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January 23, 2015

Interview Experience of IBPS PO IV from Jharkhand

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Hello friends This is Pankaj Kumar Sharing my Interview experience so that it may help others having interviews in coming days.

Name : Pankaj Kumar

Qualification : B.Tech (2012)

Date of Interview : 22/01/15

Interview Venue : Hotel Arya Ranchi Jharkhand

Interview Time : 8.30 AM

Panel : 2

I reached The Venue at 8 am. Document verification started by 8.30 . My doc verification by 9 am as i m 3 in the list.

Interview started by 9.20 am and my Turn came at 9.40 am (so quick)

There are 5 members ( 4 Male and 1 Lady)

I ask for permission and then i wished them.

3 to 5 sec they didn't say anything then offered me to take seat.

M1 (Head of Panel i guess) : Why are you nervous (in Hindi)

Me: Little bit sir but it natural i m okey

M1: Then tell me about Yourself (in hindi) .

Me: I replied, in the middle they stopped me for a while then say continue.

M1 transfer to M2: So mr Pankaj  How your stream is Help for Bank.

Me: I sir now days Banking is nothng but technology and being technical student it will be more beneficial for bank as computer and technology friendly

M2: But there is SO for Technical.

Me: Yes sir but in future if bank need me to work for a while as SO then i can do it and save time and money of bank.

M2: Tell me 5 quality you have to become PO

Me: replied.

Now M3: Tell me about your Native Place.

Me: replied

M3:- HRD minister name?

Me: Replied

Again M1: Why Bank Nationalized and How and PSB will become private sector.

Me: Replied.

M1: If You selected will you work toward Financial Inclusion

Me: Yes sir I will give my Best Effort.

M1: Very good, You can go now

Me: I thanks all of them and leave.. total 5 to 10 min interview time

M4 and lady mam was just observing throughout Interview and Panel Members are so Friendly we have enjoyed some Joke during interview. It was awesome interview experience.

Friends Just relax all HR members are Humble and kind and they just try to know you nothing else.

BEST OF Luck friends....

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