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December 14, 2014

Reviews of IBPS Clerk - IV exam on December 14th


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Review shared by Shalini Suresh
Hi, myself Shalini Suresh. I am a regular follower of First of all I would like to thank the team for giving us continuous support and guiding us for all the exams. I gave my IBPS Clerical IV exam on 14.12.2014 morning session.

I would rate this exam from easy to moderate, the questions were as below:

Numerical Ability : (Easy to moderate)
  • Simplification, data interpretation, number series, boats and streams, profit and loss, problems on trains, partnership, simple interest and compound interest(combined sum).

Reasoning Ability : (Easy)
  • Linear seating arrangement two parallel lines (Facing north and south), Square seating arrangement (Four members placed in corners and four in middle), Number series, Equality and inequality, Syllogisms, Three number series, Coding decoding.

Computer Knowledge : (Very easy)
  • Basics of computer - Software, Input devices, Internet, Binary numbers, Abbreviations such as IP, HTTP, WAN...
English : (Easy to moderate)
  • Comprehension, Cloze test, Fill in the blanks two blanks one word substitution, Error spotting, Jumbled sentences.
General Awareness : (Easy)
  • Human rights day - December 10th
  • Saritha Devi, a renouned dancer who died recently is related to which dance form - Kathak
  • Author of Half girl Friend - Chetan Bhagat
  • Savings account interest rates is decided by - The concerned banks
  • Under Pradhan mantri jan dhan yojana what is the limit on over draft facility - Rs.5000
  • Magnus Carlsen, won chess championship recently, which country hosted this tournament - Russia
  • Capital of Bhutan - Thimpu
  • Currency of China - Renminbi
  • Number of PSU Banks in India - 26 PSBs + 1 recent Bhartiya Mahila Bank
  • Who insures the deposits of PSU banks - DICGC
  • RGTS is regulated by - RBI
  • NPCI disclosed a debit card for India - Rupay
  • Who among the following did not top the first ten of "The Forbes" World's richest people (Options)
  • Savings account maximum limit – No limit
  • Cycling championship was held in which place
  • HQ of UNO – New York City
  • Maximum limit on Kisan Vikas Patra – No limit
  • One question related to stock exchange of India
Questions mostly related to banking were asked. People who are updated in banking will have a cake walk...

Review shared by Chandini 
Hi I am Chandini from Kerala. I had IBPS clerk exam today (14th Dec, morning session).

  • Quantitative : moderate to easy. my attempt - 24
  • Computer Awareness : moderate. my attempt - 30
  • English : harder than expected. no. of attempts - 30
  • Reasoning : moderate. no. of attempts - 29
  • General Awareness : hard. no. of attempts - 16
I list here the questions asked in the general awareness section as far as I can remember.

1. Currency of china - Redminbi
2. Baichung Butia related to which sports - football
3. Redmi note mobile released by which company - Xiaomi
4. Overdraft facility in PMJDY - Rs.5000
5. Space centre is located in - (options consisted of Sriharikota, Thiruvananthapuram etc)
6. Magnus Carlsen belongs to which country - Norway
7. Youngest person to get Nobel prize - Malala
8. Human Rights Day - Dec 10
9. Association of banks dealing in foreign exchange in India - FEDAI
10. Capital of Bhutan - Thimphu
11. RTGS governed by -
12. Headquarters of UNJCIN -
13. Full form of VAT - Value Added Tax
14. Banking Ombudsman appointed by - RBI
15. No. of public sector banks in India - 27
16. Full form of ECGC
17. Full form of NCR
18. Maximum limit on deposit in savings bank account -
19. Interest rate on savings bank account decided by -
20. Dr.Sovik Maiti was awarded Shant Swaroop Bhatnagar award for - Chemical Sciences
21. In IFFI Goa, Rajinikanth was awarded centenary aeard by - Amithabh Bachchan
22. Who provides guarantee to investors in savings accounts - DICGC
23. Who does not appear in Forbes list of richest Indians? - Goutam Adani
24. India supplied 4 naval patrol to - Vietnam
25. KM Sivaramakrishnan committee was appointed for -
26. Most populated district - Thane
27. Full form of IFSC
28. What is small account
29. Vedanta group listed in - London Stock Exchange
30. Maximum limit on Kisan Vikas Patra
31. Question related to TDS
32. Venue of Buddhist conference
33. Which river is known as Lifeline of Madhya Pradesh - Narmada
34. If a bill matures on a public holiday when will it be due - next preceding business day
35. Nalanda University situated in which state - Bihar
36. Process of converting shares in elctronic form to physical
37. Sitara Devi related to which form of dance - Kathak
38. Ghoomar is a traditional folk dance of - Rajasthan

Hope this review will help those who are having exam in the coming weeks.


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  1. My attempt 130. quant only 12..any chances?
    im from assam.

  2. Please explain about the square arrangement in reasoning session..... I had exam in the afternoon session

  3. Please explain about the square arrangement in reasoning session..... I have exam in the afternoon session

  4. renminbi is the official name of currency and yuan is a unit of currency. Yuan was not part of the options

  5. Please explain about the square arrangement in reasoning session..... I had exam in the afternoon session

  6. pls explain friend

  7. But that option is not given..

  8. Please explain about the square arrangement in reasoning session..... I had exam in the afternoon session

  9. is the corner peoples are facing outside or inside the square

  10. I hv written in the morning session

  11. How many ques did u attempt?

  12. Ms.Shalini in general awareness. The dancer question; that is not SARITHA DEVI; that is SITHARA DEVI.

  13. P sits on the corner. Only 2 people between P & S. T sits 2nd to the right of S. W sits 3rd to the left of Q. Q is not a neighbour of S. U& V are adjacent to each other but not immediate to S. U and R faces same direction So R&U faces outside...Finally P W R U faces outside S T Q V faces Inside.

  14. Any1 got this kind of mail!! what does it mean exactly !! :D O.o I attended morning... :p

  15. P W R U faces outside sitting on the corners. S T Q V faces inside.

  16. Thanks to all friends for sharing their reviews...

  17. if all are correct then selected

  18. maths was not that easy

  19. its Renminbi, Yuan was not in options.


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