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January 25, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience shared by Farhan (Ahmedabad)


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Hello all,

My name is Farhan. Today (24th January 2015) I attended interview for IBPS PO at Dena Bank HQ, Ahmedabad. Interview time was 1 PM. I reached venue at exact 1 PM. Some candidates were already present in auditorium. We were offered tea and biscuits as refreshments. After that doc verification started. Mine number was 17 and my verification completed at 3.35 PM. Since I was too far in list I have to wait. Waiting period completed at 5 PM. Last 8 candidates including me were being told to reach the waiting area where interview was going on. My panel number was 2. At about 5.30 PM my turn came.

I opened the door asked the permission to get it. There were 4 persons 1F (observer) and 3M. I wished mam first and then other sirs.They wished me back. Head interviewer asked me to sit, I thanked and he asked first question.

1. Bhakh Milkha Bhag....can you relate it?
A. Yes sir, Farhan Akhtar is lead actor of it and I have resemblance with his first name.

2. He was checking my application form and asked where do you live?
A. I told about my home town and current stay.

3. He saw I am working and asked did you give exam while continuing job?
A. Yes sir and he was impressed. He told I really appreciate you and they started discussing people resign to prepare for exam but it is possible to crack the exam while doing job. I smiled and thanked them.

4. What is your job profile?
A. I am mobile apps developer so answered my job profile

5. What is mobile banking?
A. Answered

6. What RBI did to promote mobile banking?
A. Answered

7. Can you tell me about m-pesa product?
A. Answered

8. Digits in MMID?
A. I was not sure so I told 9 with their permission, but he replied it's 7.

9. What is push/pull message service?
A. Answered

10. Why BOB as first choice?
A. Answered

11. Tagline of BOB?
A. India's International Bank

12.What's angel investing?
A. Answered

Then my interview was over. I thanked them and wished good day.

All the questions were unexpected. There was not why bank, why PO, why not IT officer. It was great experience. It hardly took 7-10 mins to complete the interview I don't know whether they were in hurry or what, but I completed my part.Now it's their turn. If not selected then I still have IBPS clerk and RRB officer scale-1 interview in pipeline.

I am thankful to whole Gr8AmbitionZ family to give me opportunity to attend interview. Best of Luck :)

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  1. all the best dude.........

  2. farhan good luck
    you did well

  3. Divya ur selected for the job congrats

  4. Thanks bro. All the best

  5. Casual ga undadam panikinradama annadu enduku bro...i didnt get dat.?

  6. It's in gujarati or english... Farhan

  7. Thanks for sharing bro. All the best :-)

  8. Thanks for sharing your interview exp bro. All the best :-)

  9. 120 mai interview humra number kB aaye ga

  10. hello shiva garu..
    mine z also same intervw z on 29th..
    thanx fr ur experience share..

  11. ATB....and i have a doubt .....
    should we sign on the xerox copies in front of them or at home???

  12. @farhan...all the best dost...and what was the medium of language in interview?? i mean they ask in guj and hindi?? or only english

  13. thank u in advance :)

  14. 77 in os1 and selected in Karnataka

  15. Battle btw IBPS & Candidates on Twitter 7 PM today for reserve list allotment, Po4 &Clerk4 Candidates v r also going to face it soon come & support them prevention is better..Hastage #IBPSAllotReserveList

  16. English and Hindi only, no Gujarati

  17. okk...where u from??

  18. nikal lawde yaha se...

  19. All the best .
    In Ap who got 140+ didn't get any call letter till

  20. why do u think so?

  21. Name: K.Srikanth.

    Interview Venue—Andhra bank Zonal office, Vijayawada-Andhra Pradesh.

    Date: 21-01-2015.

    Time: 1:00pm.

    Verification of documents procedure started at 1:15pm.

    My number was 13 in my panel.

    Interview started at 2:50pm ..

    There were 5 members in my panel (4Male and 1Female).

    I entered the room with a smile and greeted everyone good
    afternoon Madam and sirs.

    They offered me seat. I said thank you and seated.

    M1: where are you from?

    Me: answered!

    M1: o.k.! Then you are from B.Tech background Right.

    what have
    you done after complication of B.Tech?

    Me : I said my experience. (because I had completed B.Tech in 2011)

    M1: are you ready to go to abroad?

    Me: with a
    smile I have answered YES sir.

    M1: what is unit banking?

    Me: explained but he asked me again to tell clearly

    M2(L): difference between ECE and CSE?

    Me: explained!

    M2(L) difference between public sector bank and
    private sector bank?

    Me: answered!

    M3: difference between Debit card and credit card?

    Me: answered!

    M3: what is RUPAY?

    Me: explained!

    M4: what is the first super computer introduced by
    Indians and which company?

    Me: answered PARAM (but did not answer which company)

    M4: who is HEALTH brand ambassador for ANDHRA PRADESH?

    Me: answered!

    One of the member observed me and my body language and
    did not ask any questions.

    Then my interview was over. I thanked the and wished good
    day. It was good experience .

    It took nearly 7-8 minutes to complete the interview


    for their full guidance and support.

    >Likeus at:

  22. your panel & timing??

  23. How to write our experience and how to post...pls help me

  24. Abhiraj Singh GogawatJanuary 25, 2015 at 6:12 PM

    Hi Gr8AmbitionZ team , i have mailed you my IBPS interview exp held on 25th january 2015 at jaipur . Please post it if you find useful for candidates ..!!

  25. is any one from delhi. no one posted interview from delhi.



    Interview Venue—Andhra bank Zonal office, Vijayawada-Andhra Pradesh.

    Date: 24-01-2015.

    Time: 8:00am.

    Verification of documents procedure started at 8:15am.

    My number was 9 in my panel.

    Interview started at 9:40am .

    Me: may I come in sir

    Panel: come in .

    Panel :II :There were 5 members in my panel (4Male(M1-M4) and 1Female(F)).

    I entered the room and greeted everyone good morning Madam and sir individually.

    They offered me seat. I said thank you and seated.

    M1: Are you G. Raja Rajeswari?

    Me: yes sir!

    M2: you worked in different engineering colleges as asst. professor right.

    why you shifted the college ?

    Me : I told yes sir and have answered the question.

    M3: what is your educational background?

    Me: with B.Sc (M.P.C) sir.

    M3: why do you quit your job?

    Me: during working as asst. professor. I wrote the IBPS Exam, but I didn’t get much score.

    That’s why I quit my job and prepared for IBPS

    L: what’s your specialization in P.G?

    Me: Organic chemistry (then she started to ask questions rapidly)

    L :what is nerst distribution law?

    Me: Sorry ,I Don’t know mam.

    L :what is MSBC principal?

    Me: Sorry ,I Don’t know mam you are asking physical chemistry

    questions ,I am completely Organic chemistry mam.

    L :what is thermodynamics 1st law?

    Me: I answered!

    L :what is its formule?

    Me: I answered!

    L :what is nano material?

    Me: I answered!

    L :what is material used in nano polymers?

    Me Sorry ,I Don’t know mam!

    L :what is williamson's synthesis ?

    Me: I answered!

    L :how many types of organic reactions are there?

    Me: I answered!

    M 4:what is DFI (development financial institutions)?

    Me: I answered!

    M2:what is NPA ?

    Me: answered!

    M2:how many those of NPAs are there?

    Me: answered!

    M3:disturbed me and asked me what is difference between doubtful asset and loss asset ?

    Me: I had answered but he argued with me as it was not correct .

    M1:what is nationalization of banks and explain it he gave me 2 minutes time?

    Me: I had answered very well .( they had impressed).

    M3: why you shifted to banking?

    Me: I answered!

    They said You may go now . I thanked them and said have a nice day mam and sirs.
    It was good experience .It took nearly 20-25 minutes to complete the interview
    for their full guidance and support.

    Like us @

  27. mine is also same centre on 29th

  28. You can sign at home.

  29. Send an email to

  30. thanks yaar

  31. siva prasad which panel u have attened. i am from biotechnology stream. did they asked about why not biotechnologyas career


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