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February 13, 2015

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience shared by Jesus Dasan (Chennai)


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Hi friends, I am Jesus Dasan from Puducherry. After SBI Clerk Interview. I  share my IBPS CLERK IV Interview Experience here, hope it helps some aspirants…

Interview Date  - 11-02-2015.

Qualification : M.Sc Computer Science

Place  -  IOB Regional Office, Anna Salai, Mount Road, Chennai

Panel – IV

Time  - 1.00 PM

(Friends whoever is going to this place, LIC and Spencer Plaza are the main Landmarks there… For those who are going in bus you can say LIC stopping and it is just a 5 mins walk from there. And from Spencer plaza just a min walk)
I reached the venue around 12.30. Candidates were seated And one sir came and asked the candidates whether all know to read and write in Tamil. And told to arrange the original documents and its photocopies .And then he allotted no for each candidate ( according to the roll no order). And started document verification. At that time they gave a newspaper and told to write a paragraph by seeing it :P . (before they were telling to write a topic of your own)…Mine was 12…  At 1.0 clock the panel members went for lunch and they came back within 15 mins and the interview was started for the first candidate.
Documents arrangement :
1.    Call letter
2.    Clerks IV Application form
3.    10th marksheet
4.    12th marksheet
5.    Degree / Provisional / Consolidated Marksheet (for all candidates those who have  or does not have provisional or consolidated marksheet you have to bring each individual semester marksheets and its photocopies please note that.. But they ask individual certificates only for those candidates who are not having provisional or consolidated marksheets).
6.    OBC (Non-creamy Layer is a must) /  caste certificate.
7.    ID proof
8.    Whatever the experience certificates or any other certificates carry them it may be useful.
I was number 12 and my turn came at 3.20 P.M…….
There was 3 Male and 1 Female members in the panel. All were retired staffs and they were very kind and friendly…
I entered the room and wished everyone. They told to seat.
M1 : You have been here already ? Is this your first interview? I think I have seen you before.
Me :  I said 2 interview and previous one was SBI clerk and the result not came yet.  He asked associates or sbi. I said SBI and now the associates exams are going on and one more week is left.

L1 : Tell me any 3 Carnatic Male singers ?
Me : This was my first question and suddenly I dint expect this one :D and was thinking.

L1 : In your name itself there is a similar singer ?
Me :  Then I said Yesu Das and said Nithyashree Mahadevan

L1 : She interrupted and said male singers and said its ok tell another name..    (while I was thinking she skipped that question)

L1 : You have done Computer Science and said what is the future of Computer Science… You can become a Teacher na ?  (thank god for asking this question)
Me: I said No mam I am Passion about Banking (before they asking why I myself started to answer for that question :P) I said I am person who seeks happiness in making others happy… And I always wanted to do a service kind of job and Bank is the best one as I face several customers and I will serve them and I said I will be more happy if I am posted in a rural area as it will be more happy for me in helping their financial needs.

L1 : ( she was laughing :D ) And said nowdays customers will scold you pa if they didn’t get fast service…
Me : I said I will be enthusiastic and will serve .. I said an example of an employee in my bank who will be very jovial and enthusiastic in doing the job and I want to be like that. Then I said in Banks it will be great to work with Managers they are very good and they motivate and help us it will be a great team work.

M1 : In IT also there is a Team Leader and a Project Manger. You can also work as a team there..
Me : I said they are not those kind of people ….they will say that the work is done because of him but in Bank the mangers will say its done by us… 
(Now all faces were smiling … I was myself speaking to them)

M1: He asked then why did you study Computer Science and you could have done bank related studies ?
Me : I said Sir I came to know about Banking opportunities only after completing my UG degree..

M1: Ok tell me how many Nationalized Banks are there in India ?
Me : 27 sir

M1 : What are they ?
Me : I said 21 nationalized and SBI and its associates 5.

M1 : He asked about IDBI and the latest one ?
Me : I explained and said Bharatiya Mahila Bank.

M1 : He asked its headquarters and CMD ?
Me : I said Delhi and Smt. Usha Ananthasubramaniam

M1 : Asked when did you complete your studies ?
Me : May 2014 sir.

M1 : What you were doing then ?
Me : Only waiting for this Bank :D  ……  And I said I did a BFSI course and as part time I was a working as Faculty for Bank exam coaching …. And said 3 of my students also came today for the interview :P

L1 :  She was smiling :D and said congrats !!! and asked Did you teach them Crossing of Cheque and its processes ? And what you tell them?
Me : I said No mam I am only a faculty for Reasoning.
               M2 , M3 : Oh test of Reasoning, ok good good.
 And said I will inform them any notifications comes and the process of exams and how to prepare for that and I said I will suggest books , magazines and websites (Gr8ambitionz :P ) and mostly I will encourage them and make their self interest more in these exams. 

M1 : He asked where you take class ?
Me : I said I am taking classes in two coaching centers.

L1 : She asked about what did you learn and what skills you require in handling a customer.
Me : I said some points… And all were satisfied.

M1: oh good. Ok tell me what is the difference between Simple interest and Compound interest ?
Me : I was explaining a bit after a long thinking..

M1 : He gave a paper and pencil and told to write those formulas..
Me : I wrote it and gave to him

M1 : Correct , ok tell now how to calculate recurring deposit.
Me : I said sorry sir I know it but I am unable to recall it now..

M3 : Do you know about Credit Rating Agencies ? and tell some of them
Me : I explained about CRISIL and said CARE, FITCH and ICRA.
All said ok…..

M4 : Do you Know about Kisan credit card ? and what is the limit in it?
Me : I explained it and said I don’t know the exact limit sir.
M4 : He said ok no problem and said there is a limit in it.

Then all the members were seeing each other like any more questions and they all said ok ok… …. Then I Thanked each of them and came out.
The Whole Interview was in Tamil.

Suggestions to aspirants :
  • They were asking different kind of questions for each person and so don’t expect some questions by hearing your candidates in the panel..  They were randomly asking from certain areas
  • Some of the questions asked to my panel mates were who is the head of TCS, Infosys and asked about some famous Dancers in India and asked to tell some 4 Chief Ministers name and asked in elections congress won in two southern regions what are they and about recent world cup and asked the stadiums in Australia and New Zealand and for one candidate they asked about director Shankar :P.etc……
  • The panel members are very kind and very friendly people. If you start any answer and struggle in the middle they are giving the answers.  Don’t worry if you don’t know any answer because there is no one who said all answers correctly may be one or two.. And also the panel members are not expecting you to tell all the answers just they are checking your confidence and expecting that you know something about it.
  • Confidence is the only key again ….  Definitely everyone will get some sort of fear at that time. Especially when your are the next candidate to enter the interview room . Just remember one thing if you get fear they may dominate you but if you are confident you can drive it in your way. Presence of mind is the important thing here… So be confident…
  • Each and every candidate who came for the interview may not prepared or studied of what they actually wanted to complete. Especially in my case :D …. Only 50 % I executed in my plan. In everyone’s mind there will be a confusion that I didn’t prepare that much so it’s a mistake I may fail in this..And most of them think about the written score…. but just think the pain or feel of a candidate who has not cleared this exam…  So think that God has given a wonderful opportunity for us. A wonderful chance to attend an interview. No matter if anyone who fails in this.. they will definitely rock in 2015 IBPS exams. So no matter what it happens just give your best…. And you must not think that if I was confident I could have done better…. No Not that statement!!……  So be confident and face it…
I was satisfied with my interview but don’t know about the final selection as written mark decides it.  Let’s hope for the best
   I hope this review helps you.:)
All the best for Candidates who are going to attend in upcoming days!!!

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  1. How much u have attempted in written???

  2. Thanks for ur clear experience...!

  3. did they ask to read paper?

  4. Thanks for sharing your detailed review. I too belong to the same panel and I have my interview tomorrow. Your review meant a lot for me. Thanks again.

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  10. Thnx a lot for ur motivational words.

  11. Hi any from ur batch who didn know to read wrote Tamil

  12. thanq sooooo much.. nice.. i wish u to get select

  13. gujarati me likhne k liye taiyar ho ja.. aur pura int b gujarati me hi lege and also gujarat bahar k bande 100% fail honge interview me is sal.. from internal source... thank god

  14. Thank god...finally Nabard uploaded the admit card for grade A and B exams...

  15. yar lucknow ka koi interview kyu nhi daalte??

  16. Anyone from ur batch didm knw Tamil

  17. hamesha ki tarah aadhe se jyada gujju cutoff ke aaspaas hi ghumte hai.. bank ke baare mei pata nahi hota.. sirf gujarati ko lenge to bank kya ghanta chalaenge.. aur application mei padh.. local knowledge is preferable & not mandatory.

  18. Non cream layer is must ha for obc category? Please suggeste yar?

  19. I have creamy layer certificate.

  20. Super ji... Ur in :)

  21. yes one guy... me and jesus attended same time

  22. Thank you tarun :)

  23. yes but not for all candidates

  24. Ya one candidate came from andhra... They just noted ..

  25. Yes , there was a Andhra candidate they just noted.

  26. Thank you :) All the best :)

  27. Hi, I too have mentioned work experience but I don't have the cerrificate.

    Will it create any issue ?

  28. No problem it is not an issue... In verification they wont consider it as important.. it is our wish to provide it..

  29. Sir. I m frm neyveli. Please tell me how to prepare because am very weak in quants. Pls help me..

  30. Sir. I m frm neyveli. Please guide me how to prepare because am very weak in quants. Pls help me..

  31. interview is in IOB regional office or IOB bank?there are 2 offices within 2 km distance,if we are coming from teynampettai,which office,before spenzer plaza or after spenzer plaza???please assist me :)

  32. In my OBC certificate, my father's name is ramachandraN & in panchayat office, they write ramachandraM & corrected M to N..Do i need to get affidavit for this mistake? I have interview Feb 16th aftn in chennai..Anyone pls help me asap...

  33. In my OBC certificate, my father's name is ramachandraN & in panchayat office, they wrote ramchandraM & corrected M to N..Do i need to get affidavit for this mistake? I have interview Feb 16th aftn in chennai..Anyone pls help me asap..

  34. is bar dekh lena bhai result... aise hi nahi bol raha interview center se hi malul chala.. is sal out state valo k int sirf nam k hi lene vale hai... baki karenge disqualify hi hai...

  35. Yes you are right.... but the interview is only in IOB regional office.... Check your call letter.. I dont know about teynampettai bro :) But you can ask there .. it is only in regional office

  36. It is better to take an affidavit... But in OBC certificate they mainly check only the non creamy layer..

  37. Ji :P based on written score

  38. Hi. Pls yar. How did u prepare for quants section. Whether u used any books for quantitative. .

  39. Practice daily

  40. den ur definitely in ;)

  41. S sir. Is there any specific books for preparation. .

  42. numerical aptitude & quantitative aptitude - by P.K.Mittal

  43. aap daldho na :)

  44. they are very strict with non-creamy clause to be present

  45. K. Very thankful to u..

  46. no problem bharathi :) all the best


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