates about their interview.

  15. yes they will accept they are just checking date on obc, which should be after september 2013. Feb mein banvaya hoga to bhi chalega..

  16. what did you answer for "Introduce yourself"

  17. commerce background se the kya??

  18. Yes these r rarely asked i read all that bt not everything even they are goin in the depth of these qstns means baal ki khaal nikal rhe the ... I dont no yy .. Kitna bolta k i dont knw sir n they r not coopertv withe bt i m still tryng yo maintain a smyl on my face ... Nw hope for d best pta nhi kya hga

  19. tab yaar kuch b pooch skte hai wo.
    jb walo se commerce pooch rhe h to tums to yaar achhe se poochenge

  20. Dekho btch se banking reltd commrce ka hi to puchnge
    Ese qstns to mne ksi expernce me nhi sune as m not mba mcom or having higher degree bro

  21. yaar naam batao kaha se ho aur apni qualification aur currently kya kar raho ho. Maine to yahi bataya tha.

  22. same panel as yours.......12

  23. miss how to reach this centre
    please tell me route

    i have my interview in this centre and i dont belong to delhi

  24. bhai how to reach this centre
    please tell me route

    i have my interview in this centre on 14 and i dont belong to delhi

  25. take metro and reach noida city centre (last stop) in blue line, from here take auto and old him to stop at fortis hospital ( take sharing auto with 15 rs fare otherwise u can book a auto,,ur choice ),,,,,,,,,from fortis hospital enquired anyone in which direction u have to go bcoz its a chouraha, and then take battery rickshaws and they drop at centre.

  26. u dont belong to from where r u coming,,,???

  27. kirti nagar metro station se noida city centre ki board karo aur noida city centre par utar kar auto. Agar share kar ke jaoge to rs 20 lage ge agar individually ja rahe to rs 50 se jayada mat dena.

  28. hey manisha!!
    In which language did they ask you to write the essay before the actual interview??

  29. english and hindi both but 60% of interview was in hindi. Most panelist r asking the question in hindi only. But be prepared for both language.

  30. thanks alot ma'm
    i did same as u have suggested


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