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July 19, 2014

Questions Asked in Today's SBI Clerks Online Exam 2014 (Morning Session)


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Questions shared by Munasir Ali 

Hi friends, I am Munasir Ali. Here are few Questions asked in SBI Clerical 2014 Recruitment of Asst. dated on 19-07-2014 Morning Session. Hope it helps.
  1. Kolar Mines Located in........
  2. Ajanta Caves Located in ....... 
  3. Capital Kingdom of Bhutan......
  4. First Women Director of RIL.......
  5. Currency of Kuwait.......
  6. Card prepared by NPCI.......
  7. 10 Countries are in Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)......
  8. “My Journey: Transforming Dreams into Actions” Author?......
  9. Female Singer got Dada Saheb Phalke Award............
  10. Crescograph is invented by.........
  11. Highest Award for Sports Coach in India.......
  12. FIBA World Cup for Which Sport.......
  13. Armed Forces Flag day of india is......
  14. Minister for Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation in Union Government of India......
  15. Recent Solar Power Plant of India launched in...........
  16. Jnanpith Awardee for 2014.......
  17. Star Sports Vijay Hazare Trophy for which Sport.......
All the Best :)

Questions shared by Shanthi Battula and Kingkar Pd. Mahato

  1. "My journey transforming into dreams" was written by -Abdul Kalam
  2. A question on Core Banking Solutions
  3. A question on Intangible asset
  4. Controller of Monetary policy - Reserve Bank of India
  5. Definition of Current account deficit:  value of goods and services it
  6. Imports exceeds the value of goods and services it exports.
  7. In shop transaction is done by which machine - Point of Sale (POS)
  8. Night blindness is due to deficiency of which vitamin  - Vitamin A
  9. NVRAM stands for - Non Volatile Random Acess Memory
  10. Recently in which state Solar thermal power plant installed - Rajasthan
  11. The 49th Jnanapeeth Award winner - Kedarnath Singh
  12. The Army Flag  Day was observed on - 7th  December
  13. Vijay hazare trophy is related to which sport? Cricket
  14. Which award is given to Leander Paes, Ruskin bond - Padma Bhushan award
  15. Which of the following activities is not done by RBI?- Trading in Commodities
  16. Which revolution does Amul belongs to - White Revolution
  17. Which south east organisation has 10 members?-ASEAN
  18. Which sport does FIBA related to ?- Basketball
  19. Who is the minister of Water Resources - Uma Bharti
  20. Who was recently honoured with the Dadasaheb Phalke Academy Award for Best Singer (Female) - Sunidhi Chauhan


  1. Dear Friends,,just want to ask 1 question
    whether these online exam give result on session wise basis or they just combine all the result irrespective of date
    as today exam was easy and mine on 30th Aug so might b my exam will come hard as compared to today so that's y asking dis question.................thanx in advance

    1. They nomarlize all the sesions and publish combine results.
      And you,study hard GA.You will get toughest questions as your exam is on last day.

    2. My exam is also on 30th... I want my exam tough , I enjoys it when the exam is tough bcoz then the cut offs will be low :)

  2. Flag day November 30 th......thn

  3. Marketing section is very tough so please prepare this section very well
    on the other hand reasoning, math ,english and computer is easy but g.k section is so so.
    In english section there is simple paragraph which is easy, it is just a story which is easy to understand
    secondly there are questions of rearrangement there are six statements which is also easy and rest of english section is easy to understand

  4. what about non verbal and data interpretation


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