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December 07, 2014

IBPS Clerks Online Exam Experiences dated 7th December 2014


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Review shared by Badhurnisha from Tamilnadu 
Hi Aspirants,

I m Badhurnisha from Tamilnadu. Today i have attended IBPS Clerk IV Exam (morning shift-10-12). Overall paper was easy.

Computer : Very Basic
  • Expand : GUI, DVD,VDU   some shortcut keys
  • Temporary Storage ? 
  • Which of the following is  O/P device ? 
  • Unit to measure Processor’s speed ?
  • 1 million byte =_____? 
  • The smallest unit in memory =?
    •  a.Megabyte b.Kilobyte c.Gigabyte d.Terabyte e.Byte
General Awareness : Moderate
  • Expand : PNG
  • Capital of Malaysia?
  • Currency of Japan?
  • Ritu Rani related to which Sports?
  • Present Basic Rate of Service Tax?
  • MMID related to?
  • NewEnvironment Minister in Union Cabinet Expansion?
  • Certificate of Commencement of Business is required at_____ 
    • a.HUF b.Partnership c.Public company Ltd d.Private Company Ltd
  • Balance Sheet is?
  • A report of details of the issues of Shares.... ____ 
    • a.Call Option b.Application c.Balanse Sheet d.Tender e. Prospectus
  • The Global Agro Meet organised by CII held at ____ a.Haryana b.MP c.WB d.Rajasthan e.Gujarat
  • Incheon recently in news?  Asian Games 2014
  • ‘Megh Rahat’ rescue operation in flood-hit area ______? 
    • a.AP b.Telangana  c. J&K  d.Gujarat
  • Federal Reserve is Central Bank of ___ 
    • a. Japan  b.US  c.France d. UK   e.India
  • River flowing along with the Ganga __ 
    • a.Yamuna  b.Jelum c.Narmada d. Mahanadi
  • Fmr CJI P.Sathasivam is now the Governor of ______
  • International Children Peace Prize 2014 Winner, Indian-American __ ?  Neha Gupta
  • RRBs regulated by? RBI
  • NBFCs under the control of? RBI
  • Headquarters of UNICEF?
  • Captain of ICC ODI Team of the year2014__ 
    • a.Rohit Sharma  b.Virat Kohli  c.Dhoni  d.Angelo Mathews
  • Madisen Square Garden is in ____
  • The Vikram Sarabhai Space Center is in________
  • High-speed Bullet Train between ___ (Railway Budget 2014)
  • High flowering Country___
  • Recently launched ARSAT – 1 is of__ 
    • a. Spain  b.UK  c.US  d.Japan  e.China
  • HD earth satellite ‘Goefen-2’  launched by __
  • Something about protecting Coral Reef in Indian Coastal Area ____
  • Celebration Of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Birth Anniversary as National Education Day? Date
  • Under UIDAI,100 crore of population to be covered by __
    • a.March 2015  b.Dec,2015 c.Jan,2016
  • Expand : GDP
  • which is not under Negotiable Instrument Act__ 
    • .a.Cheque b.Debentures  c.Promissory Note  d.Treasury Bills e.Demand Draft
  • Not an Indirect Tax __ a.Corporate Tax  b. Serice Tax c. Sales Tax d.Excise Tax e. Customs Duty
English : Moderate
  • Comprehension
  • Cloze test
  • Spotting errors
  • Fill in the blanks
Reasoning : Very Easy
  • Seating Arrangements – around a square table facing center and outside,sitting in two parallel –Both were very basic , not tricky
  • Inequality – easy
  • Syllogisms – Simple
  • Data Sufficiency
Numerical Aptitude – Moderate
  • Simplifications – around 10-15 ques
  • Number series – 5 Moderate
  • DI (Tabulation) -5 ques – Easy
  • SI and CI – 1each
  • Time and Work, Boat and Stream, Pipe and Cistern ,Average,Age sum– 1 each
Thanks To Gr8AmbiTionz for help.......

Review shared by Manu Gulati
Hi friends, my IBPS Clerk exam was on 7th December 2014 Morning Shift. I must tell you the exam was so easy. So obviously the cutoff could be gone up. So you have to focus on scoring more.
l first attempted Computer Section. It took me 9 minutes to attempt 38 questions, Later I moved to GA and it took me  10 minutes to attempt 34 questions,
then English. I attempted 34 questions (one passage was there on good and bad moods, this was tricky)
Reasoning was easy and I could attempt 37 and in Apti I attempted 31 questions. 

All the Best all

Review shared by Rajkumar 
I am Rajkumar from Madurai. I wrote Ibps clerk exam today morning. Overall the question was easy.

I attended General awareness 1st.. Questions were directly asked.. I answered 35 with 100% accuracy.

Next i attended Computer knowledge. This section was very easy. Questions were asked from i/o devices, hardware, software, ms word, excel.. I answered all 40. All are correct.

Then i attended English. It was also easy. Since i was strong in basics i answered all 40 with 95% accuracy.

Then i attended Reasoning. This Section was easy to moderate.. I answered all 40 questions with 100% accuracy.

Finally i attended Numerical Ability. It was moderate. Simplification, number series, DI was easy.. I answered 25 with 100% accuracy..

Overall my attempts were 180 with almost 170+ right answers..

All the best for those who are yet to appear for the exam in upcoming days..

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  1. Thank you guys. for sharing nice reviews.

    All the best

  2. Rajkumar i would love to see your result by myself ...brilliant attmepts mate.

  3. Rajkumar...ur realy son of king...........

  4. largest flower name????

  5. thanks guys for sharing the review

  6. hey no..d question asked was largest flower producing nation?

  7. Afternoon Shift (Kolkata) dated 7/12/14
    GA - Attempted 30 q's .
    Q's which I couldn't attempt : 1 . Rural dev. MOS ?
    2. STT (full form)
    3. FMCG (full form)
    4. ISDN (stands for)
    5. BSCBI (stands for )
    6. Budget presented foremost to ?
    7 . Kalraj Mishra sme minister (belongs to which state)
    English - (general level) comprehension , cloze , error , rearrangement , sentence correction .
    Reasoning - (moderate) 1. square corner seating arrangement . 2. linear arrangement . 3 . DS
    4. no-letter-symbol 5. symbol inequality 6. syllogism
    Apti - series , DI (easy) , simplification (took my time)

    (attempted 141) . ty :)

  8. ohh k
    which country?

  9. Hi gr8ambitionz ! Pls upload new India assurance company limited assistants syllabus and previous year question papers. Hope u will help us ASAP.

  10. great work done Rajkumar !!

  11. raj kumar sir..that was a very gud nice...wish yu to get job :) all the very best

  12. Cud u guys tell me important satellites launched this year?? Please anybody

  13. Global Agro Meet was held at Kochi, Kerala. But, Kerala is not in option in above question..

  14. once u go thru gk cap

  15. what is your roll no and dob i also want to your result like siddhartha after the result comes

  16. guys,pls help in my center they not let me in..I went at 9.05AM like me there are many of the guys who came late like me and not attended..what to do??

  17. Thanx siddhartha.. I will post the screenshot of my score once the results are published..

  18. Thanx yash.. It was 4 months of hardwork..

  19. Thanx dude.. All the best too..

  20. Will post the screenshot once the scores are published Mayank.

  21. Rrb is sponsored by public sector bank not by rbi.
    goefan 2 Launch by china.
    arsat launch by argentina.
    madison square garden newyork
    unicef headquater newyork
    vikram sarabhai center thiruvantpuram kerala
    present basic rate 10% excluding education cess

  22. @Rajkumar ..I am sure u must have cleared ibps po..what was your score in po??

  23. i did 156 questions. GEN category. 7th Dec Morning shift.
    GK- 26 (99% accuracy).cant say it was very easy.
    Computer- 40 (100% accuracy). no need to study for this paper if the same trend goes on.
    English- 40 (99% accuracy).very easy.
    Reasoning- 27 (100%accuracy). You can do 40 questions easily just wish the sitting arrangement comes little easy or you strike the right chord at the right time and be able to solve it in first go otherwise same will happen to you as it happened to me.
    Maths- 23 (100% accuracy). level was easy to moderate.

  24. Yes, I have cleared IBPS PO. Scores were not published for the candidates who cleared the exam..

  25. es bar ibps clerk ki merit kitne marks pr jayege any idea

  26. hi friends am frm tn i attempt 127 quest with 100% accuracy any chance of getting am belongs to obc catagory

  27. hi friends how to prepare for quqnts becaze i not able to clr the cutoff even though am good in maths in school days and college days now am preparing for the exam last 2 months .

  28. how to crack the exams i want to attend 170+ but i not able to complte 120 itself plz gve tips my confidence level coming down day by day

  29. plz guide me for my upcimg exams lvb po, india assurrance ao and assistants ,ibps specilist officer, sbi clerk it ill help me to crack the exams

  30. plz tell me from where to practice maths. tell me book name.

  31. Practice well for exam..practice makes u perfect and 1 should know how to manage time for each section...comp n gen can be completed within 20 mins...English 25-30 mins..reasoning 30-35...quant 35-40...have a good hold on English comp n gen...then the rest is all practice... But then it depends on person to person...All the best for upcoming exams:-)

  32. thank you so much

  33. hi swati chek de website ibpsadda it ill help u vry much

  34. hi..congradzz for ibps po..very good attemps in ibps this ur first attempt in both??

  35. thanx sibi.. I cleared last year ibps clerk bt scored less marks.. so this time i thought of doubling the score which i scored last time..

  36. for enquiry mail to

  37. could u give some tips regarding quant and general awareness lyk the books u followed..??

  38. mail me at mate.. I will help you..

  39. which river flowing along with ganga???

  40. i m a bca graduate can i fill ibps so exam

  41. hello sir, i want the tips to prepare for quqnts othr session i cleared the cuttoff but in maths am not able to clear it eventhough i good in maths during my entire studies i not able speed up the process because of these my confindence coming down day by day

  42. Approx hw many banking related questions were asked

  43. hi guys my attempt is 161 from West Bengal ,sc category any chances

  44. bhai ye punjab cutoff for sbi associates clerk 2012 ki 200 me se hai kya? ??


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