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October 24, 2014

Computer Knowledge Quiz for Competitive Exams


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Which Access component is best for data presentation?
  1. Table   
  2. Form   
  3. Report   
  4. Query   
  5. None
In MS-Excel, what is the keyboard shortcut to complete a cell entry and move up in the selection?
  1. Ctrl + TAB
  2. Shift + TAB
  3. Alt + ENTER
  4. Shift + ENTER
  5. None
When a user turns on a Windows XP system, which program will activate first?
  1. Exhaust fan of SMPS will start rotating
  2. Windows XP logo screen appear with progress bar
  3. Operating System start to load its file in RAM.
  4. Desktop screen appear with mouse pointer
  5. BIOS, the in-charge of system start executing

What is the name given to the standard or set of rules that two computers use to communicate with each other ?
  1. Access Control  
  2. Domain  
  3. Link  
  4. Protocol  
  5. TCP/IP
A network where all systems have equal status is called:
  1. Peer-to-Peer.
  2. A Star Network.
  3. The Internet.
  4. Client-Server.
  5. None
Personal logs or journal entries posted on the Web are known as_______?
  1. Twitter  
  2. Blogs  
  3. Web casts  
  4. User-Forum  
  5. None

Before a hard disk can be used to store data, it must be _________ firstly?
  1. Partitioned  
  2. Labeled  
  3. Formatted  
  4. Addressed  
  5. None

What is Rover in Windows XP?
  1. An animated character
  2. A mouse hover event
  3. Busy hourglass mouse cursor
  4. A routing and remote access service
  5. None

Which of the following is not a Microsoft operating system?
  1. Windows XP
  2. Windows ME
  3. Windows CE
  4. Windows MX
  5. All the above

Which one of the following is not true?
  1. Front panel of computer case is also called Bezel
  2. Python is a computer programming language
  3. XP stands for eXPerience in Windows XP
  4. DPI (dots per inch) is a measurement of printer resolution
  5. All are true

Which of the following is not a web scripting language?
  1. ASP  
  2. DSP  
  3. JSP   
  4. PHP  
  5. HTML
The page margins of a document refer to the?
  1. Header on each page
  2. Page orientation
  3. White space left for binding
  4. White space surrounding the page
  5. None
After a program has shown that it runs and produces results, the next step is to…...?
  1. Save  
  2. Load  
  3. Exit  
  4. Test  
  5. List
Which of the following companies is also known as ‘Big Blue’
  1. Intel  
  2. IBM  
  3. Microsoft  
  4. Adobe System  
  5. Google
The type of line spacing that leaves a blank line between each line keyed is known as?
  1. Single spacing
  2. Double spacing
  3. Triple spacing
  4. Quadruple spacing
  5. None
What does SMPS stands for?
  1. Switched Mode Power Supply
  2. Single Mode Power Supply
  3. Simple Mode Power Supply
  4. Synchronous Mode Power Supply
  5. None

In order to delete the word “RAM” using the backspace key, the cursor must be Positioned?
  1. Before the letter M.
  2. After the letter A
  3. Before the letter R
  4. After the letter M
  5. Can not delete

A _______ server store and manages files for network user?
  1. Main  
  2. Web  
  3. File   
  4. Authentication  
  5. None

A medium for transferring data between two locations is called ____?
  1. Network  
  2. Modem  
  3. Sharing  
  4. Communication Channel  
  5. Data Bus

Which of the following is not a name of network topology?
  1. Bus  
  2. NetWare  
  3. Tree  
  4. Ring  
  5. Mesh


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  7. 18/20 cool bits

  8. please tell me, from where to start learning in computer. i hve never been studied it in my scl :(

  9. which of the rate decided by rbi which is called policy rate?
    Cash Reserve Ratio or Bank Rate ??
    pla any one tell me answer

  10. SLR.
    Reverse repo
    Bank rate

  11. Tameez nahi hai kya bhaat karne ka... R u illetrate ?

  12. Tera nahi aaya hoga toh phir se mail check karle falthoo bathe math kar.

  13. From 27 u will b abl to c ur cal letter.

  14. i am not asking all rates i am asking only one rate which is called policy rate

  15. because i studied in one place it is CRR nd another place answer is BANK RATE.thats why i am confused which answer is correct

  16. i am not asking all rates i am asking only one rate which is called policy rate

  17. Please provide Bulk of mcq types computer que. Pdf ..

  18. Indian currency not issued by RBI?

  19. Well , Bank Rate Decided by commercial banks itself but CRR , RR , RRR and SLR are Decided by the RBI.

  20. thanx for your wonderful provide rbi assistant interview material

  21. sbi hall tickets are available on bank's website

  22. pls can any one tell me what is the minimum marks to secure a job in rrrb clerk in west bengal

  23. Hii.. Snehitha Bank Rate is called as policy rate

  24. Bank rate because , Bank rate is rate on which other banks gets loan from RBI which affect all other rates in banking system and your and mine daily rates . Lower bank rate - Banks will get cheap loans - then common guy will get cheap loan from bank for house , car , business so number of buyers will increase and due to dmand Homes and commodities will become costly -

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    Syllabus includes of the following section:

    1. Reasoning (HIGH LEVEL)

    2. Data Interpretation

    3. English Language (Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension etc)

    4. General Awareness + Computer + Marketing Awareness

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    1. Letter Writing
    2. Paragraph Writing
    3. Essay Writing
    4. Precise Writing
    5. Reading Comprehension

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  29. that descriptive was according t0 last notification in 2012

  30. Thnx for ur prompt reply.
    Is thr any specific site or material I can refer to for Descriptive preparation???

  31. sorry i don't have any idea regarding which site provides materials...

  32. from gr8ambition only...
    they'll release gk study material for every notification.. 70% of the questions come that material

  33. Monetary Policy: RBI keeps policy rates, CRR unchanged .... in news papers you can see this... during the annoucement of monetary policy


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