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September 25, 2014

RBI Assistants Exam Review : 24-09-2014

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Name: Anuya Nagrane

Venue: Bandra, Mumbai

Date : 24th September 2014 (Morning Session)

I started off by solving

Very basic level.
I’d suggest you all glance through the
  • UNION BUDGET 2014 as there were around 3-4 questions based on the same; likewise for RAILWAY BUDGET.. there may be a question or two, don’t remember now. 
  • List of cabinet ministers and their portfolio. 
  • Capitals & Currencies of the countries. 
  • List of Governors of the state. 
  • Academy award & Filmfare award winners.
Some of the questions asked are as follows:
  1. Kathakali is the dance form of which state : KERALA
  2. Author of “The God of Small Things” book : ARUNDATHI ROY ( This is like the 3rd time I am answering this question, Seems we have a Arundathi Roy Fan, huh IBPS? :P )
  3. Arjuna Award Winner 2014 : I ticked on Virat Kohli, Answer is R. ASHWIN (0.25 gone)
  4. Newly appointed Maharashtra Governor : C VIDYASAGAR RAO
  5. What portfolio is Smriti Irani holding in the Cabinet ? : HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT
  6. Urban Development Minister : VENKAIAH NAIDU
  7. 2014 French Open Winner ( Men’s single) : RAFAEL NADAL (^_^)
  8. Railways shall have paper-less office in how many years ? : 5 years
  9. National Sports Day : I didn’t know, googled after the exam, its AUGUST 29
  10. Fide World Rapid Chess Championship won by ? : MAGNUS CARLSEN
  11. How many cities in India will now have e-visa to promote tourism ?  : 9
  12. A question on tomato festival : Answer is ESPANOL ( Spain :P )
  13. Public Provident Fund Interest Rate : 8.7 it is, I ticked on 8.5 (0.25 gone again)
  14. Hill Station AKARU is situated in which state ? : Andhra Pradesh
  15. Vice President of United States of America : JOE BIDEN
  16. Padmabhushan awardee 2014 in the field of Science : RAGHUNATH A MASHELKAR
  17. Rawatbhatta Power plant in is which state : RAJASTHAN
  18. Mogadishu is the capital of which country? : SOMALIA
  19. New IIMs to be set up in 5 states, name of 4 were given, you had to choose the 5th : PUNJAB was the answer
  20. Some question based on the limit of exemption U/S 80C of the IT, Act
  21. Best Film at Film Fare awards : BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG
  22. Best Supporting Actor , Academy Awards (Oscars) won by ? : JARED LETO
  23. Currency of Denmark : KRONE
(35+ easily do-able)

Then I moved onto
A combination of easy + tricky questions ( I found some to be tricky as my knowledge of computers is ohkie-dohkie, like its said, to each his own)
The questions were based on
-MS WORD, EXCEL ( some cell range and one formula question)
-Hardware and Software
-Abbreviations (HTTP, FTP, EPROM )
 -Hacking , Identity theft related questions
-Also, something related to bit, byte (8 bits – 1024 bytes) and kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte ( to be arranged in descending order)
(30+ do-able)

Next was ,
Very very very basic level !
- Simplest comprehension ( A story about a demon and a strong-willed , fearless person ) .
-Cloze Test ( About two men).
-Detection of errors.
-Sentence correction.
-Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word.
-Jumbled up sentences (6) to be arranged in a proper order.
Very simple! You can solve around 38 without losing even a single mark!
((These 3 sections can be completed in 30mins ))

Next in line,
Again very simple! Questions were straight-forward, nothing out-of-the-box was asked..
- The very first question that I answered was based on a word (can’t recollect now) and how many words between them as in the English Alphabetical Order
-Syllogisms : Very easy. The statements were All-Some-No types, Conclusion too were the same kind. No possibility type conclusions.
-Circular Arrangement: Ekdum lallu type :P It was hardly anything.. if circular arrangement is your strongest point, you can finish up the business in less than 5mins! That simple! Can you believe?
-Case study: A week starting from Monday-Sunday and Cars.. (Easy)
-Inequality and Series (Symbol-numbers-alphabet) : easy 10 marks in the pocket.
-The last 2-3 questions were based on blood relationships. (Not my strong point but today it was a cakewalk for me :D )
- one question based on direction.
-Data sufficiency : Not bad as such.. 3/5 can be done

Overall, this section was, again I am sayin, Very easy ( How many times I must have used ‘easy’, ‘simple’ ! huh ! )
35+ doable without any fuss.
At last,
A basic level and if you’ve practiced well, this section won’t give you a headache ( Thank god! )
-Simplification type question stuck to the ‘simple’ in its name :P
-1 data Interpretation based question of 5 marks and let me put it this way, 5 marks ain’t goin nowhere! :P
- The rest were on
*Ratio and Proportion
*Time, Work and Days
*Simple and Compound Interest
*Age related
*Boat upstream and downstream type
*Pipes, Cistern and Tanks

The overall exam was quite painless and undemanding of you. If you’ve done your practice, believe me, the exam will be plain-sailing for you.

A few Suggestions :
Keep calm and give your bestest shot. Don’t get carried away by seeing all the trouble-free questions, as it is a known fact that the simplest of things can turnout to be a shot in the head, and similarly, don’t get too caught up in a question(s) that you find confusing or are not able to solve.

Like I said, Keep calm and put your best foot forward, there’s no stopping you then, right?
All the very best!
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