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September 06, 2014

Awards & Honors Quiz 2014 - Set 3


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Which Indian mathematician has won the prestigious George Polya Prize for the year 2014 ?

Who has been chosen for the Pen Pinter Prize 2014 ?

Who has won Liberty Medal for 2014 ?

Which of the Indian origin person has been awarded International Radio Prize ?

Who has been chosen for the Gyanpeeth Award 2013 ?

WhO has been honored with "Legion of the honour" by French Government ?

Who has been chosen for the World Food Prize 2014 ?

Sanjaya Rajaram has won World Food Prize 2014. His scientific Research was related to which crop ?

Which hospital group has won the Gallup Workplace Award for 2014 ?

An Indian woman researcher is among the 16 scientists who have been awarded the prestigious Australian Laureate Fellowship which was announced on 2nd September 2014. Who is she ?

Who is the winner of "Big Boss 7" ?

Which National Park has been included into World Heritage List ?

Which site became the 1000th, inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage Site List ?

Who has been conferred with Bharat Ratna JRD Tata Award 2013, recently ?

An eminent Indian cartoonist and director, who was awarded the Padma Shri in 2013 for his contribution to Indian art and cinema has recently passed away. Who is he ?

Tejinder Virdee got "Knighthood" for his achievements in the field of ?

Who crowned the UEFA Best Player in Europe Award for the year 2014

Which of the PSUs have given Navaratna Status recently ?
  1. GAIL
  2. NTPC
  3. EIL and NBCC
  4. ONGC
  5. All of these

Which of the Indian historical site has been included in UNESCO's World Heritage List ?
  1. Panch Mahal
  2. Rani ka Bag
  3. Rani ka Vav
  4. Rang Manch
  5. None of these

Tang Prize also known as Asisa's Nobel is NOT given in the field of which one fo the following ?
  1. Sustainable Development
  2. Sinology
  3. Rule of Law
  4. Journalism
  5. Tourism

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  1. both are particuar no conclusion

  2. Thank You! First To COmment!

  3. Nice post...... very helpfull.... thanks .....

  4. Awesome :) When I will Get ? :P

  5. Munirathinam KandasamySeptember 6, 2014 at 5:16 PM

    Thanks guys....

  6. Hi

    Statement. All buses are car
    Some cars are roads

    Conclusion Some cars are buses
    Some buses are roads

    Please let me know the correct answer.

  7. Madam Can u include a few questions on possibility conclusion in syllogisms

  8. asia nobel prize is Ramon magsaysay award, not Tang award...pls correct

  9. This was very useful....thank u..

  10. It helps me a lot. Thanks

  11. some papers are pens
    all the pencils are pens

    some pens are pencils
    some pens are papers
    answer is both conclusion are correct

    I am confussed abt it. how its possible? because acc. to the lesson u thought us in this section, there no conclusion should be drawn because middle tewrm is not distributed in the premises.

    please get me out of this confusion, as soon as possible.

  12. nice one post,very helpfull

  13. please let me know syndicate bank k liye kitne months k gk tyar karu

  14. i could not understand the difference between example 6 and 7.please clarify

  15. great work!!!!!!!!
    all questions couldn't be solved e.g. questions with immediate interference and questions with opposite conclusion(either....or) case...
    so plz complete that...

  16. nice work mam

    thnks a lot
    mam don't take me wrong but some clarifications are required...
    above method is correct only for mediate interference
    if immediate interference OR either ....or (opposite option)OR question which required conversion

    then above method provides wrong answer...
    statement-(1)some cars are scooters
    (2)some scooters are buses
    conclusion-a)some scooters are car
    b)some cars are buses
    c)no cars are buses
    according to above method ans should be- no conclusion
    but correct answer is-(a) and either (b) or (c)

  17. in ex 8th u say that pigs are subject for the answer and then given answer as "some dogs are not pigs" making pigs predicate ?? kindly rectify it can misguide students..


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