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November 14, 2014

Banking Awareness Quiz for IBPS Clerks Online Exam - Set 42


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  1. According to the rating agency Fitch, Indian banks need USD _________billion  in next five years (by March 2019) to meet Basel-III norms.  
    1. USD 100 billion
    2. USD 150 billion
    3. USD 200 billion
    4. USD 280 billion
    5. USD 600 billion
  2. First Regional Rural Bank, Prathama Bank opened on 2nd October 1975 in the district of Moradabad in _____________
    1. Uttar Pradesh
    2. Karnataka
    3. Andhra Pradesh 
    4. Tamilnadu
    5. Haryana
  3. Banking services delivered to a customer by means of a computer control system that does not directly involve banks branch is called as ?
    1. Universal Banking
    2. Virtual Banking
    3. Narrow banking
    4. Brick & Mortal Banking 
    5. None of these
  4. By 31st March 2015, RRB's branches will increased by 
    1. 1000
    2. 3100
    3. 5000
    4. 8100
    5. 16000
  5. Financial Inclusion means provision of ?
    1. Financial services namely payments, remittances, savings, loans and insurance at affordable cost to persons not yet given the bank
    2. Ration at affordable costs to persons not yet given the same 
    3. House at affordable cost to persons not yet given the same
    4. Food at affordable cost to persons not yet given the same 
    5. Zero Interest Financing to all the persons not yet given the same 
  6. Technological advancement in the recent times has given a new dimension to banks, mainly to which one of the following aspects ?
    1. New Age Financial Derivatives 
    2. Service Delivery Mechanism 
    3. Any Banking 
    4. Any Type Banking 
    5. Multilevel Marketing
  7. Regional Rural banks are not in the state of Sikkim and ___________
    1. Tamilnadu
    2. Rajasthan
    3. Goa
    4. West Bengal
    5. Jammu & Kashmir
  8. Which committee recommended for the amalgamation of RRBs ?
    1. K. C. Chakravarthy
    2. Usha Thorat
    3. Vyas
    4. C. V. Anand BOse
    5. Ajay Kumar Seth
  9. Which of the following is NOT a function of the  Reserve Bank of India ?
    1. Fiscal Policy Functions
    2. Exchange Control Functions 
    3. Issuance, Exchange and Destruction of currency notes
    4. Monetary Authority Functions
    5. Supervisory and Control Functions 
  10. NRBI mooted for the efficient working of RRBs. NRBI means ?
    1. National Regional Bank of India
    2. New Rural Bank of India
    3. National Rural Bank of India
    4. Nationalwide Running Bank of India
    5. None of these
  11. Krishna Grameena Bank, a subsidiary of the State Bank of India, merged with the Pragthi Gramin Bank, a subsidiary of Canara Bank to form Pragathi Krishna Grameena Bank. This new bank is sponsored by ?
    1. Canara Bank
    2. Syndicate Bank
    3. SBI
    4. ICICI
    5. None of these
  12. First Act to pass to allow the formation of Cooperative Societies was ?
    1. Cooperative Credit Societies Act, 1911
    2. Cooperative Credit Societies Act, 1971
    3. Cooperative Credit Societies Act, 1912
    4. Cooperative Credit Societies Act, 1904
    5. Cooperative Credit Societies Act,1991
  13. The first Act to pass to pave the establishment of Cooperative Banks was ?
    1. Cooperative Credit Societies Act,  1922
    2. Cooperative Credit Societies Act, 1924
    3. Cooperative Credit Societies Act,  1972
    4. Cooperative Credit Societies Act,1951
    5. Cooperative Credit Societies Act,  1912
  14. Which committee was appointed in 1944 to give recommendations to improve cooperative movement ?
    1. Hilton-Young
    2. Radhakrishna
    3. Maclagan
    4. Rodgers
    5. None of these
  15. Which sector is the major beneficiary of cooperative bank system till 1969 ?
    1. Education
    2. Agriculture 
    3. Service
    4. Export
    5. Industrial
  16. Indian Cooperative Bank system is ?
    1. Unicameral
    2. Semi Federal
    3. Less Federal
    4. Federal
    5. Autocrat
  17. On 2nd January 2014, RBI decided to cancel the licenses of 26 loss-making cooperative banks finally as they got losses. Majority of them are in which state ?
    1. AP
    2. MP
    3. Karnataka
    4. Rajasthan
    5. UP
  18. _________ is the Apex of the three-tier cooperative structure in India 
    1. District Central Cooperative Banks
    2. Union-Cooperative Banks
    3. District Cooperative Banks
    4. State Cooperative Banks
    5. None of these
  19. Which Bank finances, coordinates and controls the working of District Central Cooperative Banks in the states ?
    1. NCB
    2. PCB
    3. SCB
    4. LDB
    5. None of these
  20. State Cooperative Banks (SCB) usually lend ?
    1. District Central Cooperative Banks
    2. Primary Cooperative Banks
    3. To Individuals in exceptional cases
    4. All of above
    5. None of these
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