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January 27, 2015

Interview experience IBPS PO 4 from Bhubaneswar

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Name - Soumya Kant Mishra

Date of Interview -24/1/2015

Interview venue - UCO Bank Regional H.O, Bhubaneswar

Panel - 1

My interview time was at 1.00pm.I reached at the venue sharply at 12.30pm.Then the documentation process starts sharply at 1pm.They were very strict about the documents.finally my time was came at number our panel total 26 candidates were present.after waiting two and half hour i was finally called for the interview.It was the most precious moment that i was looking for the last 2 years.I entered the room with smiling and wishing Good Afternoon to all the panel members by saying good afternoon sirs,good afternoon mam.Then the question answer round session starts.

M1: Soumya kant right? Introduce yourself.
ME:Explained briefly in 2 minutes(MBA in Finance & B.COM in Accountancy/ Hobbies-internet surfing,watching cricket)
M1:Very good.

M2:Explain Banking.
ME:Banking is the process of accepting deposit for the purpose of lending and investment which is repayable at demand and withdrawable by means      of cheques and drafts.

M1:U have taken any coaching for banking exams?
ME:No sir.But I am a regular reader of Gr8Ambitionz which helped me a lot for cracking the PO exam particularly the GK section.

M3:U said that ur hobby is cricket.tell me who is the 1st indian batsman to score a test century?
ME: Lala amarnath(Thanks to Gr8Ambitionz for ur valuable tips about cricket about all the 1sts. thinks in mind)

M1:What is NO ball,What is Leg bye,Is a batsman is out in free hit,leg bye run is the batsman run or not?(one by one)
ME:Explained perfectly.

M1:Well done soumya kant.That means u r really a cricket fan.
ME:Absolutely sir.A die hard fan.

M1:why we hire u as a PO?
ME:Sir,During my MBA days i was eagerly wanted a banking job.i have very much interest in banking educational background is also related to accounts & finance which will help me a lot in the banking.i have sound knowledge in cash flow and funds flow which is much required in PO  job.Interest makes man perfect and without it no body can perform better.So i can give my cent percent to the banking sector as a po.

M2:What is cheque and draft?
ME:Explained well.

M3:When Negotiable instrument act was made?
ME:1881 and also explain it.

M3:u r a walking talking encyclopedia.
ME:Thank u sir.Its my pleasure.

LADY:Have u seen the cross mark in the cheque?what is it?
ME:Yes mam.It is the account payee cheque.

M3:suppose u r a manager in a branch.A person have taken a loan amount of RS.12lacs from ur branch and it is now treated as NPA due irregularity      in the could u recover it?
ME:As it is NPA,then i have to take the help of DRT(Debt recovery Tribunal) to fill charges against him.(as it is more than 10 lacs).They will formulate       a panel and take all the necessary steps to recover it.

M1:Asked everybody any question.they told the head member NO.

M1:Thank u Soumya Kant. You may go now. Shaking hands with me and wishing me best of luck.

ME : Thank u sir for giving me this opportunity and making a saturday for me. They all are happy and said me Thank you.

It was a 15min conversation and a very healthy experience.

Wish u all the very best from bottom of my heart for ur interview. Just go with a fresh mind on the D-DAY. But study well before that. It is IBPS PO interview, they will ask various kind of questions. I think that this time the interview is "the game changer." bcoz maximun students attempts were 95 to 115. So written score would be nearly same (means 5,6 marks gap)

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