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January 29, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience shared by Kiran (Hyderabad)


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Hi friends, I am Kiran. I would like to share my IBPS PO 4 interview experience with you

Details :
  • Name : N S S Kiran
  • Qualification : B.Tech ECE From SRM UNIVERSITY..  Cgpa: 8.6 2013 passed out
  • Interview date: 27th January 2015
  • Address : Andhra bank zonal office,  Sultan bazaar,  Koti, Hyderabad
  • Panel : II
  • Time : 8.30 a.m
I reached the centre by 8 am and we are permitted to go in at 8 30 am.  Document verification started by 8 30 am sharp and they called us one by one . I was the 5 th member in the list. My documents verification completed by  9 am. Be careful with the documents they have mentioned. Please do take two or more identity proofs with you along with their xerox.
  They called first 5 members for the interview by 9 20 am and we were taken to the second floor. Interview started by 9 30 am and my term came at 10 am. My interview was about 15-20 minutes  duration.
I entered the interview room asking them permission.  They welcomed me and I wished them. There were 4 male members and 1 female in the interview panel. I was asked to take the seat and I thanked them.

M1( HEAD OF THE PANEL) : What is your father's name?
Me: answered
M1 : What is he doing?
Me : answered
M1 : You have been graduated from fantastic university and you have and excellent academic career. We dont usually get guys of an academic career like you. Why are you spoiling your career coming to banking field?
Me: I told that iam very much intrested in banking and moreover being a patriot I prefer to work for india sir.
M1: why do you think like that? If you dont  get job in india then what will you do other than leaving the country?
Me: sir, I'm pretty confident that I would be getting some good job in india. I would like to work for india and serve people sir.
M2: Dont say like that..  See satya nadella. He excelled in his field.  You too can if you explore your talent.
Me: ( I dont know what to say as they were supporting their odds) I said ok sir.. I will think of it.
M1: we are not forcing you man but you think of it. Its our sincere suggestion.
Me: ok sir.. I ll think of it.
M1: You graduated in 2013 ?
Me: yes sir
M1: what were you doing since then?
Me: im preparing for competetive exams sir.
M1: what are those competetive exams??
Me: bank exams and ssc sir
M1 : you didn't get placed in campus placements and so you came here?
Me: no sir. I got placed in **** company sir and I didn't join it.

He told M2 to ask me questions

M2: what is IRDA?
I answered
M2: where is it located?
I told mumbai and he corrected me that it was at Hyderabad
M2: what are the recent govt policies??
I answered
M2: what are the functions of rbi?
I answered
M2 : how many deputy managers are there
I said four

M1 interrupted and he asked me some questions
M1:where are you frm?
Me: I answered
M1: you are frm *** and why do you stay in hyd?
Me: my grandfather used to work as senior audit officer in AG office sir. So I used to stay with him

Its M3's turn now
M3: what is the diff bw analog and digital signals?
I answred
M3: which on is better
I told that it depends on our requirements sir.
M3: what is a microprocessor?
I answered
M3: is chip and microprocessor same?
I said no sir and I explained the difference

He handed over to M4

M4: what is inflation?
I answered
M4 : what are exports?
I answered
M4 : what are direct taxes and give some examples
I answered
M4 : indirect taxes with examples
I answered
M4: what is gst
I answered but told that it would avoid cascading effect. I corrected me that it was not for it.
M4 :what is a budget?
I answered
M4: what is greek issue which is presently going on right now?
I answered it for about 2 min and they listened to me patiently
M4: what is the key term for greek reform policy?.
Me: sry sir I forgot
He said Me it was austerity measures and I was. Like yes sir.
M4: what are nationalised banks?
I first mistook scheduled banks for nationalised banks and later answered correctly.

He asked few more questions but I forgot

F1: what is priority sector lending?
Me: lending loans for agriculture and industries mam
F1: what industries?
Me: manufacturing industries mam
M1: bhel is also a manufacturing industry.. Will you give loan for ii also??
Me: sry sir it is for small medium scale industries

They said that my interview was completed and you may leave now. I thanked them all and came out.

Don't answer without confidence about the answer like me. Just say that you dont know the answer and be confident about what you say. 

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  1. Good experience
    Wht was ur ans of qus : Greek reforms ??

    Can anyone explain plz

  2. Friends i have a question my application form for ibps clerk i filled my father's name with surname but in all the identity proofs my father's name is without surname .will i need to make an affidevit for this at the time of interview?

  3. Yar milkha new india assurance company ao exam me kitna questions attempt kiye plzzzz batao

  4. Gauravpreet new india insurance company ao exam me results kya hai aapka please batao

  5. Hi Sam kaha gaye ho aap

  6. ya.. do past

  7. what can be the expected cut off for sbi associate po in objective and descriptive ? for general

  8. i don't think they will make a issue of it....


    I reached venue at 12:40 app. My Doc verification was done @4 pm.. at 4:30 i entered the interview room..

    There were 5 male n 1 female. All of them are retired ceo's of different banks as they mentioned before document verification during introduction round.. They even told us that we are here to judge whether u r D for Dumb or can be asset fot bank.

    ques- tell me something abt urself, ur family background n educational qualification n hobbies..
    I answered all these.. as i have done in IT now it's tym for sme technical questions..

    ques- how is IT relevant to banking?
    What is artificial intelligence.?
    U r wrkng as web developer then what is website.?
    What is database..?
    Java script..?
    I answerd all questions

    Then one of the member asked me beta aap bank ki customer kaise badha skte ho..?
    Phr maine thoda jhuth bol dia ki sir maine sbi k branch manager k help se on 7th january ko 23 accounts kholwaye hain apne area k logo ka pmjdy k antrgat.. then sb log bole waah very good..

    Next quest related to pmjdy n it's record on first day n overall record..?
    I answered it.

    Nxt is from make in india..?

    Then they asked sme questions related to female ceo's n depty gov of rbi..

    I answerd all.. then they offerd me toffy n asked to leave n wished me all the best..
    Overall only 4 are askng questions n 2 of them are jst staring at me..

    thanks to all..

  10. i entered wrong date of passing in clerk form as 31-5-201o instead of 28-5-2010.whther this will create any problem

  11. My percentage is 81.37 actually but in ibps clerk application I entered as 80.96 is any pblm regarding it?? Please suggest me

  12. Hi shyam aapne new india insurance company ao exam questions kitne attempt kiye the objective me please reply

  13. I didn't attempt that exam

  14. Ohhhhh OK aur ibps po me attempt kya the

  15. Ohhhhh OK I am sorry yaar, kahase ho aap

  16. no need to make an affidavit..They wont check fathers name letter by letter

  17. Im sure...I have given my IBPS PO Interview recently even i had this problem they didnt check anything..They vl check whether ur marks is in stipulated criteria or not nothing else..

  18. My native is anantapur but now we staying in other district so I kept present staying address as permanent and present but my obc certicate is from anantapur any pblm ?

  19. thnx..wen is ur clerk interview??

  20. 11 feb 1st interview that's y some doubts

  21. eligibility criteria

  22. I did so because we don't have permanent address there but my permanent caste is from there only so no alternative for me

  23. Esakki raj did you appeared for new india insurance company ao exam

  24. its k..there wont be any problem with these things..Concentrate on ur interview..These r petty issues..ATB fr the interview..

  25. why did u put present address as ur permanent address instead u could hv put it address for correspondence??I think there wont be any problem with certificate

  26. Stipulated criteria means wat?

  27. 101 got only 77 marks not qualified.

  28. Thanks frnd and all d best for ur future endeavors.

  29. Hai ,I have only one I'd it sufficient?

  30. 120/250 fr gnrl

  31. which book is best for banking awareness for ibps clerk interview?
    pls reply...

  32. how are you buddy??

  33. not qualified

  34. Yar usme kitna questions attempt kiye plzzzz batao

  35. character certificate cumpulsory for clk po 4 interviews?

    plse rlpy

  36. No, yar sai did you appeared for new india insurance company ao exam please reply

  37. good job.. good luck too kiran brother :)

  38. good one bro.. i read n laugh ... so fantastic memory u get.. :)

  39. hi frnds..i hv posted this for encouraging many of the gr8 readers like me.I also waited a lot such type of interviews posted by the others.that's why i posted it because i know that before interview we all searched real time interview exp. like if u dont able to encourage anyone then please dont discourage person like me..who posted this type of exp.take it in a positive is my humble request...

  40. oh wow...what a appreciation of any one which want to share his exp of interview for boosting the confidence of gr8ambitionz readers...tumhare jaise sick mentality k logo ka kuch nhi ho skta....aise logo k liye kaha jata hai...bada hi famous word hai ..go to hell.....aur meri degree ferji ukhadna hai ukhad lo...

  41. Hi plz help me . How to start interview preparation of clerk.feeling very nervous.

  42. Asmita can I ask you a question

  43. will there be recruitment in state banks this year. If so when will they release the notification of exams?

  44. guys me
    at the time of reg i upload my photo but at time of admit call letter i paste my another snap now in interview they tell same photo affixed at the time of written exam now what i do???is it creaate problem??

  45. done a nice job

  46. kya hua yr..itni tnsn kyu le rha hai?

  47. Acc. to u .. what is the best answer for why banking after and what had u done in 2 yrs gap... ( actually i was doing mtech.. bt i didnt mention it and i dont want to show it... ) .. so.. need assistance

  48. u have ibps po interview

  49. did u have po or clrk intvuw

  50. awesome interview :) all d best :)

  51. did u have po or clrk intvw

  52. oh thanku Pradeep.. :) do u knw the interest rate for savings accnt iin PSB's???

  53. Yes chance is positive. U made it very beautifully! All the best

  54. Date-23/01/15
    Venue- UBI, Kolkata

    was the fourth candidate ... After document verification, they asked to
    sit and wait for a while. Then we were taken to upstairs...I was fourth
    in order. Generally they were taking 8-10 min. per candidate.

    Within half an hour my turn arrived and I entered the room with a
    knock, asked their permission to get in. There were six members in
    panel. 1 Female and 5 males.

    I was asked to take my
    sit. Then probably the head of the panel (I thought bcoz he was in the
    middle) told me to put my folder which i had with me at their desk.

    M1: Tell me about ypur family background?


    (1 with disgusting look said "Papa ka naam nhi bola, kaha se aaye ye nhi bola")

    I realized that i have missed these points. so I replied it in hindi.

    M2: Nice to hear you are from a brahmin family.(as i said in my fasmily background) tell me hw many vedas are there?


    M2: Which is the oldest veda.

    Me: Answered.

    M2: what is the difference between rigveda and other vedas.


    M2: Last que. frm my side Where is ethics written?

    Me: Dont know sir.

    M2: What is ethics?

    Me: Sir ethics means hme kya krna chahiye means oral values..

    He was bit satisfied. Then,

    M3 asked something which I heard first tym in my entire lyf. I couldnt answer.

    M3: What is G-Sec?

    me: Dont know sir. (I didnt understand his pronunciation)

    M3) What is repo rate?

    Me: Answered

    M3: Against what rbi gives loan to commercial bank?

    Me: Government security..(with sm hesitation)
    M3: Wahi to hota hai G-sec.

    Me: Ok sir, thanx.

    F1: what is banking ombudsman?

    Me: Answered

    F1: What is upnished?

    Me: ma'm thk se pata nhi but purane tym me log ise sun sun k yaad krte the isliye ise Shruti v kaha jata tha aur ye 108 hote h.

    F1: Kya aap ka koi friend ya relative h bank me?

    Me: replied.

    F1: Kya aapko lgta h ka aap bank k kaam acche se kr payenge.

    Me: Answere.

    M4: Aap Rajendra Nagar ko jante ho? Aapki sirname same h? Kya wo aapk relation me aate h? Wo bank union k leader h.

    Me: Naam suna h sir but wo mere koi relation me nhi h.

    M5: Aap avi kahi working ho?

    Me: Ha private school me padfhata hu.

    M5: Kya kya padhate ho?
    Me: bio, phusics, english grammer.

    M5: Oh english grammer padha lete ho, thn me the difference between smilyes and metaphore

    Me: Sir I cant recall ryt nw.

    F1: Are ye basic h. Ye btao What is antonym and synonyms with example.

    Me: Answere with example.

    F1: Ok..U may go. All the Best.

    I m confused..How to define this interview. But after interview I did not feel satisfied.

  55. Mera interview 5 min. Hi chala. Kya ye achha tha ya bura. Koi batao yaar please.waise maine answer sab ar sahi diye the lekin nervous tha and wo chehre se dikh raha tha. So helm me friend.please

  56. nice one one able to answer everything...they know it very very good chance u hv.all the best from my side bro.

  57. Thnx bhai..wish u the same

  58. 4% , but banks are self owner to increase or decrease there rates

  59. i am not bhai.. i am sister.. :)

  60. thank u soo much pradeep

  61. All The Best ANJALI

  62. hiii bro your interview was good......n best of will sure select...... i m same place that u r belongs.....chandauli


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