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May 18, 2014

Online English Grammar Test - Set 3


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Friends, check the below sentences and do as directed. We will post answers in 15 minutes.
  1. Won prize is the this boy who.
    • (Rearrange the sentence into a sensible pattern)
  2. You are on a train. The woman sitting next to you has finished reading the news paper. Now you want to take a look at it. You ask her.
    • You : Excuse me, ___________ (Fill in what you would say in such a situation)
  3. The crowd cheered the winners
    • The winners _______________ (Change the sentence beginning in the given way)
  4. One of the girls were asked to sing 
    • (Rewrite the sentence after making the necessary correction)
  5. I didn't wish to go to the party, so I decided to stay _______________
    • (Use at or in + home in the given blank)
  6. We all liked the new film.
    • The film was quite ________ (interest) 
      • (Use the correct form of the verb in the blank)
  7. At the time of partition, a lot of families were ____________ (seperated, separated)
    • (Choose the correct word to fill in the space)
  8. The king was ___________ off his chair by his minister (throne, thrown)
    • (Choose the correct word to fill in the space)
    1. Shweta : Ravi, how was your exam ?"
    2. Ravi :"It went fine"
      1. Shwetha asked Ravi ____________
      2. In reply Ravi said "________
      • (Report the above dialogue in the given space)
  10. Fill in the blanks with suitable words and phrases from the list of words provided below.
  • One of the ____(1)___ of modern technology is the Computers. Since they have been __(2)____ in all branches of learning, they have become a ____(3)____. The computers now can solve complex ____(4)________ or even put thousands of unrelated facts ___(5)___. It is because they are _____(6)_____,  they save years of hard work. This whole process by which machines ____(7)____ to work for us is called automation. Years ago, some people felt that machines _____(8)____ and were ___(9)______ of working independently. After many years of development and experimentation, these people have been ___(10)______ with the computers now being the most developed and competent machines.
    • List of words : Pressed into service, Incapable, Mathematical problems, In order, couldn't think, proved wrong, fast and efficient, greatest inventions, a necessity, have been evolved. 
Check answers from here
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  1. Thanks gr8 ambition gud and gr8 work...

  2. hello everyone, iam selected as a clerk in canara bank,whether postal assistant is better or bank clerk is better???????????????pls do reply,friends

    1. bank is better.

    2. Obviously bank z better..gud luck.


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