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September 03, 2014

General Awareness. & Computer Questions Asked In SIDBI Online Exam (Afternoon Shift)


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Dear Friends, I am Premrohit Lawaniya. Here i am sharing today's (2nd September 2014) GK & Computer Questions asked in SIDBI Assistant Manager Grade A Online Exam (Evening Session).

General Awareness Questions

  1. Full form of PIN? -Personal identification number 
  2. May 1 is celebrated as establish year of which state? - Gujrat
  3. Full form of ESOP ? - Employee stock option 
  4. Expand MSF? - Marginal standing facility 
  5. Which is open market operations of rbi ? - sale & purchase of govt securities 
  6. A company want to distribute its profit among its share holders electronically , which is the best way? 
    1. D D 
    2. Cheques 
    3. Ecs - debit 
    4. Ecs - credit
    5. Rtgs 
  7. According to FCNR act how much max time an a/c can be opened? - 5 years
  8. Property held by bank under custodian ? - Pledge 
  9. RRB's are which type of bank? 
  10. CP can be issued by ? Corporates, primary dealers (PDs) and the All-India Financial Institutions (FIs) are eligible to issue CP 
  11. Which is called as market watch dog ?- SEBI 
  12. 21st CWG will held at ?- gold coast (Australia) 
  13. ECGC full form ? - Export credit guarantee corporation 
  14. Which is called as 'important NBFC' ? - whose asset size is of Rs.100 cr or more  
  15. Asset reconstruction companies are ? 
  16. FDI in insurance is raise to ...... From 26% ?- 49% 
  17. CRAR is ratio of ? 
  18. First Indian governor of RBI ? - C D Deshmukh 
  19. Time limit for giving reply to RTI? - 30 days 
  20. Time limit for bank to give reply on complaints ? - 7 days
  21. New integrated bill payment system by rbi ?- BHARAT BILL PAYMENT SYSTEM 
  22. Reliance board first woman MD?- Nita Ambani 
  23. Book 'making & unmaking of prime minister' is written by? - sanjay bangaru 
  24. Kudankulam reactor is situated at ? - Tamilnadu 
  25. Which indian company raises its fund to $ 1 billion?- Flipcart 
  26. Which of following award is related to cinema? 
  27. New banking licences issued to ?- Bandhan & idfc 
  28. Who regulate agriculture & rural development? -Nabard 
  29. Drawee of a cheque is always ?- A bank 
  30. After how many days a lic policy can be returned if not setisfied?- 30 days 
  31. IFRS stand for ? - International Financial Reporting standards 
  32. Saarc head office is situated?- kathmandu 
  33. Micro finance concept first started in ? -Bangladesh with the microfinance pioneer     Muhammad Yunus 
  34. Dilwara temple is situated at?- rajasthan 
  35. Jayaram lalgudi who died in 2013 was famous for?- famous violinist

Computer Questions

  1. MIMD full form ?- multiple instruction multiple data 
  2. Who find www?- tim burner lee 
  3. Excel is made of ?- spreadsheet 
  4. Which is not a type of OS ? 
  5. Which is used to enter pictures digitally ? - Scanner 
  6. Which is a type of microcomputer? - laptop 
  7. Which generation of computer is at present ?- fifth 
  8. 1 bit storage device ?- flip flop 
  9. Which is volatile memory? - ram 
  10. TCP/IP full form ?- transmission control protocol/ internet protocol 
  11. In xp which is used to go on shutdown ?- start  
  12. Which is used to open web pages ?- browser 
  13. Mail id is commanly written in ?- lower cases 
  14. Database is used for ? 
  15. Programs are written in which language? 
  16. Which of following is not a logic function ? 
  17. ISDN full form ? Integrated Services for Digital Network 
  18. Saling & purchasing online is called? - e- commerce

That's it my friends . If there is any error in typing or other things please intimate. All the Best to all. 

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  1. Thanks a lot..Was waiting for this.. :)

  2. can u pls post the minimum number of questions one has to attend in each section for competitive bank exam

  3. Who is drawee of a cheque always(SIDBI)-The drawer makes a cheque in the name of beneficiary. The beneficiary becomes the drawee and his bank Drawee Bank...So what will be the ans(customer/bank)??....I was answered as customer by an bank employee aftr. the exam..clicked on customer

  4. It depends upon the ovrall performance of all the candidates,It will be varying..
    It is safe to atten atleast 23+ with 100% accuracy in all sections..

  5. wowwww your IQ is extraordinary

  6. GK Question SIDBI: Author of "The Accidental Prime Minister: The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh"

    Ans: Sajaya Baru

  7. Banks issue cheques...So how can they be drawee????

  8. i thing 2nd ans was wrong...maharashtra is the right answer

  9. can anyone suggest me good online test series.......for IBPS PO and SBI PO

  10. friends i have a question from time and distance could anyone help me solving this problem

  11. it depends on the toughness..we cant say exactly..

  12. lic question ka answer 15 hai

  13. Ya anand plz post the question.....

  14. Maharastra & gujrat both are correct

  15. GK asked 3rd Sept 2014

    1.who cnt become partner of partnership firm?? (huf)

    2.max no of member increase in from 50 to?? (200)

    3.invisible trade?(services) of bank branches in india?

    5. KYC ? (I think for helping banks to prevent money laundering)

    6.IFRS - International Financial Reporting Standards

    7.CRY-child rights and you

    8.TRAI - telecom

    9.reverse mortgage benefit to? senior citizens gap = export import difference.

    11.who among not RBI governors till date?

    c. rangrajan,y.v reddy,bimal jalan,K G ambegaonkar, none

    12.coal,power minister name? and agriculture organisation under?

    14.higest sports award in india?

    15.which body control the intrest rate on bank saving accounts?

    16.reverse repo rate purpose?

    17.narendra modi become __th prime minister?

    18. recently banking licence bank name?

    19.pradhanmantri jan dhan yojna provides-(ans a,b,c)

    a. debit card

    b. bank account

    c. 1 lakh insurance

    d. 5 lakh family insurance

    20.which among is not city included for new RBI guidline for transcation limitation?


    21.commercial paper issued by Financial institution,for which purpose?

    22.Bhartiya mahila bank deputy governor name? ( in given option ans- there is no post like it ?

    23.which among is private bank? (ans- axis bank)

    24.CIBIL is related to?

    25.fiscal defecit means?

    26.basel norms 3 is related to? (ans- risk managment)

    27.which organisation help for housing? (ans- NHB)

    28. mergers and acquistions tightened by? (ans- competition commission of india)

  16. ESOP: employee stock ownership plan
    CRAR: capital to risk weighted assets ratio

  17. May1 is maharashtra day

  18. adding to the above
    29.full form for ETF?
    30.largest green house gas emiter?
    31.Master mind behind sharda chit fund scam?
    32.interest subvention to be given till what salary per annum?
    33.Market regulator.?sebi

  19. 34.who controls the exchange rate?

  20. hi friends, iam sharing SIDBI EXAM on 3-sep (evening shift) gk questions:

    1. which group is eligible for reverse mortgage scheme-

    ans:-senior citizens

    2 who amongst was never a Governor of the RBI?


    c.ranga rajan

    bimal jalan

    arup roy chodhury

    ans- c ranga rajan

    3. basel- 2 norms relates to.....

    4. cibil is a........

    5 fisical deficit.........

    6 trade gap............

    7 according to kyc norms it is used to

    ans: to prevent money laundering

    8 education loan interest rate.........





    9.question on commercial paper....

    10 reverse repo rate...

    11 narendra modi taken oath


    12 executive director of bharat mahila bank..

    ans: sm swathi

    13 question on jan dhan yojana.... a/c

    b. debit card

    c 1 lakh povision

    ans: a &b&c

    14. All woman post office started at which place:


    15 how many bank branches in india.....





    16 rbi granted license to......


    17 IFRS fulform:........

    interpretation and formal reporting system

    18 which is private banking sector...






    19 question on ATM when withdrawl is made bank makes cost cutting.....

    white label

    brown label

    on site


    20 Minister of State for Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy ............
    ans:Piyush Goyal


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