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July 19, 2014

Review and Questions asked in today's SBI Clerks Afternoon Session


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Hai Frnds, this is Thiagu from Tamilnadu.. Here i want to share some experiences of me in today's SBI clerical Exam, Actually Exam time was 1.00 Pm, I reached by 12.00 pm itself.. By Exactly 1.00 pm they called us for document verification.

Friends, Don't forget to carry your id proof Original as well as Xerox copy..

Few guys came only with original, so that they get tensed and at last minute they went to college office and took Xerox and came back to exam hall.. so pls avoid that.

Important : You have to paste the Exact same photo what you uploaded in call letter, For EX: If You uploaded ur 1 year before taken photo and paste a recently taken photo in call letter, you have to fill a form separately and have to sign in it.. I think in my hall 2 students are filled that form.. so paste the same photo as u uploaded in call letter.

By exactly 2.00 Pm exam starts, I started of with Computer Knowledge and marketing section,

Questions asked from computer knowledge is toooo easy..
  • 3 questions from input and output devices
  • 2 basic  questions from networking – which of d following is related to networking – ans is cable..
  • 3 questions related to internet, which was so easy..
  • Graphics in word pad – clipart or picture art
  • Abbreviation for OCR
  • What is windows 2007
  • How to open a existing file in word – open option
  • inserting a program which is already in memory – fetching
  • questions related to OS,
  • primary memory is ?
  • Touching components in computer are referred as – Hardware

Questions asked from marketing is pretty tough for me..
  • Market segmentation
  • Selling process involves
  • Target group
  • Advertising
NOTE: Deep knowledge in marketing topics is required to answer these questions. So prepare well mates..

Next I moved to General Awareness, for me it was also pretty tough, since I had very less preparation in this topic. Here are some questions I could remember
  • National awards for which movie last year
  • Blood clotting is due to which vitamin deficiency
  • RRB and Co operative banks are maintained by whom
  • Human rights day
  • General secretary of SBI
  • Finance minister
  • Rural development minister
  • Reliance and network 18 deal how much crore project
  • Amul dairy recently opened in which state
  • Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent Girls
  • ECB abbreviation
  • WIMBLEDON is related to which game
Next I moved to English which was easy one:
  • Jumbled sentences
  • Cloze test
  • Error identification questions
  • A very long story and asked questions related to it
Next I moved to Reasoning, which was easy one:
  • Coding – 5 marks
  • Syllogism – 5 marks
  • Seating arrangement – 15 marks (circular 8 members – 4 facing centre and 4 facing away from centre) (8 persons, sitting in opposite direction facing each other) (7 persons belongs to 7 different city having meeting in seven different days)
  • Blood relations
  • Data sufficiency
At last I moved to aptitude:
  • More than 10 questions from simplifications
  • Simple interest
  • Compound interest
  • Ratio
  • Number series
  • Percentages
  • DI – 5 marks – easy one
  • Men and work
  • Train problem
  • Mixtures
That’s all frnds . I attended 148 questions.. At last i didn’t have enough time to ans aptitude.. so I got disappointed in that section.. overall it is cat on the wall for me..    Anyway  all the best for those who going to write the exam.. Do well frnds.. sure you are going to crack the exam.. all the best…


  1. Excellent review tyagu. All the best

  2. One of the best reviews

  3. quant is very easy but hav to do calculations fast and more over concentrate more on DI

  4. nice review. thank u for the effort.

  5. hello guys please help me in RBi assistant post, i ahd filled my category wrong ST but my category is SC even i had paid fee. Now i had checked it. How can i correct my category

    1. you can't change your category.... better to fill a new form with differnt id and mobile number if you have good preparation

    2. u have to re-apply

    3. Not Possible ... Apply once again

    4. you have to apply once again..

      The latest application will considered as valid one.. Also you can apply with same e-mail and mobile no.

  6. Excellent review thiyagu.... thank you:-)

  7. hi thiyagu,
    is there is any questions from statement and assumptions,conclusions,courses and action in reasoning

    1. Statements: P>SW

      Conclusion: P<T ; S=Q

      This type of questions asked for 3 marks.. apart from tht no more questions asked..

  8. nice review,thank u

  9. Excellent review friend .. thnx :)

  10. ndian Ordnance Factories, under Ministry of Defence, is recruiting 1572 Chargeman (Non-Gazetted Group ‘B’) in various trades —

  11. IS BAAR ibps individual score nhi show krega kya???

  12. Thanx thiagu. Your review will help me preparing better.

  13. Thanks for posting these thaigu.. it helps me a lot in the preparation.. my exam is on 30th of next month

  14. Hi Thiagu .. thanks for the review.. i had taken black and white copy of the callletter is that k or should i take color one..

  15. Mam how to solve possibility type of syllogism questions? its urgent my exam on next week, pls mam,,

  16. there are no questions from non verbal reasoning in the reasoning section???

    1. no, it was not asked friend :-)

  17. There is no any question of non-verbal reasoning.

  18. thanku nice review .
    what about problem figures in reasoning section?

  19. thanku
    are there any "input given to a machine ...what is the output or how many steps needed to get output...." problems?

  20. seems paper is easy to crack but needs time management a lot in it and thank you all for writing the review of today's exam. mine is next week on sunday

  21. I went M.A.M college of Engg.Trichy
    Inside the exam hall there is no ventilation. No a/c, only four fans that also not for us
    There is no parking facility. Somebody stole my helmet that i left with my bike outside.

  22. Thanks for sharing ur views Mr.Thiagu
    It is very useful
    Wishing u ALL THE BEST

  23. profession of finance minster was asked., not name.

  24. thank you thiagu.good u remembered so much n shared with's a guide for us.

  25. Thanks to share for ur experience and u gave important useful information thanks alot thiagu best of luck..

  26. Is cut off same for every batch or its different?

  27. thank you for this review


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