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October 27, 2014

Statement and Course of Action (Reasoning) Practice Test


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Friends, we have already worked with the practice examples of Statement and Assumptions and Statement and Arguments type problems. Now we shall look at Statement and Course of Action. Check the statements given below and say which course of action we should take. Give answer
1 If only I follows
2 If only II follows
3 If either I or II follows
4 If neither I nor II follows
5 If both I and II follow

1. Statement : Many medical and engineering graduates are taking up jobs in administrative services and in Banks.
Course of Action :
I. All the professionals should be advised to refrain from taking up such jobs.
II. The Government should appoint a committee to find out the reasons for these professionals taking up such jobs and to suggest remedial measures.

2. Statement : Mr. X, an active member of the union, often insults his superiors in the office with his rude behavior.
Course of Action :
I. He should be transferred to some other department.
II. The matter should be referred to the union.

Important Note : This question is a bit misleading. Here people tend to choose the answer Option 5 (both I and II follow). But with the close look we can see the word SUPERIOR in the given statement. That means "Higher in Rank". If Mr. X behaves rudely with his superiors, then automatically they will simply ask him to leave his job.

If we use the word SUBORDINATE (lower in rank) in the place of SUPERIOR, then the answer should be 2 (Only II follows). Because, transferring (as in the option I) him to another department doesn't solve the problem at all.

3. Statement : Some serious blunders were detected in the accounts section of a factory.
Course of Action :
I. An efficient team of auditors should be appointed to check their accounts.
II. A show cause notice should be issued to all the employees involved in the irregularity.

4. Statement : Four districts in state A have been experiencing severe drought for the last three years resulting into exodus of people from these districts.
Course of Action :
I. The government should immediately start food for work program in the district to put a halt to the Exodus.
II. The government should make effort to provide drinking / potable water to these districts.

5. Statement : Majority of the students in many schools do not pass in the final examination.
Course of Action :
I. These schools should be closed down as these have become unproductive.
II. The teachers of these schools should immediately be retrenched.

Important Note : Here comes another misleading question. Maximum of us don't know the meaning of the word "retrenched". We may feel it means something similar to remove or replace. But retrench means "to reduce". Here reducing teachers will increase the problem. 

6. Statement : Many sports persons today are more attracted by the glamour than by the sport they pursue.
Course of Action :
I. Sports persons should not be permitted to act as model or brand ambassadors.
II. Sports persons should be paid higher compensation for their achievements in sports.

7. Statement : Indian Airlines is running in loss.
Course of Action :
I. It should be privatized.
II. It must curb the expenditure by removing concessions in the fare to MPs, bureaucrats and airline officers.

8. Statement : People in the locality were agitated as more than thirty people died in a building collapse.
Course of Action :
I. Government should immediately announce compensations for the affected families.
II. Authorities should take a stringent action against builders tending to compromise over quality of material used. 

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  1. when is the sbi clerk result?

  2. Thanx team gr8ambitionz.... post quizzes on data interpretation also

  3. you got the million dollar question of the hour :) NOBODY KNOWS

  4. please give GA capsule for SBI PO associate

  5. they r testing the patience of d candidates

  6. what will i do? bcoz i've wrote so many exams. till now i didn't got d one positive result. In home my parents also asking abt that. so much depressions ..

  7. THANKS GR8AMBITION the way you understands 2nd example is so useful also post cause and effect questions and technique to solve these type question

  8. but i lost my patience frnd.

  9. same here suganyaNS

  10. My exam is on 2nd nov plz tell how can i Prepare in dis last week

  11. Plz Give Some model questions on SBI ASSOCIATE PO

  12. revise all the things whihc u had practised or studied so far dont go for new topics

  13. Plz help me with dez qz...god!

  14. Work on those area which u are gud at...dat might help.atlst u wont lose marks from der...n neva lose ur patience frn..ol d best 4 upcoming examz...

  15. Give an example question for either or case

  16. What I have understood is that regular practise makes us perfect. I was weak in these kinda questions one month back, them I kept in practising and my accuracy improved and I did well in mocks and exam on 11th oct morning session. But today again when I retried these questions I am doing blunders. So when we practise and are in flow of things we perform better. If someone is doing mistakes in answering now don't lose hope and keep practising to learn from mistakes.

  17. hi guys , why no 1 giving reply for my query posted yesterday regarding the ibps-po exam held on 25 and 26th oct for general awareness question as last 2 weeks had posted in this site for other students as i have exam on 2nov so any 1 written in this dates please mail me ...

  18. i find these statement argument section very there any method to solve these???plzz help......

  19. bcz no ibps po xam was conducted on 25 n 26th oct

  20. practice online mock test on:

  21. nice one and required

  22. please post some another statement and argument type quiz ,
    i have more confusion in that.

  23. gr8 ambitionz is gr8 one

  24. Hi Team,
    Could you please help me out in solving this particular question..

    some chains are rings
    some rings are bangles
    some bangles are hands
    some hands are ears

    1) some ears are bangles
    2) some bangles are chains
    3) some hands are rings
    4) no chain is bangle

    A) none of these
    B) only 2) follows
    C) only 4) follows
    D) only ether 2) or 4) follows
    E) only 3) follows

    I feel, A) none of these is the answer but again have a doubt between A) and D)
    please provide a solution with explanations in 2 or 3 lines.

    Thank you so much

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