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July 20, 2014

Reviews of SBI Clrek exam held on 20-07-2014 (Morning Shift)


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Review shared by Hiral 

Hello friends, i am Hiral. i am from Gujarat. The exam was really easier than sbi po. Reasoning was really easy except Seating arrengement.. Maths was moderate not easy but littlebit time consuming, General Awareness was also easy but some questions were asked about banking awareness...Compuers and marketing..baap re computer section puchhke sbi walo ne hamari majak kar li.. :P

Any ways frnds computers ke que tottly easy like 5th-6th std students can give its answers. and marketing was little knowledge based..

  • 5 syllogism
  • 5 inequality
  • 5 puzzle
  • 5 seating arrangement outward inward
  • 5 2 liner parallel row
  • 2 blood relation
  • 5 di
  • 3 time and distance, time and speed
  • 1 time and work
  • 1  ratio
  • 1 ages
  • 2 area ( measurement )
  • 10 simplification
English Language
  • Story related cloze test 
  • Jumbled Sentences
  • Spotting error 5
General Awareness , Computers , Marketing -- moderate to easy

and specially thanks to gr8 ambotionz team for support and god bless you all.

Review shared by Prachi deshpande

Hii friends..This is Prachi deshpande from Raipur (cg)...I appeared for SBI clerks exam today in Morning shift...Paper was quite easy...coming to sectional review-

  • Computers and Marketing - This section was so easy..they asked basic Questions for both marketing and Periferals,,,Operating system,,binary number for computer and Questions related to Market segmentation, morden marketing, Marketing for bank etc for Marketing...
  • General Awareness- Unlike yesterday..they asked more ques from Current we can not have any idea about next exams...some of the Ques are- 
    • Currency of Italy... 
    • Wealthiest player in FIFA 2014..
    • 1st hat-trick in FIFA 2014 by which player.
    • Author of the book THE CASUAL VACANCY...
    • Name of the minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers ministry...
    • One Question related to Damodaran committee...
  • Quantitative Aptitude - I was surprised with this section...this was the easiest section today,,,they asked very basic Ques like Average..series,,percentage...boat and stream etc...not only the topics were easy but Questions were also not so tricky...:)...
  • English- as expected...English was also easy..Sentence re-arrangement and Comprehension were story short whole section was easy...
  • Reasoning- don't be over confident with this section...though it was easy bt was little time consuming,,,Questions on 2 sitting arrangements, puzzle,,coded inequality..syllogism..blood relation etc were there,,,,

Conclusion is that paper was not so tough,,,it was just like IBPS clerk,,.so I will suggest to prepare for both Banking and Current affairs...ALL THE BEST,,:)

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  1. Thank you so much gr8. your materials are very useful in today's exam. god bless

  2. ya i wrote my sbi xam inmorning shift..
    Reasoning was so easy except seating arrangements it consume some time. computer,marketing,GA,banking awareness,english questions was very very simple.. about quantitative aps i feel some difficulties.. totally i attend 150questions.. i expect pas mark in aps..

  3. Can you provide computer questions my exam is on 26/07/2014.......

  4. excellent work gr8 really your materials helped me a lot thank you so much

  5. Thanks a lot for u both..... and also hearty congrats......

  6. Thanks Admin . please provide English study material.

  7. What is the pattern of general awareness questions?

  8. ravi,
    brazil capital
    italy currency
    costiest player in fifa
    chemical and fertilizer minister
    hattrick goals in fifa

    1. Pl provide the question answers for GA SBI clerk morning shift which was held on 20th.

  9. aids day
    flipkart acquire
    PC means

  10. its not that sbi asked about brazil capital,its new capital city of brazil.well the answer is brazila

  11. 2,4,6,12,30,90---?
    What is the next number ?

    If enybody Know the answer pls tell me

    1. 90/3=30
      6/1.5=4 SO ANS IS 90*3.5=315

  12. if SLR decreases what will happen
    SLR and SLR are related to-Banking
    Aids day- December 1
    chemical and ferti;iser minister- Ananth Kumar
    PC-Personal computer
    Italy currency -Euro
    New capital of brazil-Brasilia
    Damodaran committee (BLACK MONEY)
    The casual vacancy-J.K.Rowling
    3 times gold meedal in air rifle shooting..........Jitu Rai
    Monitory policy controlled by-RBI
    Banking ombudsman-Who addresses the grievances of customers

  13. The worlds peace less region-Syria
    Winner of football womens - Manipur

  14. computer questions please........

  15. ASCII-American code of information interchange
    desktop-visible region of the screen
    input device-scanner
    PC-personal computer
    internet related term-WWW
    extra physical device that can be connected to a computer- dont know whether it is peripheral or subsidiary is ans
    1 ques on PDA (personal digital assistant)
    ALU- part of CPU that performs mathematical and logical operations
    windows vista is an operating system

    in marketing please learn about brand loyalty,brand equity and trademark,segmentation,targeting
    where will you go to exchange currency if you want to go abroad -FOREX

    1. thank you.......VAISHNAVI !!!!!
      by the way,"extra physical devices that can be connected to a computer" is "peripheral devices"

  16. please help me in preparing reasoning section


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