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January 21, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience dated 21st January 2015


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Name :  Vishnu Sayravath

Interview Date : 21st January 2015

Time : 8:30 AM

Place : Andhra bank, Koti, Hyderabad  

I Entered room by asking permission but forgot to wish them . 4M  and 1F in panel

M1: so you are Vishnu.....what is your father's name?
Me: Answered

M1: Where your father works?
Me: Answered

M2: Took my documents from his other Sir and asked my 1 year gap(u would b doing some job,  right?...what is your job?
Me: answered

M3: CTS?
Me: answered

Again M1: who is d Finance minister?
Me: answered

Again M2: PMJDY?
Me: answered( also said that it is goin to enter in guiness record for opening maximum number of accounts i.e,11.5 crores.M2 said that he also read in todays newspaper and was impressed.

Again M2: why PMJDY?
Me: To meet the financial inclusion and making the poor and weaker section of the people know about financial services.

M2: will you work anywhere in in India?
Me: yes sir (in a firm tone)

M1 : Signaled the mam to ask question: wat is NRCA?
Me : Non resident foreign account opened by NRIs in dollars, pounds, etc...

Again mam: how will NRIs open account in dollar r any other currency  in india?
Me: I was abt to say in rupees(i stopped here and started thinking) but in d middle she started answering and awkardly listening her answer.

M1: ok u may leave now..
Me : thank u sirs n mam....

Throughout d interview M4 was staring at me.

As it was my first Govt Interview, I was stammering for a while in interview. Overall it was a good experience.

Hoping for the best.

And All the best those who are going to attend interview in coming days.

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  1. congrats brother.. all the best for ur success..

  2. Mam pls say when will sbi asso po result will be declared?

  3. can u elaborate NRCA plz

  4. Thank you Vishnu Sayravath. All the best...

  5. what abut document verification... will they accept new OBC certificate which i got in jan 2015...?

  6. I am also having the same problem. Plz reply.

  7. @vishnu what is nrca can u explain..

  8. Definately u got job dude

  9. Any one share experience from andhra bank,gachibowli.I have interview on tomorrow panel6

  10. anilkumar alluri ChowdaryJanuary 21, 2015 at 6:17 PM

    please share u r exerience mine on 29th at same venue


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