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January 25, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience shared by Sivaprasad (Hyderabad)

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Hello friends,

Let me introduce myself as a Bank aspirant and great follower of Gr8ambitionz. Please find my interview Experience of IBPS PO IV below.

Name : Sivaprasad. N

Qualification : B. Tech in Biotechnology

Experience   : 4 yrs in insurance field

Venue  : Andhra Bank, Gachibowli

Date     : 24th January 2015

Time     : 8.30 AM

I have attended n number of interviews in private sector but still tensed because fighting for the good career path as banking sector showing that.This is my 2nd interview with public sector (first one IDBI manipal, disaster), so studied lot of stuff like terminologies, recent updates, general awareness, banking definition etc etc....At last day came 24th its my interview.

I reached the interview venue at 8.15 am and went inside and sat at my panel surroundings,thought we are always back bench studies our turn will be always last. A man around 40 yrs old came for verification and announced  the names in the list, my fate first name is mine.Asked me self attested, i signed as per instruction he started scolding that should sign as per uploaded sign,so again signed as like that then he said BABU CASUAL GA UNDADAM PANIKIRADAMMA (Don't be too casual)finished my verification immediate taken me to interview panel,waited for 10 min and called me inside on around 9:10 AM.

Started my interview.

In the panel 4 members were there (1 lady and 3 gentleman).

Opened the door ans asked for permission to come inside, said please come in.

Enter the room and wished lady first and gents next.

Hello Madam and hello sirs good morning.they offered me seat said thank you.

M1 : So your Siva Prasad N
ME : Yes sir,

M1: currently working in (by looking at my certificates).
ME : yes sir,said my company name.

M1 : and also worked in (checking my previous company name)
ME : Said the list and how many yrs in each.

 M1: your role in current company.
ME : Answered.

M1 : Why banking why not continue in Current.
ME : Answered with the reason and growth factor and explained detailed they were convinced.

M1: Y don't you try in your field for better jobs like Actuarial ?
ME : That is the fantastic profile in insurance sector and require qualification background with mathematics,statistics and economics. that i cannot go in that field.convinced.

M1 : Again asked what you do in this company ?
ME : elaborated as dealing with X countries embassy as its my client and assist in customer service claims process etc etc.Impressed.

M1 : What you learned in banking how you prepared ?
ME: answered as some basics in banking and some Gk and about insurance.

M1: Asked about Basel but in depth, like what is it,why it is,reason blah blah blah.
ME : Answered.

M1: CRAR rate.
ME : answered as minimum 9% and maximum 13 %.

M1 : According to 3 norms CRAR ?
ME : No idea sir.(noted some thing)

M2 : Package ?
ME answered.

M2 : do you know how much get for PO ?
ME : yes said.

M2 : Heard about NPA,What will Happen so much NPA accumulated to bank.
ME : Income will decrease and to balance that banks may increase the rate.(don't exactly but said)

M1; Partial income will decrease but rates are not.what is expenditure in that.
ME : try to explain but didn't reach his expectation so left.

M3: Meku intha experience undi kada em nerchukunnaru personal ga (what you gained with you experience personally)
ME: Self confidence,self motivation, customer relation and convincing skill and taking my way to professional (intentionally),but he interrupted as asked personally, i smiled and said Self confidence sir.

Madam (M4) : what is satisfaction ? have you satisfied yourself personally?
ME : Yes madam,am i have something to do and gain bugs to myself and not depending on my parents,doing something to improve my career path.

M4 : she said " OK with smile"

M1 : OK thank young man,you can leave now.
ME : thank you so much sir's and Madam.Came out.

Every thing was happen in casual manner trying to check your skills which u have out of your subject.

Entered with a good smile left the room with a smile.i don't know whether i impressed the panel members or not, but its done. Lets hope for best and all the best guys.

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