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January 27, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience shared by Sabari (Tamil Nadu)

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Hi I am Sabari from Tamil Nadu. My IBPS PO IV Interview was held on 24th January 2015 at Coimbatore, here is my interview experience. 

Name : Sabarinath Jayaraman

Qualification : MBA

Interview Date : 24th January 2015

Interview Venue : Coiambatore 

My turn is 18 so I waited patiently for my turn, in my interview there were 4 men and 1 lady. First I greeted them. They asked me to sit. I am from Perambalur, so they asked me about my district, I already prepared for that so I replied ,

I already worked in K.V.B for 1 year as marketing executive so some que on that, replied

M1- he saw my mark sheet as I am m.b.a my one of the subject is financial management and accounting, he noted that then he told me I going to ask in this only, but I was shocked I have little knowledge in finance I told that, but my specialization is marketing... he replied then u go to marketing company I told sorry sir just I give the information then he began to ask  the que

M1- variance
Me - it is a statiscal tool
At that time I thought its all over but to my surprise  ,I only prepare ratio analysis

M1_ asked u know ratio analysis
Me yes sir  and I started to explain current ratio, acid test ratio, debt equity ratio, assets, liability explained then he asked about leverage I don't know but I guess and told it but it was correct 

M1_break event point
Me.explained, but deeply asked at one point I don't know he left me

M2.types of balance sheet
Me. I know only components of balance sheet

M2_operating cycle
Me. Explained

Me- explained

M3_exchange rate
Me explained

M4_ blue ocean strategy
Me- Told him that I don't know

M4-negative demand

M4 asking example
Me - Sir I don't know 

Then they asked me to leave overall I am satisfied with my performance

All the Best to all

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