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January 25, 2015

Questions Asked in Today's (25th January 2014) SBI Associates Clerks Online Exam


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Questions shared by Divya Moray from Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh  
  1. Aguada fort in which state
  2. Sarita Devi related to which sport
  3. Currency of Philippines
  4. Gsat16 operation period
  5. Aneerood juganth is PM of
  6. Cabinet minister of urban affairs
  7. World cancer day is observed on ?
  8. G 20 summit held in
  9. Wandering in many years written by
  10. PETA refers as
  11. Question related to boundary line
  12. Female ratio of haryana as per 2011 census
  13. Objective of monetary policy
  14. Which of the following is not rating agency - CARE
  15. Acc to survey approx how many are internet users in India
  16. Recently USA framed reforms no policies for healthy relationship to which now
  17. Gandhi museum recently opened in ?
  18. CASA is related to
  19. Father of micro finance n Nobel peace prize winner
  20. Opposite of forward trading in stock market
  21. Who won Indian football league
  22. Committee on weak PSU and banks
  23. ISRO in acc to mars mission started to work with which country to study mars environment conditions
  24. Under make in India which country launched great collaboration program with India

Questions shared by Anija M
  1. Banking holidays declared on which act ?
  2. What is the Currency of Philippines 
  3. Usa  and Canada separated by which line 
  4. Which sports does Sarithadevi related to ?  
  5. What is the full form of PETA 
  6. Fort auguda in which state 
  7. Who is the Urban development minister 
  8. World  cancer day is observed on ? 
  9. Who is the Chief of IB 
  10. Brazil capital 
  11. Chairperson  of NITI Aayog 
  12. Next G20 summit will be held on ? 
  13. CASA related to which sector 
  14. According to 2011 senses female ratio of Haryana 
  15. Internet users in India 
  16. Founder of self help group 
  17. One question related to NPA 
  18. One question related to IMF 
  19. Sahithya academy award for Sanskrit 
  20. Purpose of monitory policy 
  21. USA resolved problem with which country 
  22. Anirood jugnath pm of which country 
  23. One question related to credit rating agency 
  24. Market regulatory body of India

Important Study Material
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  1. Battle btw IBPS & Candidates on Twitter 7 PM 2day for reserve list allotment, Po4 &Clerk4
    Candidates v r also going to face it soon come
    & support them prevention is better..Hastage

  2. Thank u both 4 sharing :) All d best frnds!!

  3. Rahul I don't understand ur comment

  4. How many u attempt divya moray

  5. I wrote sbi asso.clk evening exam ..its easier yhan ibps don' worry and do your best

  6. 40 questions from todays exam mrng session
    1 brasil capital
    2 phillipines currency
    3 sarita devi belongs to
    4 union minister of parliamentary affairs
    5 line betwb usa and canada
    6 dandi kutir mahatma museum in which state
    7 capital market regulator
    8 what is npa
    9 casa term belongs to
    10 why rbi do monetary policy
    11 FAO hq
    12 cancer day
    13 famous personality of micro economics
    14 IB CHEIF
    16 IND top exporter with which state
    17 g20 summit in2015
    18 imf gives loan to
    19 which is not ind s credit rating agency
    20 which is not a bank {icici prudential}
    21 federation cup won by
    22 anirudh jaggnath is pm of
    23 bank gve holidays on which act
    24 Chinese Confucius Peace Prize 2014
    25 wanderer in many worlds is autobiagraphy of
    26 PETA full form
    27 isro doing project with which space agency
    28 make in india campaign apreciated country
    29 comitee on disinvestment in sick psu s
    30 fresh water lake in usa
    31 fort aguda in which state
    32 Internet users in india in dec 2014
    33 age of GSAT 16
    34 sahithya sanskrit academy award
    35 females in haryana acc to 2011 census
    36 the word opposite to specularion {asked in gk y i dont know}
    37 usa resolved issues to which country
    38 2014 is a year of light energy given by which organisation
    39 recent world record swimming in which ocean
    40 banking related question..

  7. hmm :-) There r ppl who hav attempted even 190.. comparing them 167 is useless frnd..

  8. Thanxs 4 sharing frnd :)

  9. there r ppl who hav attempted 190. so 167 s nothing..

  10. Hi sonam just check out 4 d featured comment 4 wat u asked.. Hope it wil help u :)

  11. Hi radhika just check d featured comment above 4 wat i promised u :)

  12. Just check d featured comment once.. U might like it :-) :)

  13. Hi lakshmi kindly c d featured comment above.. Hope u like it :)

  14. My attempts are 160 i think marketing was some what difficult other sections are easy in mrng session

  15. Howmany marketing qus ask?

  16. Best luck ane Bhai tamare rrb ma Os1 ma ketla che?

  17. can any one please tell me , whether IB AIO objective and descriptive test conduct on the same day ?????

  18. madam is obc certificate of one state is valid in another state also. pls give me information

  19. hi everyone plz help me with my query as no one able to give answer ... i have interview in feb for clerk exam but SC certificate issued by state govt in 2006 so will it create a problem ? or i have to issue a new one.................plz reply

  20. sbi asso clerk - 25.02.2015 - morning exam question [BASED ON REVIEW]:

    1. FAO hq – rome

    2. G20 Summit 2015 to be held in – Istanbul, turkey

    3. currency of phillipnes - peso

    4. capital of brazil – brasilia

    5. book- wandering in many worlds – V.R. Krishna Iyer

    6. Sahitya Akademi Award(Sanskrit) 2014 - Prabhu Nath Dwivedi

    7. urban development union minister - vankiah naidu

    8. world cancer day – 4th feb

    9. chairperson of niti ayog – modi

    10. haryana sex ratio 2011 census female ratio per 1000 males in - 879

    11. canada ameraca line - 49th parallel

    12. sarita devi which sport – boxing

    13. confucious peace prize - fadeal castro

    14. where is fort aguada – goa

    15. PETA full form - people's 4 ethical treatment of animals

    16. no of mobile internet user in india - 300 millions

    17. america resolves 50yrs old issues with which country – cuba / vietnam

    18. which is not a financial institution - icici prudential

    19. which is regulator of commodity market--FMC

    20. who won Nobel prize in micro economics - modion patricks or Amartya Sen

    21. Aneerudh Jagnath is the PM of which country? Mauritious

    22. Top exporter country for 2014 - UAE saudia arbia

    23. IB chief - dineshwar sharma

    24. Fresh water lake in U.S.A – lake superior

    25. Dandi kutir is established in which place recently? - ahmedabad,gujarat

    26. .CASA is a term related to? current account

    27. Founder of self help groups who won nobel fr dis - Mohammad Yunus

    28. world record for swimming for 52 minutes at 1 degree temp. in which ocean? bhakti Sharma – antartica

    29. imf lends money to - Only Member Countries

    30. modern marketing is based on - Customer satisfaction

    31. which is regulator of commodity market - sebi

    32. vyas samman award – goenka

    33. Federation cup winners

    34. ISRO is doing project with which research agency – nasa

    35. Purpose of monitory policy

    36. gsat-16 years- communication satellite

    37. question on Non performing asset

    38. which is not a credit rating agency

    39. Bank holidays decided by?

    40. 1 abt make in india.. which cntry z participatin in dis

    Q from 31-40 is doubtfull..

  21. last me int very dangereous aur vo b itna fast le liya int.

  22. Hi. Can any one help how to score good Marks in English.plz

  23. 107 boundry pr 6u :P

  24. do you how much is cut half for repco bank much you scored in repco bank

  25. Guys..does anybody have an idea about the expected cutoff of SBI Asso Clerk exam this year?

  26. I told u tat i wil help u in maths right? Just c d featured comment in this post..

  27. good attempts :-)

  28. afternoon section gk questions maritime organiazation head quarters

    2.bangladesh currency

    3.canada capital environment day about indira gandi who is the author

    6.cabinate minister of road and transport

    7.chairman of NITI AAYOG

    8.two questions from NITI AAYOG

    9.japan pm

    10.who is the person take voluntary retirement in hocky sports

    11.who is taken the medal in boxing recently

    12.2011 census in kerala males are 1000 then females

    13.which work does not done by rbi

    14.which is not a regulator in finane which vitamin loss buliding causes

    16.exchage of currency one state to another state 2014 december isro lauches mission name

    18.swabiman yojana first start which state



    Interview Venue—Andhra bank Zonal office, Vijayawada-Andhra Pradesh.

    Date: 24-01-2015.

    Time: 8:00am.

    Verification of documents procedure started at 8:15am.

    My number was 9 in my panel.

    Interview started at 9:40am .

    Me: may I come in sir

    Panel: come in .

    Panel :II :There were 5 members in my panel (4Male(M1-M4) and 1Female(F)).

    I entered the room and greeted everyone good morning Madam and sir individually.

    They offered me seat. I said thank you and seated.

    M1: Are you G. Raja Rajeswari?

    Me: yes sir!

    M2: you worked in different engineering colleges as asst. professor right.

    why you shifted the college ?

    Me : I told yes sir and have answered the question.

    M3: what is your educational background?

    Me: with B.Sc (M.P.C) sir.

    M3: why do you quit your job?

    Me: during working as asst. professor. I wrote the IBPS Exam, but I didn’t get much score.

    That’s why I quit my job and prepared for IBPS

    L: what’s your specialization in P.G?

    Me: Organic chemistry (then she started to ask questions rapidly)

    L :what is nerst distribution law?

    Me: Sorry ,I Don’t know mam.

    L :what is MSBC principal?

    Me: Sorry ,I Don’t know mam you are asking physical chemistry

    questions ,I am completely Organic chemistry mam.

    L :what is thermodynamics 1st law?

    Me: I answered!

    L :what is its formule?

    Me: I answered!

    L :what is nano material?

    Me: I answered!

    L :what is material used in nano polymers?

    Me Sorry ,I Don’t know mam!

    L :what is williamson's synthesis ?

    Me: I answered!

    L :how many types of organic reactions are there?

    Me: I answered!

    M 4:what is DFI (development financial institutions)?

    Me: I answered!

    M2:what is NPA ?

    Me: answered!

    M2:how many those of NPAs are there?

    Me: answered!

    M3:disturbed me and asked me what is difference between doubtful asset and loss asset ?

    Me: I had answered but he argued with me as it was not correct .

    M1:what is nationalization of banks and explain it he gave me 2 minutes time?

    Me: I had answered very well .( they had impressed).

    M3: why you shifted to banking?

    Me: I answered!

    They said You may go now . I thanked them and said have a nice day mam and sirs.

    It was good experience .It took nearly 20-25 minutes to complete the interview


    for their full guidance and support. > Like us @

  30. I'm also facing same problem brother

  31. No idea frnd.. Got 139 only..

  32. wt u told about first preferenc BOB
    as i am also gave that bank

  33. Yes brother. The same question paper will have both obj and descriptive questions.

  34. Hi sonam i hav posted few sbi quans ques as u asked.. U saw it?

  35. Growth wise BOB is after SBI and it has many branches in Guj. It's also in credit card business.

  36. Anilkumar PeddapallyJanuary 25, 2015 at 7:29 PM

    care is a rating agency...........

  37. hi guys i am ajay anybody taken a icici exam for pg diploma please share me ques pattern

  38. no its not an rating agency

  39. 176 with 100% accurecy

  40. just read editorial page of hindu and bussiness standard and also mark difficult and new words thats all you will definately improve ,dont refer any book as there are many rules for using grammer in sentence whch confuses at the time of exam

  41. Thanks 4 sharing frnd :)

  42. Thanxs 4 sharing Radhika :)

  43. I didn't get....xplain

  44. Friends i have obc certificate on jan 2015. will they permitt to attend ibps clerk interview?

  45. Friends i have obc certificate on jan 2015. will they permitt to attend ibps clerk interview? reply alex

  46. Anilkumar PeddapallyJanuary 25, 2015 at 8:09 PM

    CARE-CREDIT ANALYSIS AND RESEARCH LIMITED Promted by IDBI and other prv financial companies

  47. what a stupid i was??? i wasted too much time on studying gen.awareness and i could answer only 28 questions with 3 wrong answers. and my attempts are just 152. what a shame... i feel ashamed of myself...

  48. chill bro don't worry life about doing something not regretting

  49. Hello everyone..!!!

    I am Sindhuja from Tamilnadu.

    Place: IOB, Coimbatore

    Session: 8.30 am

    Panel: II

    I reached venue @ 8am sharply. And I am waiting for
    certificate verification. Some people
    making me tension by their discussions about interview questions. I controlled
    myself and then I didn’t listen that. Then after 15 minutes document
    verification started and I was the second in my panel. Then they brought us to
    interview hall. We waited for the panel officers nearly 40 minutes. At about
    10.10am my turn came.

    I opened the door and asked for the permission to get it. There
    was 3 sirs and 1mam. I wished mam first and then sirs. They wished me back and
    gave me a seat.

    M1: where are you from?

    Me: answered

    M1: what did u complete?

    Me: B.E in the stream
    of CSE

    M1: what is CRR?

    Me: answered

    M1: what is SLR?

    Me: explained

    M1: which one is better comparing both?

    Me: I failed to answer

    M1: temme abt CBS

    Me: explained wel

    M1: what software did they use?

    Me: by mistaken, I told abt the VSAT network

    Then the mam interrupted and told tat yu r telling abt the
    network bt he asked abt the software.

    I felt very tensed so
    I couldn’t ans abt FINACLE. Then they moved to next question.

    M2: temme abt financial inclusion

    Me : explained clearly and told about PM’s jandhan yojana
    and itz Guinness record too

    M2: what is ur opinion?

    Me: answered

    M1: what is fiscal deficit?

    Me: answered

    M1: while getting money demand, how will our nation

    Me: answered

    M1: why sensex and
    nifty points are high for the recent days

    Me: sry sir I dnt know L

    M3: what is your pan no?

    Me: I dnt know

    F1: temme abt the 5th character in ur pan no

    Me: dnt knw mam sry

    And she xplained then I said thanks.

    F1: who is Margaret thatcher?

    Me: again dnt knw L

    F1: did u take any coaching ?

    Me: yes mam.

    Then my interview was over. Don’t know what will happen to

    Thank you Gr8 team. All the best guys

  50. but hope for the best :-) and thanx for sharing numerical ability review.... :-)

  51. Qns asked in 25 Dec eve shift ...
    1.director of PK
    2. Sarthar Patel university location QN from Pakistan offers or receives....USD...
    4.India's hockey winner team....
    5.who is not in NITI ayog ex- office...
    6.Indian money is converted into swiss France by....
    7.night blindness....vitamin A
    8.non authority mutual fund in early days....option has SBI
    9.NPA details get from ....CIBIL
    10.IRDA of India QN
    11.if some one want to by refrigerator for tat getting loan as....option has consumer durable loan....
    12.recent product of isro...gslv mark 3
    13.Brett lee- cricketer

  52. pls. never give negative comment

  53. all d best friend..

  54. 14.Canada capital-ottava
    15.Bhutan currency in a gulf run
    16.CEO of NITI ayog- sindhu sree khullar
    17.sinzo abe- Japan
    18. Strait times of the yr-Mr.Modi
    19.RAW head- Rajinder khanna
    20.boxer-L.saritha devi
    21.wu-14 launched by- China
    22.god of small things- arunthathi Roy
    23.wu ksr fresh lake-location- JK environmental day-june 5
    26.road transport minidter- nitin gadgari
    27.Bhagavarthar national park- MP

  55. Farhan can u tell me why u choice Bob plz

  56. my score in repco was 143 friend.thanks for the reply.....let us hope for the best

  57. congrats divya.. even attended interview @KVG on 23rd.


  59. Hmm nd have u qualified in ibps clerk

  60. Ya hoping so n if u hav any further doubts feel free 2 ask. I wil try 2 do wat i can :)

  61. 2 my knowledge they will allow u :) Kindly confirm with others..

  62. When will ibps declare the marks of written exam

  63. Thanks a lot for posting this! :) All the best (y)
    Are the panels friendly? Did you hear from your fellow candidates?

  64. u did a great job...!! u got a call on 120 only i have scored 140 n still not received any call from any bank..

  65. @ Alex how prepare for gk ques whether follow recent news is enough?

  66. Ya it was need to be worry

  67. Really nice.. Thanks for sharing..

  68. Need help guys... If anyone online here plz reply so that i can share my interview exp. with u all..

    Help me in analysing whether i will be getting passing marks in interview or there is no chance of me getting selected..

  69. Thanx a lot buddy..u r doing such a marvellous works..thanx for sharing

  70. Buddy...have they asked questions from january mnth in GA section

  71. Hey divya congrats u r selected for KVG 9th is joining

  72. Ya following recent news n daily updates will do well.

  73. S ofcourse :) ques like Bridmagnite,Zomato acquisition, MYS prasad award,etc.. r jan updates 1ly..

  74. K ..thanx alot ..n..wish u sll the very bst for the result buddy..hope u will clear it with ease.

  75. Thank u n wish u d same :)

  76. I got 142 in OFFICE ASSISTANT (OBC) At TAMILNADU Any Chance For me Pls Reply Friends

  77. I got 142 in OFFICE ASSISTANT (OBC) At TAMILNADU Any Chance For me Pls Reply Friends

  78. Nhi bhai mera koi relative nhi hai Moradabad me so I m not eligible.

  79. Thanks and All the best.....

  80. can u say what is self attestation plz

  81. Hay dear sir alex...please Answer my question. My question is "Am i eligable for upcoming Sbi and IBPS clerk exam will be held from 2015-2016".I'm 18yers old.I"m 12th pass.i had got 70% marks.

  82. ya..i knw :)wt abt u?

  83. ya..same here waiting for karnataka result

  84. Sorry dear only GRADUATES allowed for these exams.. Try after graduating.. ATB :)

  85. But as of now u can write National insurance company Assistants exam. Last date 2 apply s jan 31st..

  86. I have applied from Gujarat
    M not luck like u all coz ur eligible to apply from Karnataka bt m not coz I won't read nd write kannada bt able to speak
    I born in Karnataka bt brought up in Gujarat so ........

  87. OK nd ur sis deepti was ma batchmate in ksb last yar she cleared n ibps clerk exm nd now she is working in syndicate bank

  88. Thnxx Jitendra for your reply

  89. was ur interview

  90. transfer certificate is mandatory to attend interview pl z suggest...

  91. i knw..she told about you :)

  92. ur from which state?

  93. oh like dat...all d best..wts cutoff in gujarat?

  94. ur frm which state?

  95. thank you...wt abt ur result..

  96. Sam here I got 154 but not call interview yet

  97. hi everybody.. i attempted 184 in sbi associates on 24th afternoon shift with 80-90% accuracy.. can anyone tell me any chances to attend interview from Telangana state..

  98. wah what a memory u have ALEX.................................

  99. thanku alex for sharing and u hav super memory...all the best.


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