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December 06, 2014

IBPS Clerks IV Online Exam dated 6th December 2014 - Detailed Reviews


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Review shared by Sumathi. V
Hi Friends,
            This is Sumathi from Tamil Nadu. I have attended morning session of IBPS Clerk IV. (December 06 2014). Over all the question was easy to moderate.. Here I come to share some points in Aptitude and Reasoning Area.

English is Moderate as on previous year, Computer is too easy and General Awareness also easy to moderate, friends.

So here we go with,

Aptitude Section
            Series – Nearly 5 ( its easy. No confused relationship)
            Time and Work – 2
            Partnership – 1
            Ration and Proportion – 2
            DI – 5 (Very easy, its table)
           Simplification – nearly 5 (not sure 5 or 6) [its also easy, not time consuming]
            Problems on Age – 1
Problems on Numbers – 1
            Circle Area, Square Area Related Problems – 2
            SI and CI – 2 (CI is time consumed)
            Average – 1 (easy)
            Profit and Loss – 1
            Pipes Sum – 1
            Boats and Stream – 1

These are all in my memory. All are moderate only, not confusing. In such area there is a trick in question itself. If we find that first, then it won’t take too much time. And there is no questions in Probability Concept.

Reasoning Section :
            Inequalities – 5 ( we have to assign the operations to symbols and substitute into the question like, $ means < , * means = and this is easy)
            Syllogism – 5 (there are two questions with possibility)
            Puzzle - 10 persons, in two rows, one row faced north and other faced south, 5 each row..
            Seating Arrangement – 8 persons are in square, the persons in corners facing center and the person in middle of each side facing outside like that. (easy)
            Alphabet & Symbol series – 5
            Number series – 5 ( there are 5 three digit number, we have to interchange the digit and find the answer …) [easy]
            Data sufficiency – 5 [easy]
            Coding and Decoding – 5 [ not in alphabets, ‘School are great’ coded in “ne di sh ma” like that questions] (easy)

Over all Reasoning part is easy to moderate. Little time consumed in puzzle.

That’s all friends. Don’t get panic.. Stay cool and Do well. All the Best..

Review shared by Gaurav Gupta
Hey, this is my review of morning xam

Maths : questions were easy but all word problems were tricky and time consuming.
DI n simpl. Was easy

Reasoning : very easy but don't touch seating arrangement questions very lengthy n time consuming. No circle arrang but square table arran wid In nd out facing.

English : Easy.

Gen Awareness : some bank questions some current news 3-4 months questions. Easy I say.

Computer : It was d most easy part all basic questions. Average students can solve 30

Well those who hv there exams in coming days cn me fr ny query 07276151577

Questions I remember :
  • Full form of CRT in pc NPA BC in bank
  • capital of swedan curren of Italy
  • Manmohan receive award frm which country
  • Apec summit in?
  • Common wealth summit in 2015
  • Playing it my way auto b of
  • M.gandhi in All india radio related ques
  • One acquisition question by Google or yahoo
  • Lender of last resort
  • Fungal disease is study of
  • Alibaba website question
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  1. Were there questions frm permu,trains,alligation?

  2. In res no circular only square and line is this so

  3. How mny u attmp sectn wise

  4. very very thanks...........

  5. hey friends,i have sbi clerk interview.i lost my 10th marksheet. for dob i have my 10th pass certificate. is that enough?? is 10th marksheet mandatory?? i have all marksheet from 12th to my highest qualification

  6. hello Abhila according to my knowledge 10th pass certificate is enough for your dob but yes 10th mark sheet is important to mention your 10th result.

  7. i think any valid id card will be enough,
    adhar,passport,, maybe..

  8. Mam how to get character certificate for SBI clerk interview?? Any default format available ??

  9. is there any solution??

  10. hey guyz do any 1 have any idea that where is the better future???in banks or in postal asistant?plzz suggest....

  11. u will need three character certificates.. your old school college certificates will work. if you dont have get that one from some gazetted officer. To whom it may concern type wala,,

  12. Dont Worry its not a problem at all you will get some time ... dont be panic..

  13. hello friend i have lost my one semester mark sheet but i have provisional marksheet of that semester and degree .is there going to be a problem in interview

  14. Don't know dear I think you should call sbi head branch and enquire

  15. hello friend i have obc certificate issued in different format(in govt of india format)as they mention in ibps clerk advertisement .is there going be a problem.

  16. SOME GA Questions asked in Evening Shift of IBPS Clerks today

    Kissan Credit Card Validity- 5 Years
    Cambodia capital- Phnom Penh
    Who is normon gordan- Cricketer
    Egypt currency- Egyptian Pound
    Information and Broadcasting Minister- Arun Jaitley
    G-20 Summit 2016 to be held in -China
    URL Full Form- Uniform Resource Locator
    World Pnuemonia Day- November 12
    KYC implemented under which ACT- BR ACT 1949
    Unity day celebrated on whose birth Anniversary- Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
    Hindu Kush mountains located in between which countries- Central Afganisthan and Northern Pakistan

  17. Thanks Sumati & Gaurav...

  18. Any1 wrote federal exam today???

  19. Any of dob is enough... 10th or plus2 or dob certificate

  20. i entered my mothers name wrong in the ibps application. can i submit some affidavit stating that both are same persons?? will taht be a problem??

  21. Gk ka individual score kitna jayega...I attepted 24

  22. 10th admit is enough

  23. Three character certificates? There are three types given but I read any two is needed....

  24. I have SBI interview on 12th december .My marks is in the form of CGPA-8.74. I have entered as percentage 87.4. But i dont have any proof of conversion of CGPA to it compulsary at the time of verification? This is my first bank interview . Please help anyone..

  25. me too entered % that way. one of my friend went for rbi interview and said it wasnt an issue.

  26. i have sbi clerk interview.i have completed mba on june 2013 itself. shall i get character certificate from that college. please anyone reply

  27. I Attempted 154 question, 2nd shift

  28. siddhartha, i attempt 162 only...

  29. Excellent work...wide varieties of questions...

  30. Thanxxxx sir.......
    Please add more questions...........


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