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July 20, 2014

Questions Asked in Today's (20th July 2014) SBI Clerks Online Exam


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Hello Friends. Hope u all are doing good and your preparations are are going well. I am MADHU from Tamilnadu. I had my SBI Clerk exam on 20th July 2014 1 pm slot. Exam was over all easy. Thank you GR8AMBITIONZ team for your wonderful support and help thank u soo very much and thanks to i vino suveth jeyanth  for good support
Some GK questions
  • Afghanistan currency
  • Artism day
  • Fm (Arun Jetly)is a (ans lawer)
  • Mayers and wayers
  • Cabinet minister external and overseas
  • Infy head office
  • Commercial paper
  • Call money
  • Sultan azlan shah
  • Washington accort
  • Enginers india ltd and national building constructions
  • Capital of malasia
  • 2015 national games where
  • If a canditated has win in election in s place within how many days he must resign any one
  • Mascot of FIFA
  • Which Indian is first to reseave Oscar
  • How many village in india according to 2011 census
  • P5+1
  • Where is the museum which completed 125 years
  • Gov sold some stack to which pvt bank
  • CRR
  • Abbreviation ibsa
  • Ipl spot fixing committe head
  • Harry potter new debut writer
  • Zakir hussain which instrument
  • India banned milk products of china why
  • How nda governer increase infrastructure
  • Who sign is in Indian currency issued by rbi
  • How review increases
  • Alternate name for ram sethu
  • Fobs top Indian colleges
  • World economic form held in
Thats all i could remember.....

REASONING -----> easy and time consuming
  • Blood relation ( in data sufficiency)
  • Circle (in data sufficiency and one big sum where few ppl face center and few outwars they didn’t mention bout who is facing center and all
  • Table in  normal big sum
  • 10 ppl are the 5 face north5 face south ( data sufficiency)
  • Syllogism ( possablility and normal only 2 statements came)
  • Mathematical operations
  • Codification like home is beautiful le ra ka
No sums like how many words can be formed using the given words, such pare of letters , left right series ( 123 456 789 and rearranging like that) , alphabetical test and all

Aptitude -------- > easy and time consuming
  • Train 
  • Ages 
  • Profit and Loss 
  • Simple interest 
  • Data Interpretation 
  • Simplification 
  • Percentages 
  • Partnership 
  • Average
  • Area 
  • Missing no
Trust me practise daily else u will be in trouble

Marketing  and Computer ---- the former is very tough and the later is very easy
Some computer questions are like
Pcb, input output devices each, binery no, optical storage , which of the following things are related to server, which of the following things are related to mail (2 questions) some thing like fast working computer
Marketing i don’t remember any questions

  • Sentence Rearrangement, Reading Comphrehension, Cloze test are stories. Double flips like goat jumped etc... 
All the best for upcoming bankers... .... do well

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  1. good memory power madhu.congratz..all the best :-)

  2. yes maths was time consuming

  3. what is mayers n wayers

    1. Please Reply for this Mr.Madhu, What is mayers n wayers?

  4. HI Sunday Noon batch attempted 143 qs with 90 % accuracy and B.C,

    Is there any chance What will be the cutoff for this year.????

  5. First attempt easy questionsin reasoning and aptitude otherwise it will took lot of time in these two give priority to Aptitude first these are giving eAsily and reasoning is time consuming

  6. computer questions please........

  7. thank u madhu, all d best...

  8. Q: salrjung museum located in
    Any: Hyderabad, telangana

  9. Thank you so much.....and Hearty congrats MADHU.....

  10. Thanks for sharing this information


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