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September 07, 2014

Review of IBPS RRB Officers Scale I of 7th September 2014 - Morning Session


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Hello everybody. I am Hiral. I am from Gujarat. It is my 1st IBPS RRB PO. i would like to share my review about this exam.

first of all overall exam was very very easy except little bit lengthy Q.A and tricky GK.

Now see section wise...


Difficulty level = totally easy excluding 5 marks of puzzle and 2-3 marks of statement and assumption
5 - seating arrangement _ demm easy (circular and all members was seating in facing the cenre )
5 - syllogism so simple not tricky ( just 2 was possibility )
5 - inequality (ittlebit leanthy )
5 - miscellaneous ( based on alphabetic etc etc )
5 - puzzle like 7 floor ( in the puzzle none was in positive way all statements  were negative )
5 - DS (3 of them easy to easy )
5 - coding - decoding


Difficulty level : moderate ( easy for those who have command on maths and master in speed calculation )

5 - simplification
5- series
15 - DI ( little-bit lengthy, data was in hundred's and % , avg , difference between two types of data )
5 - x/y formula and after calculating compression
15 - age , ration , p&l , measurement ,SI


Overall section was very very easy compare to English.
in English many times we fell confusion
but in English we can get idea directly

So my personal suggestion --> to get more marks with 99.99% accuracy we must prefer Hindi language.


Computer section was also very easy life one liner questions but mostly were based on processing , types of computer so deeply reading is helpful to get 32-35 marks out of 40  


Country and its capital and its currency
Some questions were based on basic Banking Awareness
in current affairs mostly asked about schemes , latest technology
and also current banking awareness

FOR THE Banking Awareness  ::: please all the banking aspirants read 2-3 commercial news paper daily , make the note for the GK - BA materiel is provided by gr8AmbitionZ really reasonable , important and also qualitative. like daily GK updates . GK quiz that's enough for GK and BA.  

That's all guys all the best for all

Reviews of IBPS RRB Officers Exam dated 6th September 2014
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  1. Did anybody crack the floor, language puzzle? If so, can you teach me?

  2. Excellent review girl. Good luck for selection :)

  3. Computer Paper saves out of 20 marks not 40

  4. My b floor puzzel question ws in first statement...thre was written p is 3rd to gujrati speakng and in 2nd statemnt ....p is also seating next to could both statement true...they contradicting each othr......

  5. My attempt is 160.....gk ws direct qusn....and math ws lenthy..specially attempt only 19.

  6. I made the floor quesn in 3 attempts

  7. even yesterday dat floor puzzle..remained like an unsolved puzzle..did ny 1 solved it

  8. Wt ws ur attmptation miss deepika

  9. who can attempt hindi in RRB? those who are from hindi medium or anyone? pls help me

  10. reasoning and computer was easy

    quant was moderate

    english and gk was tricky

  11. Good going, you! I need some serious practice on these three variable puzzles.

  12. what ibps wants out of us only god knows G.A was horrible they are not asking direct questions and just rotating around the central idea. maths was lengthy reasoning puzzle remains a puzzle and i even felt that there is a mistake in sitting arrangement problem also it was simple but the last point which related to L i think there is a computer question again we have to read like a whole paragraph to get only 0.5 marks what a rubbish

  13. to hindi kar leti attempt, english kyun kiya?

  14. Thanx gr8ambitionz ur quick reference guide is lots of help on gk for me upto 90% qs from u r rrb quick reference material ♥♥♥♥♥

  15. I observed one thing day by day banks are going in deep and higher level.
    I want to say that there were only 8- 15 questions
    From current offairs provided by differwnt sides
    I usually prefer gr8ambitionz and bankersadda
    But really bad situation.
    And rest 25 question i dont know from there

  16. Really tell me some questions.i

  17. kyunki mera mother tongue telugu hain

  18. hahahaha...... maine to dekhte hi kar diya, isme kaun si badi baat hai???

  19. 1. Capital of egypt
    2. Currency of finland
    3. 2-3questn frm bugdt
    4. Chandraprabha wildlife is in which state?
    5. First skil devlopmnt center
    6.chit fund is regulated by?
    7. Which one of these is common input devc ? Keyboard n mouse
    8. What we call whn rows and colum intrstc in spreadsheat?
    9. Which softwr provide base of calcalculation
    10. Nxt brics summit wil be held in?
    11. international DIABETES Day is observed on ?

  20. No ....only hindi region guy and all paper format shld b in hindi gk and rsng and all so bettr do in english

  21. sir download kiya hua kuch b open ni ho pa ra h. pz send study material for rbi assistance exam and rrb clerk

  22. entire paper was tricky it reached almost ibps po level.

  23. sir aap meri email id pe rrb clerk aur rbi assistant exam study material send kr digiye maine downloading ki pr open ni ho pa rah file currupt bta rha h

  24. 1 cairo 2 uero 4 mahardtra 5 ap 6 rbi 7 keybord and mous 8 cell 9 spreedsheet 10 autralia 11 14 nov and pc parekh and udisa consituency and squash and sebi and etc

  25. I can attempt 100% in all the section of the exam except GK . I cant able to remember the answer . Also cant expect what read and what not .

  26. thanku for review its relly helpful....admin canu please post some puzzle questions it will be helpful

  27. gk mein 25 bhi attempt hua?
    pathetic gk. all indirect

  28. First skill development center was initiated in Rajasthan!

  29. Suggest me the best online mock test series.. which i should buy for practice of upcoming IBPS

  30. 1st floor ground floor tha..
    2nd floor 1
    3rd floor 2

  31. For banking which book is good?

  32. Ye to sab kar diye mene means and told i guys banks are giving good ga question now a days.

  33. Next brics summit be held in ufa,rasia

  34. ha it was bit tough

  35. no. of questions u ve attempt ..............discuss

  36. Don't comment wrong answers.. Chandraprabha wild sanctuary in Uttar pradesh

  37. IBPS RRB CWE III PO General
    Awareness Questions asked on 7 th
    Sep 2014 Exam
    Capital of Egypt – Cairo
    Currency of Finland – Euro
    One question on P J Nayak
    One question of governing bank
    abroad ?? Pallikal belong? – Squash
    SIT chairman for Black Money –
    Justice MB Shah
    The festival of Pongal celebrate in
    which state? – Tamil Nadu
    One question on Muzaffar Ali??
    From which constituency does
    Union Tribal Minister belong to? –
    Sundargarh, Odissha
    What is the function of RBI COO?
    What is acronym of e-BAAT? –
    Electronic Banking awareness &
    Who is the head of the committee
    for selecting the
    The next Brics Summit will be held
    at – Russia
    FII is registered under which
    organization? – SEBI
    One question on Noble Prize
    One question on new ATM rules.
    The first skill development centre
    had come up at: Delhi
    Where is ChandraPrabha Sancuary
    located? – UP
    CNBT full form – Comprehensive
    Nuclear-Test Ban Treaty
    World Diabetes Day is observed
    on – 14th November
    To which of the following games
    do Joshna Chinappa and Deepika
    Dhronacharya Award? – Ajitpal Singh
    One question from the railway
    What is the minimum paid up
    capital for payment small banks? –
    Rs. 100 Crore
    According to 2011 census, which
    state has the maximum number of
    rural population – UPtate has the
    maximum number of rural
    population – UP

  38. I wud say frnz gve an hour 2 maths if possible.its time taking dis time.eng, gk, comp section is moder8 n ne1 having a lil knowldge can also complete it in less dan an hour.try not 2 bluff.reasoning was easy dis time.way easier dan i all d best 2 d rest hu ll b appearng.

  39. maine 173 attempt kiye....

  40. thankk you dear :) u too all the best for future :)

  41. anyone can attempt

  42. Some of the Questions asked today morning:

    1.Jual Oram Tribal affairs Minister Constituency?
    2.Oral Story telling techniqueperformed in villages of ap and telangana?
    3.Capital of Republic of Egypt?
    4.Currency of Finland?
    5.Payments and Small Bank Committe Head?
    6.Governance of Board of Banks in India Committe Head?
    7.World Diabetes Day?
    8.Free usage of ATM's is not implemented in which Cities?
    9.Next Brics Summit?
    10.Dipika Pallikal and Joshana Chinappa related to which Game?
    11.Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary located at?
    12.ChitFunds regulated by?
    13.State with largest rural population?
    14.Muzaffar directed a bollywood classic?

  43. My attempt GA 32 one ques wrong , Hindi 36 100per accuracy , quant 25 100pre accuracy. 34Reasoning 100per accracy. 34 computer may be 2 to 3 question wrong

  44. sir there is a mistake in the pdf file content that u hav uploaded..the name of present rbi governer and deputy governer is pls make it correct.thank u


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