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January 27, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience shared by Mandeep Sharma (Panchkula)


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Hiii.... friends. i am Mandeep Sharma and here i am sharing my IBPS PO IV interview experience with you.

Name : Mandeep Sharma
Venue: PNB Sector 6, Panchkula

Panel : 6

Time : 1 PM

I reached the venue on time and documentation is done by the 1 pm then i moved to 4th floor where interview was going on. please arrange your documents in chronological order, and signed on all the documents and ibps po application form

I am 9th in the list and my interview done by 3:45 pm and only for 6 minutes

me: may i come in sir.
m1: yes come in

me: good morning sir and madam
they also greets me by saying baitho sharma g.

m1: you have done btech in ece from which college and year
me: form govt inst. baba hira singh bhattal inst engg tech lehragaga in 2011.(please ans full name of the college not use short form)

m1: after that you worked for 2 year and 5 month then why you left your job?
me: because i was earning very modest amount from that i have to pay education loan debt and also to contribute in household. 

m1: how much you was earning?
me: 10,000

m1: then you have repaid your loan:
me: no sir i have still 40 thousand debt

m1: then how will you pay your loan after resigning from job
me: i give tuition to students thereby earning 6 thousand per month and my sis is also got job and we manage

m1: what is your father's profession
me: he is a tailor at our village

m4: how far your village from main city. (from sangrur)
me: it is 16 km from city

m1: what is ur strengths.
me i am team player( with example i explained)
i am determined( with example explained)
as i cracked whole series of ibps just one IT specialist officer remaining.
m1: very good

then he asked to another officer to ask ques:

m2: tell name of business paper
me: certificate of deposit

m2 no, tell me newspapers names
me the economic times

m3: governor of rbi, sebi, irdai
me: answered all except i forgot the name of chairperson of irdai.

then only female in the room asked me for how many types of accounts in bank
me. ans the all.

then m1 says thank u mandeep you may leave now.
i said thank u so much sir then i left the room.

i think it is just formality they are looked irritated by taking so much interviews every one in the room was tired.

This was 5 min interview and i did not think no one judge ourself in just 5 min, and all the interview was in hindi language.

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  1. Thanks Mandeep. All the best.

  2. Interview Experience (PATNA)
    Name - PRANAV

    Time -- 8:30am

    Panel- 5

    Date- 22/01/2015

    I reached at the venue at 8:00 and they allowed us in at 8:32(to be exact).

    Verification of documents procedure started at 9:00am. My number was 14th in the list.

    Interview started at 9:50am and i entered the room at 11:20 am. There was 5 members in my panel (4M and 1F).

    2 members were noticing my body language.

    I entered the room with a smile and greeted everyone good morning . They offered me seat. I replied Thank You.

    1). Introduce yourself either Hindi/English.

    I replied,belonging,education,job,family background..

    2). Ask me Father's Business?

    I replied accordingly 1 of panel member told ...I have old relation to ur native.

    3). Ask me about 10th and 12th ?

    I replied then 1 panel member asking about why u haven't done ur graduation from ur native's college??

    Then I replied have done from CBSE so for continuous of CBSE I opted CBSE school.

    4). where u were working and what??

    I replied accordingly.

    5). what is ur salary structure?

    I said package which i was getting in my previous company. They expecting and discuss own self about my

    my monthly salary then i said actual salary and remaining amount deducted from tax.

    6) Which Tax??

    said some corporate TAX.

    7). WHY Banking??

    said Uncertain career but Banking is providing a decent job and good career opportunities.

    8). What is meaning of ur name and any famous personalities??

    9). what is database and oracle??

    10). PO Role in bank??

    11). Which other form u filled up??

    i said i focused only Banking becoz I like Banking.

    12) At Last one situation based question... said there is river and there is 4 feet water. one person is there telling u to cross the river then what is ur action??

    I said first of all i don't know swim then i ll authenticate that person whether he is saying right or not then analyze the situation accordingly i ll decide..

    then panel member told that person always say 100% right ??

    then i was firm my answer as above ll analyze situation after that ll decide.

    Guys reply me how's my interview ?? during interview some member of my panel was interrupting and trying to frustrating me... but i was not lose my patience and answers almost all the questions....

  3. thanks miss sudha

  4. hey which is your category bro?

  5. very nice .. all the best . hope for the best

  6. Does Hindi formats of obc is valid plz reply

  7. they would interrupt & frustrate us to see how we react if we lose our temper like tat. keeping patience & smile would help us..

  8. tell me..what r the types of accounts

  9. nice one.All d best.
    self attesting photocopies mean signing across the photo or just signing anywhere on the document?plz reply.....

  10. deposit and loan accounts

  11. joint..account..etc are there na..
    are they not considerd as accounts..?/

  12. these are the sub types.


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