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January 29, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience from Varanasi


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Name : ABC

Category : General

Venue : Varanasi

Interview Date : 25/01/15

Time : 01:00 PM

Qualification : B.Tech and M.Tech.(EC)

Hi friends i have teaching experience of 6 years even then on my date of interview i was shivering,so nervous.I have made several stories for convincing my panel members on "why u want to come in banking by leaving your teaching job?" etc. etc.My mind is repeating those answers again and again....which increases my nervousness.At last I had decided that "jo bhi sahi hoga vahi bolenge,koi false answer nhi taiyar mera intrest banking me hai.main bachpan se banking me aana chahta tha,banking is my dream etc.etc.

when i decided this then my inner sole gave me too much confidence.Now friends i was ready to face any body in front of me.I prepared a lot for banking,for my branch,for current issues etc.but when i gave my interview i was fully surprised about that they can ask any thing during interview.Questions  and answers are given as below.

In my panel there were 5 interviewer (4M and 1F).

Me: may i come in sir.
All: Please come in.
Me: Good afternoon Sir,Good afternoon mam.(Prepared a lot ki kahi bhul na jaye)

M1(main person): yes yes please baith jaiye (they told in hindi)
Me: thank u sir.

M1: apne aap ko introduce kriye?
Me: mera nam abc hai,main banaras ka rehne vala hu.maine apni M.Tech. xyz university bhubaneswar se ki hai.(interrupted here)
M1: kaha se?
Me: sir bhubaneswar se.
M1: bhubaneswar me kaha?station se kitna dur hai?
Me: sir yeh station se 4 km hai.aur khurda k pas hai.(he was waiting for it).
M1: kya hai khurda,khurda district hai kya?
Me: sir uske pas hai college.
M1: khurda district hai ki nhi.
Me: sir i dont know about that.
M1: bhubaneswar kya tab?
Me: sir bhubaneswar is capital of orissa (told in hindi)
M1: arre bhubaneswar district hai ya nhi?
Me: thinking for some sec...told in confidant manner...yes sir bhubaneswar is a district.
M1: are u sure???
Me: yes sir.(now i was very confident).
M1: ok.aapne negotiable instrument act k bare me suna hi act 1981 me aaya.
Me: sir ye act 1881 me aya tha aur maine padha hai act me kya hai.
M1: kya hai ye?
Me: answered.
M1: ok ye bataiye ki ye act kafi bada hai iske sbse last page pe jo clause hai vo kya hai???bataiye??
Me: sir maine padha hai act but itni deep study nhi ki hai act sorry sir.
M1: ok ok...kya taiyari ki hai apne?
Me: sir kis bare me banking ya apne subject k bare me.(i am confused, what they want to know), now i recollect myself and told sir i am from M.Tech and B.Tech. background easily able to learn the technologies used in banking,and now banking is synonyms of i have a very good chance to perform well in banking.
M1: ok...yeh bataiye ki repo rate kya hai ajkal?
Me: sir ajkl repo rate 7.75% hai.RBI ne abhi abhi rate change kia hai,pehle yeh 8% tha.
M1: ok...yeh bataiye bank rate kaun decide krta hai? (I think m1 wants to know about base rate kaun decide krta hai).
Me: sir bank rate rbi decide krti hai.
M1: puzzled....kya (then he realized ki han bhai ladke ne to sahi kaha hai ).ok ok ye bataiye base rate kaun taye krta hai?
Me: sir pehle rbi taye krti thi but now bank decide krta hai.
M1: he asked some deep banking term which i never heard earlier.
Me: so as usual answer which called as brahmastra specially made for this type of question....sorry sir.(But dont loose hope,be confidant.)
M1: aapne nahi suna...apke banaras me loge loan kaise lete hain kuch giravi rakhte hain na???
Me: ab samjh me aya ki kya puchna chahte the i told yes sir suna hai...kuch property girvi rakhni padti hai for lending.
M1:han vahi to puch rahe the.
Me: yes sir...thank u sir.
M1: Ghar kaha hai???
Me: sir permanent chandauli me hai.
M1: chandauli k aas pas koi naxlite belt hai kya??
Me: yes sir naugarh hai.
M1: tell me about narrow banking.
Me: answered (in confidant manner).
M1: abhi tak aapne jo bhi bataya hai sab sahi hai.
Me: thank you sir.
M1: what is your father's occupation?
Me: sir he is govt. employ.he is an auditor.
M1: arre bhai kiska audit krte hain?
Me: thoda soch k...sir he is auditor in gram panchayat and cooperative banks.
M1: ok...banaras me kaha rehte hain.
Me: told about the place.
M1: ok.(ab jake inki jigyasa khatam hui aur inhe yaad aya ki bhai aur bhi to log baithe hai panel me to hum hi kyo apna khoon jala rahe he gives the opportunity to sardar bade gumsum se baithe huye the.)
M2(sardar ji): ok current account deficit kya hai.
Me: answered well.(yahi sb to padh k aye the).
M2: fully satisfied.
now again M1 comes into the picture and told kahi bhi job krne ko ready hain aap.
Me: yes sir jaroor...kahi bhi job krne ko ready hain.
M1: ok now u can go now.
Me: thank u sir.

This is my interview for ibps po.but after interview i was thinking that why they asked very less questions...i have mugged up all the i want to give interview for another 10 to 15 mins... but ab kya kr sakte the. so i came outside with the mixed feeling that it was good or not.but jab maine dekha ki sabhi ka interview 10 to 15 hi chal raha hai tb mera confidence badha. so friends tell me is it good or bad interview and what is my chance.
all panel members are very cooperative...they never interrupted me during my answering.M1 questioned all the questions and he is looking satisfied with my answers.

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  1. Bhubaneswar is not a comes under khurda district..

  2. Thanx 4r sharing.....

  3. How to share my xperience??

  4. send email to

  5. thanks archana...for reading this.

  6. thanks bhai....but i didnt want to loose my confidence during interview...which is the key to get success in interview.

  7. thanks for reading this....

  8. Distnce course tha kya

  9. Dude...bbsr me rahe n u dunno dat khordha is d district n bbsr cms under it...god cn only help u...jst pray dat dey dunno d answer eithr...if i wud ve been in d panel i wud ve doubted d authentcty of ur


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