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June 23, 2014

Detailed Reviews of SBI Po 22-06-14 (Evening Shift)


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Review shared by Dharmesh Neelratna

English : Comprehension was tough and confusing,, no direct question,, understand the whole then answer... paragraph jumbled was easy and so as cloze test.... Fill in the blanks with two words,, but it was easy... In rest,, 5 Words were given with 5 pairs of options,, you have to tell whether they are similar meaning or of oposite....

Reasoning : It was kind of moderate but time taking,,, Input Output was easy,, I was so happy to see sitting arrangment with all facing inwards after a long time,,, but it was tricky,,, i didn,t succeed in breaking it... Syllogisms- all questions of possibilty cases,, neither-nor,, or negative nature... Some questions of passage and conclusion.. Analogies were there,, these are what you search to solve quickly.... Besides these one puzzles was also there....
In this quesion you can find  some portion which can be easily solved within time limits,,, try to find those....

DI : Jo sab bol rhe h wahi haal h iska,,, It was too hard and time taking,,, Pie chart with combination of table containing ratio values,,, Line graph,, 2 Bar graphs,, 2 or 3 tables with so much variations,,, A paragraph about some 1600 childrens somwhr,, then ration of boys:girls,, In both 2 courses B.Sc n BA,,, in each course 3 subjects,,, students with single subject,, 2 subjects,, 3 subjects,,, find all these then answers,,,
A table was given with some blank values,, first find those values if required,,,
Questions asked were of nature % change,, ration b/w one value of sub sub part to total,,, % of sub value to total,,, ration of one sub value to another of separate field,,, Average and ratio or % combined together....
But the gud news there were some questions in each figure question that can be solved easliy,,, dun try to solve all questions of a figure just because you became familiar to it..

GA : This section was best among all... Lots of Marketing questions but a few were direct,,, rest depends on your understanding of marketing,,, Current awareness was easy and direct,, Computer questions were few around 10-13...
Some questions of current asked today are:
  1. CCI Billards Title?? Pankaj Advani
  2. Death- founder of Leela group hostel?? Krishnan Iyer
  3. Milk brand from Gujrat opening plant with 5ltr one day capacity,, where??? Varansi
  4. Pakistan batting coach?? Grant Flower
  5. Accidental PM,, Author?? Sanjay Baru
  6. Who lead India in Cannes film festival??? Kamal Hassan
  7. Who refused from hearing Sahara Case?? JS Khehar

Descriptive section
1.LETTER -(i)To a friend mentioning that his son wasting time over games n gadgets,, and impressive on books n outdoor games
(ii)To editor about frequent power cuts and telling ways to stop wastage of electricity
(iii)To a friend,, he lost his pet,,

(i)you are what you think you are
(ii)are reality shows indeed real?
(iii)we can chose friends but not neighbour



(i)what if you become banking incharge minister
(ii)ways to arrest suicide of farmers
(iii)exactly yaad nah h but kuch aisa tha,, politics mei dost dushman ban jate h dushman dost,, unke kehne ka ye matlab tha koi specific nah hota people changes in politics from time to time,,,, Take example from indian politcs and explain....

Review shared by Shilpa

I am Shilpa from Haryana.
I have attended today's PO Exam in evening batch. I am sharing my experience of the exam and questions which i am able recollect.

First of all thanx to gr8ambitionz team for your support.Your study material was extremely helpful.

I started exam with GA.I was able to attempt only 30 questions. :(
No of computer questions was less which was a bit disappointing for me as i am an IT student.
But overall dfficulty level of this section was easy.

Some questions are:
  1. 4C's corresponding to 4Ps of marketing
  2. Interface between CPU and user
  3. Some question related to Amul Anand gujrat
  4. Why RBI ban ECB
  5. which team appointed a Zimbabwean coach(i dont remember the name)
  6. Author of "Accidental Prime Minister of India"
  7. what is a folder in computer
  8. In how much time a bank have to transfer money to beneficiary in RTGS

This section was very easy.i attempted 30 questions from this section.
Error spotting,Fill blanks with suitable words,synonym antonyms all were easy.

This section was moderate.I attempted 23 questions from this section.

This section was undoubtedly villain of the show.
Very very lengthy.
Although I saved 45 minutes for this sections but i was able to attempt only 15 questions.
Dear friends,I advise you to first attempt last questions because they were comparatively easy or first have a look on question paper only for DI section.

Descriptive test

It was really fun to attempt descriptive exam :P

Precis: About money investment
Comprehension: Functions of government
to your friend whose child wastes time in mobiles and computers :D
to newspaper editor regarding a complaint
to your friend who lost his/her pet
How real are reality shows
you are what you think you are

i attempted first one :P

if you were minister of banking industry...
how to stop farmer suicide
there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics
i attempted last one with lots of examples ;)

So in total i attempted 98 questions with gud accuracy.
I hope there is a chance  :) ;)

My suggestion to all is to first attempt GA and english in 30-40 minutes.
Then reasoning in 30 minutes.Save at least 50 minutes for DI
All the best everyone!!!

Review shared by Rajeshbabu. D
Hi frnds am Rajesh, I gave my xam on 21 st evng @ hyderabad..

I was Attmptd 142 qstns in all wid 85% accuracy..

D.I was very lengthy n tym cnsumng...
Remaining all the sctns r easy - mdrte..

I strtd wd g.a ansrd all the qstns wd 80-85% accuracy as I was MBA mrktng graduate I find dis sctn very easy..
Den went fr English, Left out 2 cmprehnsns and atmptd all other qstns As Dey r tym cnsumng.. Find dis sectn also very easy..

Total atmptd 80 qstns in 30 mints...

Nw jumpd to reasoning section n left out all the puzzles, got 3 in total and atmptd all the other qstns... Atmptd 32 qstns in 30 mnts...

Nw war started as went fr DI sctn.. It was so lengthy, full of caluculations, I strtd di, n ansrd slctvly as gnrally 2-3 qstns in a di sctn was easy, bt dat is also not comes gud in dis xam, I was able to solve 26 qstns in next 58 mnts...

In last 2 mnts able to atmpt 4 mre qstns frm English atmptd synonyms n opste words Which makes my atmpts to reach 140 mark...

My advice is avoid comprehension n puzls as dey r vry lengthy n tym cnsumng especially puzzles r so dfclt.. Atmpt dem if n only if u r a genius in slvng dem...
D.I is very tuf in all sessions as shared by our frnds here, so the sectional cutoff will be low, slve it lastly n try to solve 15-20 qstns wd gud accuracy, n solve dem slctvly, instead of selectng a diagram n trying to solve al qstns under it, go through all the qstns u will find at least 10-15 questions with minimal calculation even in dis tuf paper, so it wil sav lots of tym, if u stl hv tym go fr other sectn wch may ans quickly so dat ur overall score will be imprvd...

Coming to dscrptve paper, it was easy can atmpt vry easily... Evry type qstn consists a qstn from banking...
Lyk write a ltr to ur br. Managr about loss if TDR n ask wat to do...

Precise writng is about I.T efct on banking...

U can attempt it very easily with common general knowledge

Finally a big thanks fr the support of gr8ambitionz team n all the best to all of u frnds cheers....

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  1. koi mujhey result date btayga sbi po ki..pooch pooch k thak gya me..:P

    1. after 45 days

    2. boley to 1 august coz mera to 15 ko ho gya xam..??

    3. Last session ka exam date jo rahegaa... Uske baad 45 days brother...

      V!na¥ D!f!c!L

    4. nearly 5 to 10 august...

  2. can anyone say when the results will be announced??????

  3. I hv attended June22 evening my accuracy s gk 30 and reasoning30 Di 25 English20 s100% correct totally attended136 is Dr any chance to clear???

    1. I don't see a chance that you are not selected with 136 questions..

  4. last day of exam ke 15 days mei ajyega

  5. can any1suggest cut off??

  6. friends where would we get some tough Di qns for practice?????..all books have simple qns..

  7. what other than 16 sets of general awareness is helpful for the ga section?

  8. how to do input and output(machine language qns fast. please give me any easy method for this

    1. kamal karte ho yar bhi koi NET par samajh mein ata hai kya..?

  9. o.k.bhai cut off 80-90 se jyada nahin hoga...

  10. i am not interested in competing with anyone i hope we all make it..

    best of luck to all for sbi po 2014

  11. Guys plzz anyone tell me which book should we go through for last movement for Marketing


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