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January 27, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience shared by Pavan (Hyderabad)


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Name : J Pavan Kumar

Qualification : B.Tech

Branch : Mechanical

Venue : Andhra Bank Head Office, Saifabad, Hyderabad

Cadre : IBPS PO

I would like to share my interview experience hoping it would help you to prepare for the interview up to an extent. This was the first time that I first faced a bank interview. My interview was at morning session i.e. 8:30 AM. I reached before the reporting time and waited in the auditorium where the verification process was yet to start. I was a bit tensed, excited and little panic about facing the interview. My turn came for the verification of the documents and the ma'am who was verifying the documents was very friendly and asked me about my intention of coming into the banking sector as I was a graduate from mechanical specialization. I was 7 in the list for verification as well as interview. After verification I was taken to the interview panel with others and waited for my turn.

During that wait outside the interview panel many things went round in my mind and had both mixed feelings. My turn came and I actually had a rapid fire round and this is how it happened....

There were 5 panel members (1 F - Female, 4 M - Males M2, M3, M4, M5)

I asked for the permission to enter the room and wished ma'am first and followed by other male members and was asked to sit.

M3 (Who was leading the panel): So you are Pavan Kumar?
ME: I said yes with a smile.

M3: What is your qualification?
Me: I replied and forgot to mention my specialization.

M3: Which stream?
Me: I said "Mechanical".

M3: In which did you pass out?
Me: 2012 Sir.

M2: What were you doing since then and why banking?
Me: I replied for the first question and when I was about to answer for the second he interrupted me.

M2: What was your role?
Me: I replied.

M2: Asked some basic questions from mechanical subjects like about cylinders.
Me: I answered. he was satisfied with my explanation.

M2: Explain about your company (what it actually does)?
Me: I replied.

M5: Tell me about "Make in India" Campaign?
Me: I answered.

M2: Gone through my semester wise memos, picked a subject and asked me to tell something about that subject.
Me: My mind was blown and couldn't answer that and said sorry sir I could't recall.

M3: What is a financial statement?
Me: I was in such a panic that it sounded me as if I heard it for the first time so I said sorry sir I don't know.

M4: K what is balance sheet?
Me; I replied and he said but both financial statement and balance sheet are the same. I was embarrassed and gave a smile in return.

M4: What is Banking?
Me: I replied.

M5: What is financial inclusion?
Me: I replied.

F1: Full form of NABARD?
Me: I answered.

F1: Explain about it.
Me: I did explain.

F1: Tell me 3 retail loans?
Me: I said Education loans and interrupted.

F1: What is the maximum limit for the education loan in India and for overseas education?
Me; I said sorry ma'am I don't know.

F1: k continue with your answer.
Me: I said " Home loans and vehicle loans".

M2: Didn't you get any placements in your college (as I said my previous job was a off-placement one)?
Me: I said " I got sir but wasn't selected in the interview".

M2: What are the companies you went till interview?
Me: I said "ITC".

M2: What was the package?
Me: I said " Sorry sir I do not know as I was not selected and none of them from my college did cleared that interview."

M2: K what was the highest package was in the placements?
Me: I replied.

M2: What was your salary in the previous company?
Me: I replied.

M2: K pavan that is it from us.
Me: I said thank you ma'am and sirs with a bright smile and felt confident leaving the room.

This is my interview experience friends. Hope you learnt something regarding the panel members' way of asking the questions. Just be confident and sure. Answer all the questions with a smile. If you don't know the answer admit immediately that you don't know.

Have patience and smile. If you believe in god, just chant his/her name before going into the interview room. And everything will be fine and great. Trust me!!!!

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  1. Gud interview Sabari.. All d best 4 ur selection:)

  2. Hi Sabari.. I have also done MBA in HR... And i dont know anything in finance.. i am stuck.. which panel were you in??

  3. mking good in intrvw is luck s one iz not sure 2 which frme f mind intrvwr iz .one cnt engulf ocen knowldge

  4. Absolutely correct,

  5. Hi sabari and alex. Did they interviewed in english or tamil ? You answered in english or tamil ?

  6. what are the documents u submitted??

  7. how to post my interview experience. please send me the mail id

  8. Excellent interview. All the best

  9. What cud be this yr final selctuon ctoff??

  10. Hey soumya i hav filld wrong info in application form dat my date f passing is 16-10-2012 insted 12-10-2012
    Will it create any pdoblem?do u have any idea?mine also uco bank bbsr...plz help

  11. U r in bro...congrats..


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